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  1. Dreadnought today on a new rubber strap which I think works well.
  2. My only miyota. Smiths Everest
  3. Dreadnought Voyager again but trying it on a nato for a change.
  4. Lovely watch but I do need a picture of the hat.
  5. Bit of fencing today so on with the G!!
  6. The big question is why? If you have a grail and need to raise the funds then yes, get rid and buy what you want. If you've no target then keep them. If they're turned into hard cash I'm sure the wife will spend it before you get chance.
  7. Looks a good catch Craig. Have you tried it on the waffle strap? When I had a 6105 it was the best combo
  8. Managed to prise the Dreadnought off my wrist and am giving the turtle reissue an airing. Jon
  9. I've had two. A combat sub which I just didn't bond with. It was well put togther but just didn't feel right. I'd rather have a sumo and the change. I also had an Airman SST which is an awesome watch. Loads of character and good wrist presence. It was a massive lump on the bracelet. I'd recommend the brand and considering the heritage etc still very reasonably priced IMO. I'm not too sure how long that will last though. I used to consider Fortis as being on a similar level a few years back but then they started hiking up prices to silly levels, hopefully Glycine won't follow suit. Jon
  10. Swapped over to this before I hit the hay.
  11. Managed to get the Dreadnought off my wrist. Off out for some food with the outlaws wearing this. http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd305/bristolboozer/IMG_20160327_143520_zpsz755keiq.jpg[/IMG]
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