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  1. amazing the attention to detail is incredible ,ihavnt purchased my iwc pilot yet and have found a navigator at a great price this video might have saved me 1500 quid cheers
  2. buy what you want try both of them on see which youlike the most ,ps great brand as well as for me i would prefer white gold if they make it less bling lol
  3. made up my mind iwc it is will post pictures when i get it thanks for all the advice people
  4. ok latest update just got back from bond street which has made the desision even harder with the dark horse thrown in ,the iwc has amazing presence on the wrist and is beautifully made ,tried on a vintage gmt master pure class with the faded dial and seeing as i was in bond street went into breguet bouteque ,the type xx is beautiful with fluted caseband and great dial lookes best on a leather strap though , i am in a right pickle now !!!!!
  5. i suppose its all about what you want i should buy a watch because i like it ! and not think about what resale value etc i even considered a breguet type xx because i like it but i cant find anyone to say anything nice about it ,hence iwc and the sports rolex range ,and i have owned an iwc and rolex in the past ! but does the breguet name mean nothing anymore ???
  6. so its iwc winning at the moment would appreciate more opinions thanks ! and thanks for the warm welcome to the forum regards paul
  7. thats the one i think its a stunning watch
  8. thanks for the reply resale value is not to important ,the problem i have with a rolex is that they are commen and draw attention while the iwc only people in the know would appreciate ,if you had the money which would you go for regards paul ps live in watford herts
  9. hi people advice please just sold my mk 16 iwc beautifully made watch but crap time keeper and awful resale value 4500 is to spend 2nd hand iwc vintage pilot or sports rolex !!! opinions please
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