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  1. I think some tongue may have been involved also.
  2. I was watching this and when i stopped realised several hours had passed.
  3. Hi. The one on the right looks like a Parnis i've got.
  4. I've been following them for a while on Facebook. The latest pics i've had are of the Straton Speciale coming at the end of the year. I must have one.
  5. I've just ordered a Bulova moon watch from Amazon. Now only £275!!!!
  6. Yes,i'm gonna keep it. Thanks for eveyones input.
  7. It's a screw on back and that's not the back it's the front so the groove might be a mistake when machining. I've just noticed the part of the case with slot in may be seperate from the bottom part. The slot maybe purcase for a lever,but that sounds crazy..Doesn't it?
  8. Hi. I like the watch and i've waited a while for the price to drop so i'd like to keep it. Now i've found the groove in the case i'm in two minds. It doesn't help but i'm now curious to find out why it's there. Did your strap have plastic on it when you received it?
  9. Hi. Could anyone with a Bulova 96B208 or similar please look at the polished vertical area at the top of the case between the crystal and the cutout for the strap. Mine has a groove machined into the case for no apparent reason. It's about a quarter of an inch long. Thanks.
  10. Hi chaps. Just received my Bulova 96B208 from Shade Station but think it might be ex display or a return as there was no plastic on the strap and the plastic on the front was in a bad way (dirty and torn). It has B5 on the back which i guess is 2015,so not new. Apart from that it's a pretty watch.
  11. Oh dear,i thought this might happen. First a new turntable then,what would a new a new cartridge sound like and before you know it you're unboxing a new amp and speakers.
  12. As William suggests,you may need to spend a little more than £15 to get a decent phone stage. They'll make a sound but maybe not one you'd like. I think £40 would be a minimum. Look for new or used pre-amps from the likes of Project,Nad or maybe Creek. Do you have a Richer sounds near you?
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