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  1. Thank you Pugster for your response! As I understand it, what you suggest will shift the date change time. What I want to know, actually is the following: Is it possible that the watch was originally set to change the date at, say 11:55pm as you write, and my handling caused the shift ACCIDENTALLY, afterwards? Is it technically possible to case a shift of the date change point as a result of a strain, however subtle, on the mechanism? Once again, thanks for your greatly appreciated feedback! george.
  2. Please excuse me if I am way off topic, but I couldn't think of a better topic to place my question! My concern is about a Hamilton Navy Frogman, using a Valjoux 7750. As I was trying the watch at the shop, I wanted to get the feeling of the date - time setting mechanism. Since I know that there is a certain period during which the date should not be changed, I moved the hands past 03:00 am. While trying to (gently) set the date, I felt a slight resistance, probably indicating that the date gear train was still coupled with that of the timekeeping. I, then, advanced the time even further, maybe past 05:00, made another attempt, managed to advance the date dy 1, then felt resistance once more. I finally advanced the time past 6 or 7 am, and from then on, no problem. I own the watch for 5 days now, the date has been changing fine, save for one thing: it changes from 12:00 am to 01:00 am. From my experience so far, the date usually changes prior to, or around 12:00. And, finally, my question: is it possible that I damaged the date change mechanism? Is it possible to alter the change point of the date, after applying gentle force on the gear train while coupled to the timekeeping one? Could this be the reason why the date changes around 01:00 am in my watch, or is this normal? Is there a way to know that the date change mechanism works fine, or alternatively, what are the symptoms of it malfunctioning? Please excuse my long post, but more importantly please excuse me if I wrote utter garbage, due to lack of technical background on watchmaking! Cheers! george.
  3. Greetings everyone, from "sunny" ( +38C!! ) Athens! I own a Citizen Promaster 1000m, on the original proprietary rubber band. After taking the watch to several beach sessions, the band started showing some whitish stains, especially at hard to get at places, like the holes for the band buckle. Let me note that I clean the watch, using fresh water and toothbrush, after every swim or dive in salt or pool water. The titanium case and crystal become like new, but the stains stay on the band. Applying gentle force with the toothbrush seems to have little, if any, effect. I don't use any detergent or soap of any kind. Any ideas? Thank you in advance! George.
  4. I keep coming across this "on the wrist" phrase, when reading watch reviews, or opinions on auto-watches' acurracy. I 've also noticed that my Citizen promaster 1000m diver will gain a good 11 sec each day if left alone, while it will lose approx. 1sec on my wrist (there, i used it myself, too! ) Does wearing a self-winding watch, or not, make any difference on its accuracy? Or, better put, SHOULD it make a difference? And, one last thing: do automatic watches keep better time when fully wound, or is there no difference? (go easy on me mates, I'm a newbie on mechanicals, not only on the forum ) Cheers, George.
  5. Well, I always had a thing with little autonomous machines, that's why I was always attracted to watches, (is there any better example, of such a machine?) If you combine that with the fact that I' ve always been a "manual gear" kind if guy, there you go, mechanical watches it is! The fact that something needs no external power to operate, fascinates me! Same goes with photography. I have been doing some serious amateur B&W photography for the last 10-12 years. The camera that still accompanies me, after all those years, is a manual-focus, manual-exposure Nikon FM2. Knobs and dials are just beautiful, let alone functional and ergonomic. I just can't grasp how people find their way with a couple of "do-it-all" buttons, and a cramped and crowded LCD display on those all-digital picture-taking computers..! Dedicated controls are better, plus they have a superb feel! Sure, a qtz will keep better time, as an 8Mpixel Digital SLR with ultrafast focus motor and CPU will focus better than my naked eye... But I will get to turn the focus ring! Excuse me for the long post, but I had to take it out! Cheers, George.
  6. Citizen Analog Aqualand on SS bracelet (a.k.a. "in the office...") Can´t wait to buckle my Promaster 1000m for the weekend. Cheers, George.
  7. Nice to meet you all, AlexR thanks for the welcome, mate! Hopefully, I'm here to stay. It is always good news to "meet" people still fascinated by anything mechanical, especially watches, in those digital times! Cheers, George.
  8. Everyone on this board keeps calling the cal. 8203B movement of the Citizen Promaster 1000m Professional Diver's as "special". Why so? I recall someone posting that, and I quote, "... the movement is reworked and refinished...".
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