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  1. I'd been a PC Windows user for as long as I've been using PCs but cut my teeth with Linux on various server projects (VPN sever, home cloud server, ...). Then I decided I wanted a nice small laptop and settled on wanting a Thinkpad X-series. They are, however, eye-wateringly expensive when new. So I found a refurbisher offering X230s for a very good price, with Win7 pre-installed. However, after upgrading to Win10, the machine was suffering from slow-downs during updates and generally being a pain, even though it's not exactly an under-powered machine, so I put Xubuntu Linux on it as an experiment. Being an older model, (X)ubuntu has all the necessary hardware support, everything worked perfectly straight away and the machine is whizzing along. I didn't want to install a dual-boot system so I installed Win10 in a virtual machine instead in case I need it. It it very convenient to have Windows running in a window while having the host system available at the same time. However, other than starting it now and again to run updates, the Windows VM hardly ever gets used. When my better half started a Uni course recently, I got her a refurbished X230 and put Xubuntu on it straight away. I was worried that she wouldn't be happy with it, but I couldn't have been more wrong. She loves it and it does everything she needs it to do. I still have Win10 on a desktop machine, but only really use it now for the rare times I need some speciality software with no Linux equivalent (specifically, once a year for my tax return). I'm planning to move this machine to Linux as well, to keep it going longer, and banishing Windows to a virtual machine there too. Just a matter of finding the time. All in all, I could almost do without Windows for my private use now. Just the speciality software that still needs it. I don't agree with this at all. Various companies (Canonical, Red Hat, ...) provide professional support for Linux. Open source doesn't mean that it's only hobbyists working on it and a number of large companies contribute to developing it further, e.g. by employing the key developers, and providing support. Where I work, most of the backend systems (including critical systems) are running on some sort of Linux or other and there are plenty of serious companies making large investments and good money with it. It's almost exclusively the office PCs that are on Windows, mainly due to Microsoft's office software suite.
  2. I like the Pico 25. Yes, it has the plastic bit, but that doesn't bother me too much. It doesn't feel quite as solid as the Pico, but near enough. The RDAs are pretty lightweight, so overall the combo feels lighter, but I'm used to the Skyline and Kayfun on the Pico which are pretty heavy. Fire button and screen on the Pico 25 are a little bigger, which is an improvement. Overall I'd say the Pico 25 is a good solution for bigger tanks.
  3. Dragging this thread up out of the depths to show a few new devices I've been trying out recently. A few months ago, I decided to try out a dripper, aka RDA. I'd read about these on reddit and thought I was ready to try a few more powerful coils than I can mount in my tanks. First up was a Pharoah: Pharaoh by wotsch2, on Flickr It took me a while to get the coil right, but once I did then it was a bit of a revelation. After some further reading, I grabbed a Pulse 22 off eBay: Pulse 22 by wotsch2, on Flickr Nice, compact device, especially on a Pico mod, and a better flavour than the Pharoah. Finally, I got a CSMNT, which is the best of the bunch: CSMNT by wotsch2, on Flickr So far, I've only been building single coils: CSMNT by wotsch2, on Flickr The next step, over the Christmas break, is to try a dual coil build on the CSMNT. These aren't devices for out and about, as they're too impractical, but for an evening at home they're great. Cheers, -wotsch
  4. None of which take a Nautilus coil though
  5. Interesting looking device. Not heard of it before. Pocket friendly by the look of it.
  6. Latest addition and the last device I'll be getting for quite a while: ESG Skyline by wotsch2, on Flickr
  7. Not really a USSR edition, but posting here nevertheless. Thanks to @Kutusov and the Bay, here's something I've been waiting to get my hands on for a long time: Vostok Amphibia 1967 by wotsch2, on Flickr Much chuffed! (Not going to be modding this one ) Cheers, -wotsch
  8. Yes, it's much prettier. Re. drip tip: That's the only disadvantage I can see so far. No 510 drip tip. But so far I don't mind the one on it. I've got quite used to the draw. so much so, that I've got to the point of opening up the Kayfun some more. But many thanks for the offer! I see why they did this. The chimney screws on to the drip tip right at the upper opening. Keeps the whole thing more compact that way, as it's only as long as the chimney itself. But that does mean that the bore is exactly the same as the chimney bore.
  9. Here's the Hussar with the Steam Tuners tank: Hussar with Steam Tuners tank by wotsch2, on Flickr Hussar with Steam Tuners tank by wotsch2, on Flickr Makes the whole thing more compact and looks great, much better than the yellowy original tank.
  10. I did contact them and they're sending me some new o-rings. Perhaps the ones with it were too thick, we'll see. Also, I've ordered a Steam Tuners tank...: http://www.vapstor.fr/en/steam-tuners/964-hussar-tower-tank.html Oh dear...
  11. That's what I thought, but I have the top screwed on only just enough to seal and it's still very tight. Will keep experimenting with it. As it is, it's a bit of a pain to fill and I don't want to open the top cap with the juice flow open cos it'll leak through.
  12. Having mastered the K5, I found the Hussar just as easy to build. At first, I found the juice flow control to be extremely tight, independently of how tight I screwed the top on. Swapping the o-ring solved that. Even with that fixed, I'd say the K5 juice control is easier to use and the K5 is easier to fill. The finish on the K5 is better, seems to be more solid. On the Knight v2 box mod, the K5 is significantly heavier than the Hussar on a Pico, unsurprisingly. The Hussar is significantly shorter but Hussar+Pico is longer than K5+Knight. Don't like the look of the Hussar on the Knight nor the K5 on the Pico, so didn't compare the feel of them the other way around. I really like the taste on the Hussar, fuller and more intense than the K5, but I like the K5 draw better on the two dot setting. All in all, they are both great and I don't regret forking out for the Hussar at all. Give me a couple of weeks and I might be able to express a preference and say which one I would keep if I had to choose one.
  13. Here's the Hussar. Hussar by wotsch2, on Flickr Very tasty.
  14. I'd seen them but they're sold out and I couldn't find anyone else in Germany with stock so I ordered from a French online shop. Too late to email them now, they've already notified me it's packed up and off to shipping. I'll just have to wait and see. A dual coil deck wouldn't be so bad as I don't have one yet and could always order the single coil deck later if I don't get on with it. Edit: Just had another look at the website and it's the single coil deck. Somehow I read past the bit that says clearly in bold text "single coil deck". Must be getting old... It's a journey, just like watches...
  15. I've now (mis)spent a good couple of hours this afternoon watching youtube reviews and thinking whether to wait for the skyline to be available again. That's the absolute wanna-have-this device as I'm a sucker for engineering finesse. But, as it's not clear when the skyline will be available again, and the hussar is also getting great reviews, I've gone for it and ordered one with the ultem standard sized tank and a radiator top cap. Not 100% clear which deck is coming with it from the online shop, the description seems to suggest both. Looking forward to giving it a go.
  16. I'm aware of this one but it seems to have been sold out everywhere for ages. I put in my email address to be notified when they make some more, but there doesn't seem to be anything going on there. Going to have to have a think about whether to give the Hussar a go.
  17. Thanks for that! I'd never hear of it before (probably because I don't spend any time on the eciggie forums). I'm going to have to think about it a bit. I'm still blown away by my Kayfun every time I put in a new coil and wick, so I'm not sure I need another. But then again, the way you describe it I'm sure it would be worth the price and it certainly looks the business. Any reason other than the look that you went for the clear tank and not the yellowy/orangey one.? They seem to be different materials, but the price is the same. The other thing I'm looking at is a dripper - an OBS Cheetah. Much less expensive, but I'm not sure the inconvenience of a dripper is what I'm after. BTW: In Cold Blood is a great book (your last photo). I read it years ago and I remember it was a revelation. I had a puff on my Atlantis 2 this evening for the first time in ages. I usually prefer MTL, but had a great evening blowing clouds into the warm summer air.
  18. Looks very interesting and as I haven't bought a watch for ages (Amphibias excepted)... No, no, no! You have one? Tell me more. Workmanship? Taste? Easy to build? Single or dual coil? Photos?
  19. Sh*t. I would have been feeling gutted at that moment. Losing a Kayfun would be terrible, cos apart from being wonderful devices, they're not exactly cheap either. Glad you got it back again.
  20. Excellent work and welcome to Vostok modding. You're right about Dr. Seikostain's bezels being pretty voluminous. I have a couple and it really depends on the look you want to achieve. Yours looks great with it and the hatching is marvellous. It goes well with the big numbers on the dial you've chosen, whereas I think it could be overpowering with a dial with more delicate markings like the original dial. I also love the way he packages his wares and always enjoy the postcards etc. he puts in with the parts he's sending. The bezel insert is also a good choice, with the markers reflecting the dial markers and the dots adding to your porthole look. To my tastes, the watch looks fantastic on the rubber, although the understated nato is also a good choice. To have the rubber look with a wider lug width, you could consider a 100 case, although you would then lose some of the roundness you were aiming for. Anyhow, great start and I'm looking forward to the next project. Cheers, -wotsch
  21. BTW, couldn't wait until February. The Kayfun Mini v3 is great!
  22. Not as far as I remember from the manual, but then I never use stealth mode so I wouldn't have been looking out for that. EDIT: Nope, just checked and nothing mentioned. Maybe has a different chip to the mods I'm used to. They've all had a similar interface/controls, but the controls, interface and functions on the Knight V2 are different. Not bad, just different. ANOTHER EDIT: For example, 5 clicks doesn't lock/unlock, but turns it on/off.
  23. I've been using it today at work with the Kayfun and it's been great.
  24. It seems that the Triton mini coils are compatible with the Nautilus and the Plato, so even if the Nautilus production is stopped, there are alternatives. http://online.aspirecig.com/aspire-triton-mini-replacement-18-clapton-coil-5pcs-p-162.html
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