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  1. A very happy and prosperous New Year to all :cheers: Simon
  2. I have a Husqvarna which has never given any problems. A 4 stroke engine and reverse gear, so I guess it's about as pleasant to use as machines like this can be. But now that I have a little more experience I'd rent rather than buy, it just doesn't get enough use to justify the outlay.
  3. Everybody got one? Damn, I thought I was getting special attention. Cheeky b*****d!
  4. "Only a punk beats his wife and dog." I think I'd have liked this guy. I see he had a sense of humour as well... From Wikipedia:
  5. The weird thing is mate, he doesn't slobber at all! I think it's a 'boerbeol thing'....thank goodness :D You lucky sod, ours used to shake his head and leave ectoplasmic stalactites hanging from the lightshade. I'd love to get another, but unfortunately they're classed as a category 2 dangerous dog here, which means that he'd have to be muzzled. Given the summer temperatures here, I think it would be cruel to put him through that. It's particularly annoying as they are amongst the most placid of breeds.
  6. Have you mastered the towel routine yet Cammy? I well remember the dash to intercept ours before he left the drinking bowl. I swear you could hang wallpaper with mastiff slobber :lol:
  7. I want one :D The last picture is brilliant!
  8. Given a big enough sample, and some judicious editing, you can make any nation look like a bunch of morons. Allow Britain's youth to entertain you for a while Doh!!
  9. Very nice Andy, that looks like really good value for £70.
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys, I had no idea there were so many gamers amongst us B) I took the plunge this afternoon, and ordered an Xbox 360 Elite 120GB from Amazon, as they are doing a bundle with Bioshock 2 and Dante's Inferno for just over £200. It was a close run thing between the xbox and the PS3, and if wireless had been an issue the PS3 would probably have won, but fortunately the console will only be afew feet from the router. When I upgrade my router to 802.11n I'll think about an adapter. Thanks for the tips on the Live subscriptions, I'll give the free trial a go and see how I like it, I suspect getting slaughtered all the time may get a little tedious. The postie is going to think I'm stalking her for the next few days.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, sounds like I'll be ordering an Xbox :thumbup: The reliability was a big concern for me as I'll be buying from the UK (much cheaper), so it's great to hear that a home fix is available for the "red rings of death", as I'm not sure if importing one will cause problems with the warranty. One of the big attractions with the xbox is the ability to stream media from the PC to my television, a facility which the PS3 doesn't seem to offer. I'm glad to hear that the HDMI works well, I'll finally be able to justify buying that enormous HDTV. I'll probably have a go at the online gaming , until I get tired of getting the c**p kicked out of me by a bunch of 10 year olds, I play like a girl :ph34r: A situation which will only get worse with all the extra buttons the other consoles seem to have, the wii controls are great, it's just a shame that the games seem so much more limited. JoT, I was in the same boat as you until Christmas, I hadn't played a game at all since I had Missile Command on an Atari console in the early 80's. The wii was an impulse buy when I was in the local supermarket, I should probably have gone away and done some research first, but I'm famous for repenting at leisure :duh:
  12. Are there any Xbox 360 owners here? I bought a Nintendo Wii just before Christmas but I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of blood & guts titles available. I’m considering getting rid of it and buying an Xbox 360 Elite, But I have been a bit put off by the reliability issues that always seem to crop up whenever I read about it. Unfortunately it seems that it’s really difficult to get an unbiased opinion about anything related to games consoles. I have a sneaking suspicion that half of the defamatory remarks I’ve read have actually been made by Sony PS3 owners, who would rather conduct their own home vasectomy than say anything positive about a rival’s product. So I’ve come here for opinions from trustworthy people, who don’t spend all their time shut in their bedroom, hoping that Mum knocks before she opens the door. :lol: It seems clear that the Xbox 360 suffered from some pretty serious issues from launch, but has Microsoft got on top of the problem with later machines? Have any of you guys had problems, and if so what was the fix? Would you buy another? Do you know anyone who wants to buy a 6 week old Wii? Thanks,
  13. There should be a third category, "No.. and I don't want it" I am constantly amazed by the things people with do to grab their fifteen minutes, there appears to be nothing that people won't lower themselves to if it helps to get on a television show. Publicise their appalling parenting skills, get their wonky dicks out, eat s**t on live TV. Didn't people outside the entertainment industry used to become famous for actually having achieved something like climbing a mountain, curing a disease, or saving lives? Nowadays they just sh*g a footballer or sign up for Big Brother. I'd still like to win the lottery, but I'd be ticking the no publicity box :yes:
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