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  1. I had the Zeno for work today: Switched to the OM for the evening: Cheers! :) Daniel Z.
  2. Congrats! That's a real beauty! Cheers! :) Daniel Z.
  3. Very nice! If I ever buy a Breitling, this is the one! :) But can anyone explain the term "710"? I understand what it means, but not what it stands for... Cheers! :) Daniel Z.
  4. Seiko 6105-8119: OM, "Rocket time": Cheers! :) Daniel Z.
  5. No, I'm not that brave! :grin: I would do it to my Orange Monster, but the OM is not irreplaceable should anything bad happen, the 6105 has got too much value too me to risk anything like that! :D The ice is natural from the little "waterfall", I just put the watch in the hole and took some shots.
  6. Hi all! Newbie Daniel here, I'm wearing the 6105 today: Many great watches here! :punk: Cheers! :) Daniel Z.
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