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  2. i just purchased one about a month ago...beb007 model diver, black bezel about 43mm, i really like it, slightly domed cyrstal, which actually is really nice on this... have not worn my monster since....really nice watch for the money, nice tight bezel, yellow second had....i would highly reccomend this for double the money....hope this helps....will try to post a pic tommorro
  3. hi all, just posted looking for a 22mm lumpy, while i was at it, was wondering if anyone knew who made the gucci 8600m ...this is the eta movement mechanical....i have never bought a FASHION watch before, but went tempararily dotto i guess, bought it anyways, now unsure.... thanks guys
  4. hi, used to have a seinhart ocean 1 model, they are excellent quality as well, but styling on the ocean model is a blatant rip off, im glad to see that they are going their own way....i like that very much!!! might just think of getting another
  5. gucci does make some autos, i think its the 8600 auto, eta movement
  6. thanks for supporting us canadians, lol...seriosly beautiful in victoria...get there if you can.
  7. ballpark, what do these things cost????
  8. how could you forget about that....lol
  9. dont have cars like that in canada unfortunatley
  10. just got rid of my o&w ranger, great watch, but the bracelets are cheap crap...
  11. just got rid of all my coloured face watches, now i find i want another....lol
  12. wow, and i just have two monsters....
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