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  1. It's all relative. I think many people start off thinking £250 is a lot and things spiral out of control from there. It's a disease I tell you!!
  2. I'll think about doing a sales post as would be better being worn more as not getting much wrist time with me.
  3. Holy thread resurrection.... Is there much love for these still on here? I've a pretty much mint full set example which I picked up a few years ago from Alastair if I remember correctly and I've just never worn it much because it was mint. No idea what it's worth now, guessing less than an LV desire being much rarer! How many are left on here?
  4. I would consider using Duncan at Genesis for a service but if you're selling I can understand why you might choose Rolex. I haven't been on here for a long while but remember your observations on the LV when it's value for c£5k max! Strange times for certain watches.....
  5. I've been MIA from here for a while however I recall some years ago there was a member who was modding a couple of these using Tag dials to create a chronos like this. My RLT29 is as upgraded by Roy, with the Tag knurled crown and back. The screw in crown no longer works as with many others but it doesn't see water so not an issue for me.
  6. Finally joined the Rolex club after years of resistance!
  7. This for me sourced from a forum member, with a quirky Fortis as runner up. All went a bit vintage this year with a few older pieces arriving.
  8. I is not surprised. Great make and lovely looking watch so congrats. I miss the Conquest Heritage I had for a while and suspect I'll pick up another at some point as it was just lovely in an olde worlde type gone by kind of way.
  9. Errr that's a Rolex which several pages back you ruled out for ageist reasons. Are you ready for a grown up's watch? Surely the Forum should vote on this.
  10. That adds to it's appeal to me, it has the clarity of design of a Rolex but an unassuming image/presence at a more affordable price. Oh and the blue is the clincher. Black is so meh ;)
  11. Why post 1990? Quick tempting Tudor sub shot on a slim flat 6.75“ wrist... Below my wrist is the abyss into which all other watches will fall ;)
  12. Maybe everyone should own a Speedie at some point but they are common as owt, exist in multiple variations and manual winding means it would get less wear with me. I've slim wrists too so as a daily wearer I'd suggest: Modern - the new 36mm BB or an Explorer if you need to scratch that Rolex itch. Old - a Tudor sub, 79190, before they hit the £3k mark. Thread closed.
  13. So it is. I was (factoring in my negotiation skills) thinking of a 911 which had dropped to that price :). You could get a birth year Tudor sub for £2k without b&p.... That said as a day to day wearer a newer model has its advantages.
  14. I'm a Tudor fan so the new 36mm BB would be in the mix though I'd probably wait for a decent 2nd hand one or an in house movement. It wears larger by all accounts. Next would be an older Tudor sub as they're a great size, easily serviced and not as common as their Rolex brethren. Of the 3 you mentioned I'd be asking what you intend to wear it on as if you need a super adjustable bracelet then Tudor wins otherwise the Breitling looks great to me and I dislike most of the brightling stuff so that's saying something. If you really want a 'keeper' then have a look here and start searching a
  15. Understandable. Especially when I recall one sold a few weeks after for £550. You've still got the odd RLT to gaze at
  16. When he got to 4 figures I definitely wavered! It seemed well over the going rate but I decided there wasn't a watch at that price that I'd prefer which seemed a good test.
  17. My 3 RLTs. The RLT29 is the watch I really wanted which started my collecting a few years ago and was a daily wearer until I swapped straps and other watches came along (you know how it is if you're reading this!). Still consider it my favourite watch so much so I declined to sell to Mach's buyer. The RLT36 came up and is in fabulous condition although I have rarely worn out as it helped me discover the fear of making a watch which I cent lucky to own and thus reluctant to mark. The RLT75 was bought to replace a PRS18q which had a random timing issue and to allow me to try a ratc
  18. I referenced just one watch, or that was my intention, the others were decorative only. Rules, smules.
  19. Great price Roy, as always. Would wish you luck selling them but don't think you'll need it!
  20. Too Sporky for me I think but then again Roy's watches can be growers so I'm always tempted. Something like the CWC SBS or a GMT with Roy's build quality would have had me reaching for my debit card! I liked the RLT logo on the RLT75 so will be interesting to see how this compares. Small production runs are always good though as nice to have something a little unusual.
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