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  1. I couldnt get it to run at all, however I will try what you suggest, as I had just assumed you would initially wind it up with the crown. Also, I feel the strap looks better in the picture than it does in real life. But then I wouldnt consider myself someone who generally likes expanding bracelets. I will see what I can do about getting the back off. Am I right in thinking it's the inner ring that pops out? I was unsure until I cleaned the dirt out/off. I will post some pictures when I get it back from being restored.
  2. Thanks for the replies, Any idea how to get the back off? I was gonna post a photo of the inside but I couldn't figure it out, don't know if there is a thread on here somewhere explaining how to do that, I've done it before with cheaper watches, but this one has me at a loss.
  3. I recently inherited an Omega watch from my grandfather, I was looking to find out a little more about it, what year it is. And what I could expect to pay to have it restored. I also would like to throw the possibility out there that it could be a fake(if someone could help me identify it as genuine or fake either way), my grandfather was rather poor. I isn't on a very nice bracelet, so if this is the case don't hesitate to mention it. I'd like to restore it, and maybe have a few suggestions on a strap. at the moment I cant get it to run, I thought it would be a wind up watch, however the relatives who were holding onto it dont appreciate things like the possibility of over winding a watch. Anyways any help would be great. Cheers -Andrew
  4. Yeah I got them to send out a replacement, the new one is lining up spot on. definitely seems hit or miss. Incidentally I had a chance to see a Bulova sweeping hand quartz, any word on battery life? (the man in the store tried to tell me that because it sweeps it uses less battery...I don't know how I feel about this claim)
  5. I recently received a casio watch in the post, and when I got it out of the box, the very first thing I noticed was the second hand didn't line up with the minute markers around the watch face. I'm in the process of returning it, when my brother pointed out that there were loads of quartz watches that had second hands that didn't line up at a jewelry store we were at, Im looking at Seiko, Citizen, Fossil, Bulova etc. and almost all the quartz watches had this same, what i would consider, defect. Should this be the case? Is there an easy way I can fix this myself? (this has gave me another reason to prefer my sweeping second hands)
  6. realized maybe this is under the wrong section...oops
  7. Found a Cressi Sub 500m going on sale on the Bolton Area Diver Shop so I went ahead and ordered it, seeing as the picture isn't so clear I figured if I don't like the logo I'd return it. Cressi 500m Seiko Movement (looks a little different than the other Cressi's Ive seen on the internet...really don't know what to expect when it shows up) hopefully it's cool (also hopefully it shows up before I head on holiday...or it will be sitting behind the gate for some time getting rained on...) I'm a bit worried I'm not gonna like the logo as much as I like the Divex one, I'll post some pictures of it when it arrives whether or not I'm keeping it.
  8. I feel like a dick now, I figured it was just a random off the internet...didn't mean to have a go
  9. Faijex

    Old Is New

    That's sweet, no more frame by frame recreations of an entire evening.
  10. Arrived the other day, picked this up for 32 on amazon, decided to pick one up for my travels (didn't want to spend too much as I don't know how often it will get on the wrist) I really like the world time option, where at the press of a button you change to your travel time zone. (with your home time zone displayed at the top) The light works pretty nice, I like that it stays on for about 3 seconds when pressed. The one thing I wasn't impressed with was the bracelet that came with it, it feels like it's made out of a coke can. It doesnt look too bad at a glance, but I feel it's too thin and too light, the model with the resin strap cost 10 pounds more, and i did a little research and found out I could pick a spare resin strap from Casio from 7.50, being unsure about the strap when looking at it online. I figured this way, I could try both straps and see how I like them. My girl says the strap it came with looks pedo...soooo, who knows!(I thought it kind of looked Roger Moore'ish) I think the resin strap will suit it better, I will post a picture when it shows up.
  11. Astronauts were always authorised to wear their own wrist watches for personal use. The Speedmasters were for mission relevant activities (EVA, piloting, etc.). Later, William I probably mis-understood the article, but I was reading the one about the Seiko Chronograph in space, I think I decided he snuck(forgive the incorrect English) it on board, cause I was imagining him keeping it in his boot...I felt like it would have made a better story.
  12. BTW, bought from RLT Watches. makes you wonder why it was smaller, anyone know?
  13. It seems the guys doing the hard work knew better than their bosses. Rolex as a back up :lol: :lol: sort of off topic...but does anyone know why Maradona would wear 2 watches at the world cup? I can understand why an astronaut might have 2 (from doing some reading even when not authorized to do so)
  14. dark side meaning? (newb here)
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