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  1. Thanks apm! It is odd how just 2mm in width of a case makes the difference between big but acceptable to ridiculous and clownish! I may give the Ocean 2 a go-provided it is 43mm.
  2. Hi Everyone, I really like the style of the Steinhart "Triton" Divers'watch but,sadly,at 45mm wide,without crown,and 55mm lug to lug length they are far too big for me.Does anyone know of a similarly styled watch(same price or cheaper)with a maximum width of 42mm,without crown and 50mm lug to lug length?Anything larger than this looks clownish on me. I have no preference for the case material,dial colour or movement type but I would prefer a rubber strap rather than a bracelet. Any suggestions-with photos if possible-would be appreciated.
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a Record 9 carat gold,cushion cased watch,size 30mm.It is in excellent condition,keeping good time but it is without a crystal.I would like to find one and have it fitted.Does anyone know of any jewellers/vintage watch specialists within reach of London who could do this?
  4. The Cyrillic letter which looks like an English"e" can be pronounced "ye" as in nyet or "yo"-as in Polyot. However, when it is pronounced this way it is always the stressed syllable and any immediately preceding "o" is pronounced as a short "a" sound therefore Polyot should be pronounced as Palyot,with the stress on the second syllable. To be even more authentic, you could try doing a Russian "O" sound so it sounds like Palyort!! Hope this isn't too confusing! Russian is a beautiful-sounding language, IMO , but it is a bit tricky at times! Incidentally,any "O" that immediately precedes a stressed syllable is pronounced as a short "a" so Mockba-Moscow-is pronounced Maskva-MaskVA.
  5. I laughed so hard at these replies I've nadgered my spong! Thanks guys!!
  6. I find it odd that in all their models(plus Dreyfuss)they refuse to say which movement they use,even in their most expensive models.I don't have a problem about them using Far Eastern movements,I just wish they'd be up front about it.
  7. HI Phillionaire, I'd never seen these Longines before and love the first,non-chrono,one.Which model is this?Any ideas on prices?
  8. I really hope you are successful in this but,with a maximum budget of just £75 you probably won't find anyone apart from our host who will custom make a watch for you!
  9. I totally agree with Trackrat-the RLT 71 looks stunning on the wrist! It is a strong contender for the title"Best looking watch under £200",IMO,and looks and feels like a much more expensive watch than it is.There are some subtle styling details that I really like,the way the case descsends in 3 steps from the bezel and the way the lugs are also stepped.I also like the way the central guilloche panel is echoed on the outside edge of the dial and how the numbers change from black to silver depending on how the light strikes them.Unfortunately,I don't have the facility to post pictures but I'm sure Packrat or others will do so before long because this is one very classy looking watch! Once again I'd like to thank Roy for producing such a fantastic watch at such a good price.I don't know how he does it but I'm glad he does!
  10. Mine arrived today and I am delighted with it! I agree that it doesn't look ridiculously big on the wrist.It sits well on my 7-inch wrist,though I do have to use the last hole on the strap!The strap is very comfortable and the case feels solid without being unduly heavy.My watch has a silver dial like the one on the website photo.It is absolutely stunning and changes from silver to pale grey,according to the light.It is,IMO,one of the most beautiful dials on any Divers'watch and especially for the price. I'd like to thank Roy for an excellent watch and I'm now even more eager to see RLT 71-which I've also ordered-in the metal!
  11. Hi Roy, Thanks for answering my questions about the dimensions of RLT 71 so quickly.For those with puny wrists like me, the good news is that Roy says it looks smaller on the wrist than the RLT 61. even though it is 51mm lug to lug and 10.5mm deep.I'm starting to get impatient now-any idea when they will be on the sales site,Roy?
  12. I like the 71 but wonder how big it will wear? My RLT 61 wears bigger than its 40mm dimensions might suggest,probably because of its very slim bezel and the shape of the lugs.From the photos it would seem that the 71 has a wider bezel and more downward-pointing,and possibly shorter, lugs.I'm waiting for Roy to get back with the lug to lug measurement and depth of the case before deciding whether to order one.My current biggest watch is a Kemmner Marine-at 42mm-but the RLT 61 seems bigger on the wrist. My current collection RLT 61 Shturmanskie "Flight"chrono LE Seagull 1963 chrono reissue LE 1947 Bulova Art-Deco,14 carat rose-gold filled rectangular Late 30s/early 40s cushion-cased Record,9carat rose gold Seiko quartz dress watch Kemmner Marine,Unitas 6498
  13. Hi Roy, As ever,unbeatable prices for the RLT71 and 72! What is the lug to lug length and thickness of RLT 71? I love it but am worried it might be too big for my puny 7 inch wrists! It reminds me a little of the Breguet "Classique",albeit without the astronomic price-tag!
  14. Hi Roy, Finances are a bit tight at the moment so I'd like to know how much the 71 with a Seagull movement will be.I also think a black seconds hand would look good,glad to read it's an option.Stunning looking watches Roy!
  15. Hi Horz, You might want to check out Roland Kemmner's watches on his German e-bay site.He has some really nice watches and they are well within your price range.I think his Marine watches are one of the best value for money watches you can get-exactly the same spec as the Stowa for about a third of the price!
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