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  1. (apologies if posted before, I did do a search which turned up blank!) Ultimate watch for the Maiden fan...? http://www.matwatches.com/fr/collections/ag5-ch-s-bruce-aeris/ Although I am a hopeless Maiden fan, even I'm struggling to justify the price on this one!
  2. You sir are an inspriation. How about (apologies if suggested before) getting a watch mechanism printed as a wrap... make it look like your leg is a mechanical movement/automaton, all cogs and springs etc! all the best
  3. Just caught up with this thread... amazing, massive amounts of kudos >>>>
  4. I am by no means an expert, and this is just guessing/thinking out a loud! But: http://www.elektron.demon.co.uk/works.html "When a new cell is inserted into the watch the capacitor is initially un-charged and looks like a short circuit. This means that there is only the sense coil in series with the base of the transistor to ground. This constitutes a resistance of about 2.25 k Ohm and so an initial base current pulse of about 0.5 mA flows (1.35-0.3/2.25K). This is easily enough to drive the transistor into saturation and send a correspondingly high current pulse through the drive coils. If we assume that only about 0.1v is dropped across the transistor then we can calculate (knowing the resistance of the drive coils is about 16 k Ohm) that the initial drive current is some 63 uA or five times the normal impulse. This gives a sufficient 'kick' to the tuning fork to start the movement. The circuit then rapidly settles into its steady state and the voltage on the base of the transistor rises to an average value of just above the turn on voltage (ie slightly more positive than would be needed to turn on the transistor)." Which might suggest a hum before run? BUT, it is a mechanical drive, so as soon as the fork starts vibrating to produce the hum, then surely it should start turning the mechanical movement... even if slowly. Unless the movement of the forks was enough to produce an audible hum (was the pitch noticably lower than when running on full battery?) but not enough distance to move the pawl finger in and out of the index wheel to engage the teeth correctly to rotate the wheel!? The only other thought is that the hands were somehow stuck briefly!!? (sorry not massively helpful, but an interesting conundrum!)
  5. only ever the crazy Tokyo Flash style LED's, do I ever get positive comments about watches (and even from complete strangers).... anything else is not noticed!
  6. Desktop all the way (tbf most of my divers are from the 1970's so I wouldn't trust the seals etc) my gshock has been in pools, showers and even worn when doing the washing up :O :)
  7. I think it's lovely as is, but no harm in trying different hands if it makes the watch better for you. Enjoy in good health :)
  8. good luck... looking forward to seeing pics :)
  9. true, but still... I'd be drooling all over my keyboard and wishing I could afford one! ;) :D
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