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  1. A friend of mine has a rolex date just like this, I'm going to borrow it and take some side by side pictures and see how it feels in comparison.
  2. I was given it by @Teg62x an I haven't had it off my wrist since. I'm really surprised how much I like it. Might buy another :-)
  3. This little beauty arrived this morning, and what a little stunner it is. The dial is really nice, really happy with it. So a big thanks to teg62x for his raffle and his generous prize. Here it is with it's new seiko stable mates
  4. Love these watches, they both probably have after market dials and maybe other bits but they work as they should and they weren't to expensive. I find them the perfect size and fit, not to heavy and I think they look stunning. A bit like triggers broom he had for 17 years, it only had 7 new heads and 5 new handles. ( only fools and horses ).
  5. What a great story and a great watch, looking forward to seeing the finished result.
  6. I bought the silver dial one recently, really pleased with it and I like that's it's older than me.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I did get some in the end and it's gone down since I bought some. I also have done alot of reading on cryptocurrencey and I do believe it is the future of money. Not sure how true that is, fiat currency used to be backed buy the gold standard so it was worth x amount of gold but not anymore and because it's not backed by commodities I would say it's limitless, so the government's can just keep printing more and more. Bitcoin has a maximum of 21 million, there can never be anymore....ever. To create a bitcoin you have to mine it, which comes at a cost of hardware and electricity and every few years this cost increases. I do think it's still very early days though and because of this it's very volatile.
  8. I've looked back at bitcoin and it seems like it has built value up then lost it again many times, I wonder if this is mustn't be cycle it moves in. But I was wondering can you spend it, buy stuff with it?
  9. Would anyone like to tell me about crypto currency and what its all about, like bitcoin, litecoin and the likes. Oh and should I buy some Cheers
  10. Really nice collection, liking the enicar ocean pearl.
  11. I'll go with a patek minute repeater tourbillion.
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