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  1. I agree with Badcrumble that one is gorgeous, but like him I do not have any spare cash for watches at present!
  2. Totally different over here it seems, no response in two hours! There again the peace is quite pleasant!
  3. I have never before seen a Precisionist that I like before, but that one is really tasty!
  4. I have a couple of Toshi's, got the same service as you. If you want a chunky strap then Rich is hard to beat. It won't be the cheapest around but still good value!
  5. I have a large Renault F1 fron TW Steel and an Aviator from Steinhart. No comparison in my view the Steinhart is far superior, but then it is automatic, the TW Steel is quartz. However I got the latter for half price in a jewellers in the Metro Centre, so it cost £120, at that price I am very happy!
  6. Seem to be £99 odd now, still a bargain if you like it.
  7. I have just answered on your duplicate entry Haggis!
  8. Depends what you paid for it I guess. They often advertise in the press and I get their catalogue included with other things from time to time. They also sell jewellery, but I have never succumbed. I think if you paid a good bit less than three figures and it is in good nick it was a a bargain! It is 169 dollars on their web site.
  9. Over 80% of people voted that they liked it, that is unbelievable! What next a wrist cuckoo clock style watch???
  10. I have read 3 to 7 years for a mechanical watch so your 5 years looks about right Rovert. Mind you I have an Oris Big Crown that is over 10 years old and works fine and has never been serviced. As for quartz I suppose it depends on the quality of the watch to some extent. Christopher Ward recommend a battery change and service on their quartz watches around 5 years I think, not sure what the "service" bit would involve. Having said that I had a £15 Lorus sitting in the drawer for around 15 years and just for fun I fitted a new battery last week, it is keeping perfect time! Would I have the Lorus serviced if it failed - hmm let me think!
  11. Watchmenow Probably too late now but if you are a member of the CW Forum you are entitled to contact a lady called Wera who is well known for sorting out any issues that you may have with them. They do not usually take your cash before arranging delivery so something has gone wrong here. If Wera cannot sort it nobody can as she is Christopher Ward's wife! As for the increases I cannot disagree with you they have become pricier. Dave
  12. If its diamonds then it's £150 worth from Bid TV. They have moved on now to what the call a "quality brand" - Klaus Kobec!
  13. Used to sell this type of watch on TV shopping channels like Bid TV. Assuming those are'nt diamonds they would sell for £50 to £75. Used to have one myself gave it to a charity shop who got around £30 for it if I recall. I always thought it was well made for the price.
  14. I have the non GMT Steinhart and the Auto version of the C11. To be honest the C11 gets worn more often but it has been in my collection for only a few months. The C11 is a much smaller wearer and is less weighty than the Steinhart. I like them both and the C11 is very easy to read with my pensioners eyes, mind you the Steiny is pretty good in that respect. The Steiny is a BIG chunk of metal whereas the C11 is more refined if you like, it certainly seems to weigh a lot less. I have large wrists so the Steiny is fine, however for those with smaller wrists the C11 in my view would be better. The Steinhart leather strap is much better than the one provided by Christopher Ward, mind mine is on a Bracelet that I purchased from Steinhart last year. The bracelet is top quality and like the watch is a serious bit of metal! As for service they are both pretty good in my view, however the CW 60/60 guarantee is far superior to the two years you get from Steinhart. The other thing to remember is Christopher ward gives discounts from time to time, I got 15% off my C11, I do not recall Steinhart having sales. If buying today I would probably get the C11, but I am thinking of getting an aftermarket strap for it so I would factor this in as extra cost when comparing prices. There is nothing wrong with the C11 strap I just find it a bit boring! Hope this helps you, if you want anything else let me know. Dave
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