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  1. You'll be lucky if it is accurate to 5 secs per day. Once you've figured out if it runs fast of slow, set it accordingly. My tolerance for mechs and autos is 30 seconds. Once they are off by that much I reset them.
  2. Not sure the bracelet would go well with it because of the colour of the case metal. I really like the strap. I think it looks awesome.
  3. Look what I've got. Bit of a grail watch for me. My intention is to buy a really good watch every 3 or 4 years on interest free credit and the Aquis was on that particular list. I was keeping an eye on the Oris 65 Divers that was on the sales forum at a very good price (well done to whoever ended up with that one) and wondering if I could persuade my wife to let me get it when this incredible watch appeared at an even cheaper price. Thank you so much @Pete wilding (check out his other watches for sale on the forum, he is a fantastic guy to deal with). It's the 43mm version but wears a bit smaller than that as it looks great on me. I did have to put another hole in the strap which is now as short as it will go. It is slightly (and I mean maybe one micro adjustment) looser than I would normally wear but I am used to it now and it doesn't bother me. I like everything about this watch but one thing worth noting is the lovely smoke grey colour of the case. It has the usual gorgeous red rotor and display back. It runs about -8 seconds per day when charging up but this has improved to -5 seconds when fully wound. All in all I am over the moon with this watch.
  4. Never. Got over 80 with 1 in already this year.
  5. That's interesting as my immediate thought when I first saw the watch was it looked like a Tissot.
  6. Blast it. The RLT20 has stopped at around 8:20 each morning. I was wearing it all day yesterday so should have been fully wound. I'll give it one more chance and then I'll have to decide whether to have it serviced or return it
  7. I hope you're not joking. Be great to see it going to another forum member. Yes I do because I bid with 5 secs left and if they had submitted another bid or already had a much higher bid it would have gone for a pound over my bid. As it was only some pence it means that was their maximum bid. Never seen that before but never mind, I'm happy with the 20. Don't have a pepsi bezel in my collection yet.
  8. I missed the RLT4 by about 50p but I snagged the RLT20. Get in
  9. That's a great collection. We must have very similar taste as I like almost all of your watches. Well done.
  10. I have always had a soft spot for the Oris red rotor. So this one, definitely
  11. That's a fabulous collection. I love every one of those watches.
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