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  1. Sorry, but I just can't believe no one commented on your lack of shoes........ Looking very smart my friend...should have worn shoed though :-)
  2. Looks like you had a good purchase there. Nice looking watch. Alan.
  3. What a lucky find. Can't tell you anything much about them I'm afraid, just wish I'd found them .:-)
  4. Happy new year to all at the pocket watch forum. I haven't been on line for a while, but I'm still around. Just stopped collecting for a while.
  5. That is a very collectable watch. A watch doesn't have to be gold or silver to be collectable.
  6. new waistcoat. by velocipede228822, on Flickr Had a new waistcoat today at a charity shop for £4.50, another one to display my watchains on.This picture is over exposed, but you get the idea.
  7. Looking good Shangas. Me, I would always wear bracers with a waistcoat, then you don't see the belt. Just a thought. A friend made me a lovely waistcoat recently, but it has no pockets, so I have to wear my watch in my top pocket of my jacket when wearing it.
  8. That was a handy video from YouTune Chris, thanks for sharing.
  9. Hi Miles lovely movement! :) Btw, when i want to take a really close up pick of a watch, i hold a jewelers loupe over the lens,usually works with macro and non macro cameras,you can pick them up for a few pounds online. Sam. :cheers: That's a good tip Sam,I'll have to try that.
  10. Walthams were an American watchmakers and they made good watches. Smiths, made cheap but reliable pocket watches and they close in 1980. Usually they had no jewels, but would last years. Alan.
  11. Some lovely looking watches there Ian. Do you have any hunters or half hunters? Are they all gold? Alan.
  12. You have done some really great work on them pipes Chris. Well done. And all by hand, that is some achievement ! I am impressed. Most of my pipes are estate pipes, which I have cleaned up. I've mad a number of videos on pipes and things relating to them. This is a link to one of them, and from that you can look at others I have done. Alan.
  13. It is a lovely half hunter and Waltham's made good watches, I would certainly get it serviced,but then, I'd wear it, not sell it. I'm sure you could get it done for less than that if you look around. alan.
  14. Chris, that is a wonderful job. How did you do it? Did you turn it on a lathe, or make it by hand? Talk us through it will you? Did you make that stem, ot buy it and then bend it? Where did you get the briar, on ebay? It doesn't look smoked, have you smoked it yet?Lots of questions. Alan.
  15. I've been thinking of it for some time Chris, just need to find a nice piece of wood for to turn.
  16. You are all so right, the music was much too loud, but I didn't notice that untill the film was made, I'll make sure to tone it down next time. I listen to jazz while I'm reading, can't help it if others don't like jazz. But maybe I'll pick some Mantovani for next video :angel_not: And you are right, I have made some on pipes and pipe collecting too. Thanks for looking guys.
  17. Above is s video I made of someof my pocket watch collection.
  18. Nice key wind watch with a double albert. I'd wear it every day.
  19. Those are pretty nice stands. I like the wooden ones too, because I can make them very easily on the lathe. Nice work both of you.
  20. That watch could be the brother of the Graves English Lever I have. That is a chester hall mark also, and has sheffield marked on the face. Mine is 1910.
  21. All that could have been said about the watch has already been said above, I'd just like to add, it is a beautiful watch, well worth restoring and using. I sure would.
  22. Have you noticed, if you leave your waistcoats or suits in the wardrobe for long enough, they shrink?
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