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  1. Is that the "full size" or the 39mm? Looks like the right size for you whichever!
  2. I ordered one from there yesterday which is out for delivery. They had 5 in stock when I spoke to them
  3. Maybe this is the best way to get in touch with Mike? As since taking my money, he is not responding to PMs. Seems after all the fuss he kicked up after the constant influx of PMs he sent me, to send him money, he has taken it and just logged off. To quote watchzone: PS I did try contacting him 4 times before posting this as I prefer not to use this method unless i have no other option
  4. you wont get a new on for that price over here
  5. It was this one Going back to your original suggestion, its not the thing id wear but a friend has had one for years, worn daily and still looks good
  6. Alll except 1 which was at a watchmakers - that will (probably) be sold too when its back
  7. ive sold all my watches except for this: Not my pictures, but same watch, GW-5000-1JF
  8. Bit of 90's cool with a DW-6630B Poor pic, its this one
  9. Battery should be fine It will pick up radio signal in US no problem (multi band 6) They are great watches - very under rated and under valued
  10. The sad thing is someone will buy it
  11. EMS is just "Express Mail Service" Its standard Chinese postal service, which will get passed onto Royal Mail or Parcel Force You can normally track it with the chinese tracking number on the Royal Mail site once its in the system
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