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  1. @oldtimexMy American and Brit Service Manuals both show that the "Viscount" always only ever came with a strap as original. Your reference 0f 4147 tells me it's a "yellow" or "goldtone" case. All of these with remnants of original straps I have ever seen show it to be black, and a lizard effect effect with of course a matching buckle to the case - - "goldtone" buckle. The technically correct strap width is Imperial and 3/4 inch. Try a 19 mm band if you can find one (the nearest equivalent.). Exact size would be (ISTR) 19.05 mm, which is of course unobtainable. 19mm springbars are usually available, and you should fit new ones when replacing the strap. The few pence extra will be worth it for the piece of mind. Also worth using a proper spring bar tool to avoid scratched watch case and blood from the fingers
  2. That'll be because they didn't diversify into dry-cleaning and cobbling and key-cutting!
  3. Likely that most who are not liking these, or not sure, realise at the back of the mind, that Timex never made an original much like them? They could equally be SKMEI or any other Chinasian maker's offer. OTOH, I think they are an option for the "look" if that's what floats yer boat! (@ £40 as suggested)
  4. Then we had trams - - and now we've got foreign made trams! Bikes are the Devil's method of slowing down proper transport, like nice cuddly toasty cars in the winter, and nicely cooled AC fitted cars in the summer. The advent of bicycle lanes and "areas" at traffic lights serves only to keep real vehicles in lower gears, thus burning more fuel in towns and cities. Ban 'em all I say! Or we could all use enclosed Golf Buggies pulling about seven trailers to carry the batteries. AS FOR "electric e-types", that's a travesty. Just a travesty! A car that used to look as if it was doing 150 MPH whilst standing stil - - fitted with big Duracells - - And I'm in a good mood today!
  5. Is there really a TIMEX UK any more? More like Timamazon or Argotime. Only a limited range sold here - -
  6. The numbers to the left and right of the "6" marker are - - to the left, the catalogue and model mnemonic, to the right they do indeed indicate movement and year of manufacture. Quote the numbers and we can give you more info. Taiwan assumed production of mechanicals as theyw ere deing phased out in the UK - bear in mind TIMEX were the largest maker of watches worldwide during that period, selling production runs of millions!
  7. Excellent project and conclusion Rog! Fabuloso! (now, about the fourteen of these I'm going to send you for fettling?? )
  8. Load of OLD Ladies Tea Doylies befitting any "Ye Olde Tea Shoppe" window. £290 too much!
  9. Ah-haaah! Jim Lad, I tell 'ee they be larstin' for many years, many years. They be made from ancient cannons, old roubles and crafted using hammers and chisels
  10. The COA is interesting- - SYNOPSIS "I know it's Bruce Lee's because my Daddy told me he was his pal, and Bruce gave it to him before moving back to HK" "Its in lots of photos" "Shows he was manly and strong" Oh, that's fine then!
  11. In general, any restoration should start with a thorough clean and re-lube of all the mechanism. Then you can look at other factors - -
  12. TIMEX was the only watch of the day able to stand up to the Bruce Lee moves - - (so there!)
  13. Trouble is, it'$ too bloody expen$ive by far. BUT overall in contrast, I like the look of it - - - - - at £3.70 that is
  14. Been looking for two of those - - Well I've two nipples last time I looked
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