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  1. Went into my local HMV this afternoon; not been in for around a month or so. The first quarter-ish of the store had those traditional wooden "racks" of LPs. I thought I'd gone back to the 1980s.... Gary
  2. Great looking knife. I like the idea of getting rid of a number of things and just have one. If'd I'd saved all the money I've spent on cheaper watches (or knives or whatever) I could probably afford one from my grail list. Gary
  3. That's interesting. I remember the special (expensive) Japanese versions. The 1980's 1512 was probably the same price as a decent laptop today. Gary
  4. Good point. Those flexi-singles that were sometimes given away with music magazines were like a skating rink. Gary
  5. I've noticed that quite a few of these "modern" LPs have a reference to being 180g vinyl; which I assume is heavier than traditional records. No idea whether or not this makes for better quality. With others there doesn't seem any indication that they aren't old copies which have been stored and brought bsack in to sting people for £20+. Although I assume these are all re-pressings? I remember 30 years ago working with someone who was so into his records that he spent ridiculous money on just the cartridge/stylus bit saying you could hear the hiss from the original studio tapes. I thought hiss was hiss. I saw in the paper the other day that cassette sales were at their highest level for decades. Albeit this wasn't actually a very large volume of sales. One or two of the trendier bands have released some of their stuff only on cassette. I'm going to have a dig around for some old Amstrad stuff. I think they did a vertical turntable which (shockingly) didn't take off. It seemed like witchcraft having a double cassette where you could record from one cassette to another cassette and, all this, at DOUBLE speed. Off topic but I do like a bit of Amstrad. Mr Sugar is keen to tell us that he started off flogging aerials but when I got into work most offices seemed to be full of those green LED Amstrad word processors. I think it's an under-appreciated brand (ignoring some of the tat they made). Gary
  6. Sorry Nigel. Not sure what you mean. Perhaps lingo that you crazy kidz are using today? Cheers. Gary
  7. Just now checked the TKMaxx website. There's a lovely 37mm Oris auto for £399 (less than half price). Two in stock. If I had any money I'd bag one. Bargain. Gary
  8. Yes; quite right. There's a full set of hallmarks on the barrel. Looks a bit like a nick with the naked eye. Clearly visible with a loupe (or better eyesight than I've got).
  9. They're currently out directly from Amazon. But they do re-stock so worth having a regular check. I ordered one a couple of months ago (at £30) and received an email canceling saying they were unavailable. Then they re-stocked, sold out and re-stocked (now out). Gary My caution was purely down to thinking that there might be a listing mix-up and they would send the chrome version - no doubts at all about authenticity. A great buy. Cheers.
  10. Mine arrived a few minutes ago. If you hadn't seemed to question its authenticity it wouldn't have occurred to me that it might not be genuine. I am happy to accept that this is 100% Cross and genuine. It looks and feels just like a sterling silver pen. I have other Cross pens and this new one fits with all of the characteristics. Some time ago I ordered (what should have been) a high-end Visconti pen from an Amazon marketplace seller. Their store was full of pens at around 1% of the going rate. I realized it was probably a scam but was interested to see what I got. I was initially surprised that I had confirmation of dispatch with tracking. When the package arrived, before opening it I knew it wasn't big enough to contain the limited edition Visconti in a collector box. They'd sent a couple of cheap ball point refills!. Of course Amazon gave me a refund and I assume the seller was banned (as their store disappeared). I've got a lot of pens and am happy that this Cross is 100%. It would be a decent price for the chrome version but for the silver one is a steal. Not too good to be true. A beautiful pen. I've seen fake Mont Blancs which are always really obvious knock-offs (even if you didn't have a real one to compare to). Fakers wouldn't/couldn't make a pen as convincing as this one and (I assume) they couldn't get into Amazon's supply chain. Enjoy your beautiful bargain! Cheers. Gary
  11. Cross Century II Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen with Silver Plated Appointment This pen is £30 at Amazon. In stock from 21st June. The detail says it's the Cross HN3004 which is £150+ everywhere else that sells it. Of course many people wouldn't dream of spending £30 on a pen (or £xxx on a watch) but for a solid sterling silver Cross it's a steal of a bargain. However, some of Amazon's detail is a bit contradictory - the colour name says gold/chrome; which isn't silver. I've ordered one and will return for a refund if it turns out not to be the HN3004 (which is definitely sterling silver). If you click on the "6 new" to look at other sellers, the cheapest is £149. To me this suggests it is the silver version. Cross pens do come in a host of different finishes for the same model so a listing mix-up isn't out of the question. You might think you've ordered a diamond encrusted bargain but are sent the reasonably priced plastic version. I have though bought a number of things from Amazon which have been silly-cheap. Please proceed with caution but worth a punt? Cheers Gary
  12. Hi, Looking at houses for sale in Falmouth, Cornwall (can't afford one) and thought "that picture looks familiar" and then remembered where I'd seen it.... https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-62494314.html (image number 5/19) Cheers. Gary
  13. Certainly is oily. Currently £15 at Sainsbury's where stocked. One of the best/interesting affordable blends.
  14. I do like Black Bottle. Reminds me of tinned sardines (but not at all fishy?) Great "new" bottle design. I've had the old version which many reviewers say is better but the revamp does it for me. Not stocked everywhere. Sainsbury's has it in some branches. I do like Black Bottle. Reminds me of tinned sardines (but not at all fishy?) Great "new" bottle design. I've had the old version which many reviewers say is better but the revamp does it for me. Not stocked everywhere. Sainsbury's has it in some branches.
  15. Sovereign 18v cordless from Homebase looks good for £29. I have an oldish Sovereign strimmer which is identical to, and I'm convinced is a re-branded, Gtech. Had to replace my patio door double glazed panel last year when a stone flew up and smashed it during strimming. I've since only used my old pushalong thing.
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