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  1. I'm still mulling it over. On the one hand I like the watch but, as you know, if you get bored and want to flip I'm a bit worried about resale if the name is a bit obscure. Tempted.....
  2. This would be easier if I uploaded a pic- reckon 1990's or early 2000's? just a guess
  3. presumed genuine, no idea of service, its in an antiques shop, no guarantee I'm sure and it has the box with the paperwork I've never seen or heard of it in the UK which is why I had to take a closer look
  4. Trawling an antique shop today I came across a watch make I had not seen before. Epos watches. The watch is an automatic Chrono with moonphase and triple calendar so I am presuming it is running a 7751 movement (or copy). 40mm ss case, leather strap very nice dial an black/blue hands. Looked like a very handsome thing that I would wear, they were asking 400 for it which, if it is a genuine Valjoux 7751, didn't seem an unreasonable place to start haggling form. Can anyone give me advice or talk me out of it before I go back there tomorrow!!
  5. Your photo looks better than the ones on their website
  6. How good is that? Very helpful. That's what the forum is about, I hope this comes through
  7. Nice to see the NATO making a bit of a comeback into the mainstream though
  8. My Breitling B1 has a backlight that is Night Vision Goggle compatible. How useless is that
  9. There will be LOTS of Opel manta's in there, bound to be a GTE somewhere! I've owned most of them over the years but currently have a 1980 SR hatch, and Ascona 20SR and a 1981 GT-J. They are a bit like watches, one is never quite enough
  10. Millionaire businessman, inventor and entrepreneur is flogging his latest invention, a very expensive hairdryer, but what wristwatch does a millionaire businessman, inventor and entrepreneur wear? I can't tell, can anyone identify it?
  11. Ring my Bell Anita Ward love the syndrums
  12. But 74 dollars shipping to the UK??? How come the Watchey can ship stuff to Great Britain for eighteen dollars? I'd be tempted then.
  13. Seiko are probably knocking out hundreds of thousands of watches across Asia and the Japanese market. Perhaps the reason we only get a snippet of what comes out of their doors is that they just don't need the UK and Europen Market. They obviously have a winning business strategy already I have 6 seikos in my collection and none of them are available in the UK. Lots of bang for the buck and I love 'em.
  14. Off on a slight tangent I broke my multi-meter a while back and bought one from Maplin. The following Monday another multi meter arrived in the post. I honestly thought it had been mailed to me in error but what are the chances that someone would dispatch an item that was exactly what I needed? Checked the eBay purchase history and, yes, the previous Thursday I had bought one. I wonder If sleepshopping is a medically recognised behaviour similar to sleepwalking? Anyway, the point of this short ramble is that we've all been there and I have bought at least two watches that way wi
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