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  1. Love G Shocks - bought this about 6 months ago and love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx9LVIZ58T8
  2. There is a UK Ebay seller of these if you don't want to wait for the long China delivery times. I only paid about £65 for my "Daytona" above and had it in a couple of days.
  3. Mine are still running nicely at around + 2-3 secs per day. Must admit, the Hulk gets the most wrist time. I quite like the size.
  4. I've always liked the look of subs - lovely timeless design (and yes, full credit to Rolex for that). I buy these as I love the "look / design" of subs, but I'm not prepared to pay (what I think) are their absurd prices. If I can get the "look" for a lot less that's fine by me, and I don't buy them so some may "think" I'm wearing a Rolex either. These Paganis are a steal when it comes to vfm, and the quality is outstanding. What always amuses me, is that when some manufacturers like Steinhart etc make a subalike, they are liked / discussed etc. But, when a Chinese manufacturer does i
  5. A yeh, the good old tps - was lucky with mine. Only other issue I had was the common sticky ignition key, but I just used an online guide, stripped it and removed the pin.
  6. Never had a crank sensor go, but the cam sensors were twitchy. I just kept a spare one in the car - 5 minute fix... I loved mine and have even thought about getting one again, as I miss it.
  7. Love that Xfire. I had one for a couple of years, very underestimated / underrated, and a totally bulletproof engine. They're getting rare here now, so always drew admiring looks when out and about.
  8. I like those, good timeless design...
  9. Do I really need to answer that?
  10. Only discovered these recently and I'm smitten. As some of you, I've owned a few Alpha's, but these are without doubt a step up in quality imo. Some reviews have said the odd one comes with a misaligned bezel, cyclops and sometimes a gritty feel to the crown threads. Maybe I'm lucky, but I've had none of that with any. They come with (verified) ceramic bezels, sapphire crystal and the trusty Seiko NH35 mvmt. All mine are running at + 2-3 seconds per day. The "Daytona" has the Seiko "meca quartz" movement, so no skimping on the internals, also along with ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal.
  11. I still have this one, and after all these years have yet to see another the same?
  12. Edifice have some nice designs, had this about a year now...
  13. I adore dogs and cats with a passion. can't have a dog at the moment though as we both work and don't feel it would be fair. We do have our moggie Frankie though. My retirement present will almost certainly be a dog.
  14. I've owned a number of Chinese mechanical watches, and have yet to have one stop working......
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