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  1. The watch is sold and I dont miss it at all. I blame myself only, should have done my homework. I saw the reduced Speedy 2 days ago and was shocked how small it is. Its tiny but to each his own. Oh and just for the record I dont like huge watches either. My size is 43-45 I do have a Rolex Sub and while it is 40 it has a clean face so it doesnt look so small. A chrono needs to be bigger so the dials will not look too tiny.
  2. While still being new I was in your exact dilema only 2 months ago. I got a Hamilton, the Khaki Field Chrono Auto. My firt Hamilton and let me tell you this is a whole lot of wathc for the money. Go for the Hamilton, the ETA 7750 is its movement and you will LOVE it!!!
  3. Good advice but I live in Toronto so going there is out of the question. They do have a pretty solid 300 feedbacks of 100%
  4. Nothing new to me, I always loose money on my hobbies. I am a fountain pen collector and in almost all cases of pens I sold (a lot) I lost money. I am very bad in trade, well aware of it and thats why I want to be as sure as posibble about what I buy so I will not be forced to sell it and have both heart ache and pocket ache :( So how about it guys any info on this watch ? IWC 3719 Aquatimer Chronograph There is one of sale in my price range. I know IWC is a good respected watch maker. Is this watch worth 2850$ (USD) ? (assuming its in excellent condition with box and papers) Is
  5. Well I need to get a watch to replace my sold Speedy first and then I might consider trading my Rolex for a Panerai Does anyone have any info on this watch ? IWC 3719 Aquatimer Chronograph
  6. I got a whole range of wathces. Montblanc Timewalker Rolex Sub Hamilton Khaki Chrono Seiko Orange Monster Bulova Bulova Tank Wind Bulova Auto (old model) So whie I am a novice I do have few watches and I also have a plan to which I promissed myself to stick. I want one more good quality watch, I thought the Speedy will be it but its not so now that its gone I want one more good watch. In the future I plan on selling or trading my Rolex and want to get a Panerai. I also want a mechanical alarm watch to add to my Monster as an everyday beatter.
  7. Too plain for my taste, looks like a brick, I like chrono Sorry this watch on your wrist is a nice watch but not my taste, I like round only watches. As I said I like the Longines and its actually the one on the top of my want list but no where to get a used one. I think the owners of these MAster watches simply love their watches and are not willing to let them go. There was one for sale yesterday but it was the 41mm which is too small for me.
  8. Thats because you have been in the watch hobby much longer then me. I cant imagine what I have never seen. There are a million watch makers out there but I will not buy something I dont know or wasnt highly recommended to get from a good source. Very good point actually..... Why not go to a decent high street shop and have a good look around, or spend a while browsing the forums and get a feel for what you like, try to find the watch in a shop to make sure you like it.... Asking most of us what we would buy is likely to get many and varied opinions.... You need to form your own
  9. This my last Speedy left me bad taste for Speedies :(
  10. I actually really like this. What is the exact model name of this Oris ? What is the size of it ? How much does it go for ? What is its movement ?
  11. So here goes, I was sure Omega Speedmaster will be the love of my life, I found a gorgeous one from a seller in the states and in less then a week I got it. Found it was tiny for me and I cant tell you how dissapointed I was, it simply looks small on my hand and so this watch was sold and I am on the hunt again. My problem is BIG desire and very little experience. I dont want to make same mistake again as on top of the disapointment I lost a lot of money in this advanture so I will really need you advice. Give me ideas for a good watch........please So here are the details 1.Pri
  12. That one is the flagship model of the range - the model code is L2.717.8.78.3 Watchfinder.co.uk have it up for £8470 but I have always found Watchfinder will charge top price for anything. You might find it at a better price elsewhere, but that's the ballpark figure. IMHO...... not even if I won the lottery! Eight and a half K is too much for a Longines. I would be tempted to go for a Dornbluth or an Omega Railmaster and trouser the rest for a rainy day. You guys REALLY getting shafted in the UK with prices!!! I went yesterday to the biggest mall in Toronto called the Yorkdale
  13. I am talking about this watch Does any one have it ? What is the value in the second hand market ?
  14. Went to a watch store today and saw the more amazing watch I have ever seen (in the sane spectrum of money of course) the Longines Master Collection 44mm The face is like non other with all these amazing dials and the second sweep is simply COOL!!! Any info if you have any would be very helpful. Thanks
  15. Went to a watch shop and the moment I walked in the store I saw the light a watch calling me. This is waht I was looking for, its unique, big and stunningly beautiful. Now I will need to see if I can get someone trading me his same watch for my Speedy. Wish me good luck. I AM IN LOVE!!! :wub:
  16. I would kill for that but is it in the same value as my Speedy ?
  17. Budget=the value of my Speedy which is near mint with box and papers.
  18. My Hamilton is 42 and since it doesnt have the Speedy bezel then I like it. My Montblanc Timewalker is 43 and is close to the perfect size. The Speedy 42 with the bezel somehow look too small.
  19. I bought an Omega Speedmaster Pro but this watch is simply too small for me. 42mm is not enough so I amlooking to trade this watch or sell it and buy something in the same price range. My problem is that I dont know enough about watches and dont know what to choose so this is my critiria and your help and advice will be greatly appreciated. The charestaristics of the watch I want are these 1.Watch need to sell well 2.Preferably be a Chrono but clean face is ok too 3.Preferably be Auto but wind is also ok 4.BIG so 43 is minimum as 42 is too small 5.Of course be atractive
  20. Full size is 42, the reduced is 39mm Have a faily big wrist but not huge I simply love big watches and apperently this one is just too small. Maybe it will if I will carry it long enough and not sell or trade it.
  21. My dream watch was for a long time an Omega Speedmaster Professional. I got it the last week with box and papers in near mint condition. A very beautiful watch, very classy and loaded with history and I didnt fell in love with it :crybaby: It left me cold!!! Why oh why ? It looked so tiny and small. I had to measure it to be sure, yep 42, it is simply too small for me. Winding it was another disapointment, the stupid **** is not comfortable to wind at all. I wore it for 3 days straight hoping it will grow on me but nothingt :furious: The probelm is with me and not with
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