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  1. Archie is like a soap opera . He's a 'colourful character', obviously there's a bit of a blur between him and the the guy playing him. I think even the guy playing him gets a bit confused sometimes. In any case, he's alot more entertaining than his strait laced nemesis from NYC.
  2. which i will now wear for the day ... hagwe ! i have found this good even in low light conditions, but not full dark obviously ... I like the look of those Mondaine stopwatches but do they justify the price?
  3. I have seen the sellers reply and am a bit nonplussed to be honest. If he is such an outstanding pillar of the Internet WIS community, and the matter is merely 'a couple of quid', then why would he risk losing his reputation over such a small sum? I just doesn't get it. I am also a bit confused, as to why when he himself has suffered a few deals gone bad, he would seek to use his own bad experiences as justification for not seeking to address the buyers concerns , rather than stepping up and making the situation right. There's nowt as queer as folk.
  4. I don't post on here much , but I want to say that the seller has not really behaved in the manner that I would expect on an enthusiasts forum. It really is very poor form and I hope the matter is resolved asap to everyone's satisfaction. As a side note, G shocks are notoriously robust and I can't help thinking that the sellers 'hard cheese' response is designed to hide the fact that he knew that the watch was goosed in the first place. I for one will never be dealing with him. Kudos is due to the site owner for his offer of help.
  5. the reverse display models are useless - if you want to be able to tell the time that is
  6. saw some watches exactly like this in the window of a local fashion/jewelry type store, called ' danish design ' . they looked exactly the same as the ones in the link - but ten times the price.
  7. its alright. not as good as the iced cupcakes theyve got in my local co-op though.
  8. but its not orange man, what the hell were you thinking???
  9. welcome back mark. id be very much surprised if the OP ever bothered to return. shame, nice to see some industry professionals popping in.
  10. I am a great kitty fan. That watch is a travesty. It totally lacks anything of kittiness about it.
  11. does anyone on here collect metamecs i wonder?
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