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  1. Can I (we) ask how much you paid and where you purchased from ?
  2. Not sure why the link isn't working. I cannot post a photo, as I'm too new on this forum and can do very little until I've been around a while.
  3. Arriving tomorrow. Don't normally buy from Watchfinder, as they are normally way over priced, but are a very reputable and trustworthy source and anything I have purchased from them, has always been as described, but comparing the discount I got and comparing the same watches for sale on Chrono24, I think I got a good deal. https://www.watchfinder.co.uk/Omega/Seamaster%20120m/2511.81.00/923/item/157693?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-bjyBRCcARIsAFboWg1kwv0m0th6NZ4QFbP2MMufmmquVfRMZiEh4bUp-Xjq02cGbyrRdTkaAlIYEALw_wcB
  4. Sorted this out myself. Found a watch with a complete bracelet, better to buy this for spares, than buying one link.
  5. I would have done that, but I can't see a option to do this, all I can see is the Insert image from URL box. I'm relatively new to this forum and I don't think I have all the options yet. That's why I mentioned a eBay item number that shows the exact same bracelet. Can you look at that?
  6. Hello, I'm continuing to grow my meager little watch collection and I have added the above mentioned watch. It came with no extra links and it's just a smidgen too tight, I think I have managed to find one link on ebay, but does anyone know of any other Tissot models which have the same stainless steel watch band, so that I can widen my search. I have found one other model on ebay (PR100X) which has the same strap, item number 253834379962. It's also on the last hole on the clasp buckle, so I can even use that option. Thanks
  7. I was talking to my wife about, how someone's wife could buy a watch for their husband, as for me, it's a personal thing and I have strict criteria, so my wife leaves it totally up to me and I just buy it and she will see it on the bank statement. Don't get me wrong, I do inform her that I'm looking for a new watch and it's never a total surprise. I was out shopping the other day and looking (as I always do) in the high street watch shop windows. There was a guy standing there with his wife looking at the watches...as soon as he said " do you see how the light highlights that watch face at different angles" he looked round and she was gone !! So funny.
  8. Excellent watch, takes me back to my time in the army. Shame about the spelling errors in what would otherwise be a excellent website presentation !!!
  9. New to this forum...hello. Just bought the above watch today as a early Christmas present, I also have a 1998 Omega Seamaster and also a Tissot PR100 Titanium. Looking forward to reading the various threads.
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