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  1. Whenever I type "the watch forum" into google, as soon as I click it, I get diverted to a url not found page, I then have to go back and search again, it nearly always seems to find the forum second time round, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem...? it happens regardless of where I am located or what I'm using, work PC, Ipad, either of my home laptops or my macbook...!!! sorry if this has been raised before...
  2. Thanks for that chaps... I still think it's a little excessive price-wise, but I'm assuming the reason is the Constantine link...!
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oris-Modern-Classic-Date-Automatic-Constantine-Style-Watch-7484-Box-Papers-VGC-/111468839065?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWatches_GL&hash=item19f40f8099#ht_426wt_1372 Having a look at this, something just doesn't strike me as completely kosher. The crown seems to thin, and it's blank, I would expect it to have the oris logo on it, add to that the back face just seems lacking in detail... thoughts anyone...? or is it just a case of going with my gut feeling, if something doesn't feel right it probably isn't...? V.
  4. ooh... a new style, liking it...!
  5. Ditto, and I would just like to add, I'm really glad I joined this forum...it's fab...!
  6. Just thought I'd posty a wee piccy...
  7. Ok, so this is a bit of an odd one, but in the last week or so, I've met two women who wear blokes watches... this is not a gripe by the way, jut something I find a bit odd, both girls are just a bit little, yet one wearing an enormous Breitling, and the other wearing a massive Rolex, both beautiful watches, and both... pretty good looking girls, who both seem to have a bit of taste... but these watches are just too big for you... what's all that about...?
  8. Looking forward to it...! Modern or Vintage...?? Vintage here - all the way! It's not vintage, but it is a discontinued model...
  9. Should have something a bit special coming in the next few days... I can tell you now, I'm a bit excited...
  10. Pen forums...? have you ever heard anything quite so ridiculous... you'll be telling me there's forums for people who collect lighters or watches next...! :unsure:
  11. What do you do with it... wear it or worship it...!
  12. :blush2: nevermind that, what's the time ?!?!?!
  13. yeah, I was going to make a lowball offer, but he seems to only want to accept "money" I thought he might accept the half eaten pork pie in my lunch box...
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