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  1. These are all good definitions of a pilots watch and when watch companies latched onto the idea of adding a single decade circular slide rule to the watch face it made even greater sense. A pilot friend if mine who now flies a desk these days for the RAN showed me how he could quickly calculate fuel load to flying time using the slide rule functions. I was amazed. They still teach these things even with all the electronics available on a modern aircraft. When Daltons whizz wheel (E6B) was added to the slide rule it made a pilots watch such a powerful tool for calculations. This has to
  2. Depends on whether your quartz has a gear train or not. Keep as clean as possible but should not affect a digital ana quartz (with no train). Just thinking about it a little more, most if my quartz watches seem cleaner on inspection than my mechanical beaters. Strange really.
  3. Hamilton. Yes a great watch and this dress one is no exception. Congratulations.
  4. I have a slide rule RT. ETA 8750 movement. Quality is first class for what it is as a watch. Did need a return to the factory for a factor 7 inaccuracy on the rotating C scale however. Nice watch overall though.
  5. Bought a Padgett & Ingles Kittyhawk directly from the makers. Nice watch & very good quality. Very reasonably priced too.
  6. There's really nothing in it provided each watch is exactly the same, albeit a size difference. The price point is probably aggregation and perception. Was there much in it, percentage wise? I think this would be true of quartz as well, but keep in mind everything must be the same otherwise. I would expect a little more for a larger watch, especially if gold plate was involved, but otherwise they are relatively the same.
  7. I have 3 orients, including a multiple hands. Very nice watches and no issues yet. They are very reasonably priced. Ownership by Seiko has to be an advantage too.
  8. 1957 was an ok year, but 1956 - well, that was the best year of all. Smile.
  9. I have a TX that has 2 second hands. One jumps the other is smooth. Quite a sight to see when they are both operating.
  10. I have a sector mountain master. A little flaky but basically good. Some quality issues with mine but nothing to write home about. The ABC features work well but it's a beast to drive.
  11. What a cracking good watch for so few pounds. Enjoy.
  12. Sad it does not work. It's some form of race promotion watch I think. I have a French Maty with a similar dial, but it's definitely a Rally watch. All this times needs is a slide rule bezel & it would be the same/similar. There are others out there that look similar as well. Sorry I don't have a pic to share.
  13. 1 Breitling Navitimer ( any model). 2 Omega Speedmaster Luna dust (ok not iconic yet, but watch that space). 3. Ikepod Megapode. 4. Sinn 903 st silber. 5. Heuer Pilot (mech version). I don't expect anyone to agree, but I don't care.
  14. How about cognac & chronographs! Whiskey gives me a stomach ache..........
  15. There's even some echoes of omega in the air master. Very nice. They all look really good.
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