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  1. Great looking watch, thats one i certainly wouldnt mind picking up! Congrats!
  2. Yeah you have got to go for a Riseman,it was my first G-Shock and i shouldnt have set my standards so high as i am finding it nigh on impossible to replace!! Its also extremely comfortable to wear and in my opinion looks great!I never really use the functions on the watch but i suppose they are there just in case!! Barkerville
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone! I really dont think i could part with my Riseman,its a great watch and i know that if i let it go i would definitely regret it! I wasnt aware of the size difference between them either! Thanks for the opinions,i think ill keep hold of the Riseman and just buy the other!! Barkerville
  4. Hi all! I am recently getting quite interested in the GW-M5600BC-1ER G-Shock(negative display one!)and am finding it quite hard to get hold of one in the UK? Does anybody know of a reliable site in which to purchase one? Also a friend of mine wanted to swap his for my GW-9200 Riseman,do you think thats a fair swap? Thanks for your time and please let me know if you own one what you think of the watch? Barkerville
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