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  1. Nice watch apart from the date at 4 o'clock, to me that just looks plain daft.
  2. Lovely watch, I own a Diver 1 silicon which I really like but I also do hanker after a Scurfa auto.
  3. Nice looking watch and at 39mm should be spot on for size.
  4. Nice, also like the look of the hands.
  5. Here's one of mine. Orient Millennium. Here's another, Zodiac Sea Dragon.
  6. Sector 270 chronograph, currently on the Bay of Fleas.
  7. cactus

    Seiko Sarb033

    They are all very fine looking watches.
  8. Very nice, have considered buying one of these myself.
  9. Nice watch at a very good price, amazing what good deals you can get when you put in the browsing effort.
  10. Great looking watch, hope you enjoy it.
  11. Got to say I don't really have a favourite brand, but think Seiko make some great affordable watches as do Orient and Citizen, some of the Eco drives are simply superb for the money. Also, the Scurfa Diver 1 I purchased off this fine forum is amazing value for the money. In the vintage class I particularly like Rados, I have 3 excellent Rados as does Mrs Cactus, all great value for money.
  12. There ain't half some dodgy characters on Fleabay, at least you didn't send off the watch.
  13. Very nice watch you have there, I'm sure it's all been worth it. Enjoy it in good health.
  14. Same here, also I have home improvements which are demanding much of my finances.
  15. Enjoy your new watch when it comes
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