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  1. Makes sense, it's a bit weird that you can see both though.
  2. This one again and again and again. Still loving it.
  3. I recently purchased a seiko snxj92 from eBay and I have a friend that owns a Rolex date just bi metal so I took a look at them side by side. Now I know the rolex is made of real gold and has an fantastic movement but the 7s26 works just fine and the gold colour metal looks goldish, but remember one was £60 and the other £3500. The dimensions are very close and they feel the same on wrist. The braclets feel the same and are similar dimension. The clasps feel the same quality to me. I'm sure the rolex is far more accurate but for 60 quid I'm really happy with the seiko. But I do love that rolex though. Here's some more pics
  4. A friend of mine has a rolex date just like this, I'm going to borrow it and take some side by side pictures and see how it feels in comparison.
  5. I was given it by @Teg62x an I haven't had it off my wrist since. I'm really surprised how much I like it. Might buy another :-)
  6. This little beauty arrived this morning, and what a little stunner it is. The dial is really nice, really happy with it. So a big thanks to teg62x for his raffle and his generous prize. Here it is with it's new seiko stable mates
  7. Love these watches, they both probably have after market dials and maybe other bits but they work as they should and they weren't to expensive. I find them the perfect size and fit, not to heavy and I think they look stunning. A bit like triggers broom he had for 17 years, it only had 7 new heads and 5 new handles. ( only fools and horses ).
  8. What a great story and a great watch, looking forward to seeing the finished result.
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