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  1. Good man, if I was you I'd make sure they had the SS bracelet, the rubber straps are fairly cheap and can be picked up afterwards if you fancy a change.
  2. Whatever you do don't listen to Mach, all that time living in the wilderness has addled his brain
  3. A couple of Helsons, Tortuga @ 1000m looks a bit of a lightweight compared with the Shark Diver @ 2000m
  4. 1000m Titanium Chronographs deserve their own thread
  5. One of Eddie's finest today
  6. Hi my name is "mach 0.0013137" please delete my account (did I get away with that)
  7. Fortunately I'm immune to such spells unlike the poor unfortunates
  8. If you went to Boney Hay we might of been in the same class!
  9. Welcome Small Heath Alliance to the forum. BTW I spent my early years in Burntwood but my Dad decided to move back to Brum because we were "starting to talk funny"
  10. I just told the 710 that I was buying a reliable Japanese 4 door saloon. The look on her face when got back was priceless (my 3 lads were pretty impressed though - they even allowed me to drop them off at the school gates)
  11. "Men of Ballyhuppahaun" doesn't have quite the same ring
  12. Historically accurate or not I can watch Zulu over again just for the "Men of Harlech" scene.
  13. I can't imagine what this would weigh if it was steel! (anyway it's just an excuse to post another pic of my Sector )
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