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  1. My other "luxury" watches are a TAG Heuer Se/l which cost me £875 20 odd years ago and is a quartz; an Oris Big Crown Propilot which was about half the price of the BB; an Oris Aquis bought second hand on the forum for a great price, would be about £1500 new; a Rado Captain Cook which I got a great deal on but retails at about £1900 so closest in price; I should also include my Seiko Cocktail Time Negroni which was £320 and my Smith's Everest which was about the same. In terms of style the Smith's is the closest although I bought the 40mm one. I bought this about the same time as my Propilot and I published a thread comparing them as I was surprised at how well finished and accurate the Smith's was. The Oris edged it at the time but the Smiths was clearly better value. Almost 3 years later I would say that I much prefer the Oris now. It has a better bracelet, is more comfortable and (now that I fully wind it before wearing) is more accurate and it's a more original design. The Rado is closest in price but too dissimilar a watch for a direct comparison. There are things that I love about the designs like the Rado's sloping bezel and the BBs high polished bezel but can't really compare them as they are different styles. The BB is such a simple design but the hands and the indices just seem really crisp. There is a lovely chamfered edge running down the length of the case which catches the light. Haven't noticed anything like that on the others. The detailing on the clasp is by far the best with the Tudor crown appearing in the overall shape and also under the fold over. It simply exudes class and luxury. Is it worth twice the price of the Propilot perhaps not in strictly objective sense. However, I am by no means an expert but the folks who are on various forums, magazines and YouTube reviews all say that BBs are great value. Take your time and think of where it will fit in with your collection. Next big one for me is swiss chronograph probably an auto but who knows as it won't be for another 5 years or so. In the meantime I hope to save for a Longines Conquest VHP and a Hamilton Khaki Auto.
  2. That's not a bad idea, thanks. My wife is a keen cyclist
  3. I bought one of my grails last week and it mostly hits the mark. It's the 36mm version of a watch that needs no introduction. I tried on a black dialled version in an AD the day before I pulled the plug and was so happy with the size that I didn't even bother to try on the BB58 that was also available. I wanted the blue dial so bought it from AMJ Watches on 5 years 0% with no deposit and a free watch winder (currently on eBay). The dial, hands, case finishing are all superb. The dial can change from a medium to very dark shade of blue depending on the light and angle. The Tudor rose on the crown is lovely. The bracelet and clasp are of a very high quality and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the caseback was not entirely sterile. It is keeping fantastic time at -1sec per day. So why does it not entirely hit the mark? It's the bracelet sizing issue. There are no half links and only 3 micro adjust positions which is one too few to cover the size of the links. So there's a 25% chance that it doesn't fit the way you'd like and guess what, that's what happened to me. I did find a workaround however, but it's still disappointing for my most expensive watch to have such an easily fixable flaw. There's definitely space on the clasp for another hole so why are Tudor being so stubborn. Anyway, with the links even on each side the bracelet was perfectly flat against the back of my wrist but was sadly a little bit too loose. I discovered that by moving a link from the 12 o'clock side to the 6 that it raises up the clasp on one side, pushing it down on the other and giving a perfect fit. Doesn't look that good though. I love everything else about it.
  4. So I escaped from the Argyle Arcade having managed to try on a black dial 36. It was perfect. They had a 58 but not a 41. Didn't see the point in trying on the 58 due to the instant love I felt for the 36. When you know, you know. Was glad they only had the black one as I didn't feel any guilt in leaving the shop and buying a blue one from AMJ as soon as I got home. Get in there. Also got a copy of Revolution. So a very good trip all round.
  5. Thanks, that's a good idea. My plan is to see if I can try some on in town on Monday. Decide on the one I want. Try to get a discount for a cash sale as my wife is allowing me to borrow from our savings and pay that back over 5 years. If no discount or satisfactory deal then I can always buy from AMJ who are also doing a free 350 quid watch winder which I can then sell on. Sorted. Thanks to everyone for all the advice and comments
  6. Ha ha. I thought it was a poorly rendered 911 when I first saw it. That's a cracking bunch of watches for the money. Well done
  7. Check out the Timex T80 Pac-man which has an alarm that plays the "PACMAN melody". I don't recommend paying anywhere near full price though as they are very basic watches with an inflated rrp. I have to admit they look fantastic.
  8. I make my final payment on my Oris in December and I have enough in the watch fund for a deposit on a Tudor Black Bay. My preference is for a blue 41 but I will need to try it on as I believe the lug to lug is 50mm. So I may end up with a 58 or perhaps a 36. Anyway, my question is when do you think I should buy one? Are the prices likely to rise any time soon? Is there any chance of a black Friday or January sales discount or should I buy one ASAP to avoid an rrp bump?
  9. I like all the text. In this case it adds some colour to the dial which would be quite dull otherwise. Each to his own.
  10. Pickd this up from Amazon last week on one if their warehouse deals. The watch was brand new but the box was slightly damaged so about 10% off. I've been considering one of the metal strap F-91W style watches for a while and finally decided on this variant. Sorry about the glare. It's an A168 and features a slightly better module than the F-91W. It has a backlight that actually works and is on a par with Timex Indiglo plus a month setting for the date. It's 35mm across the case and 39mm lug to lug. Lugs are 18mm wide and drilled. I quite like the bracelet which has a sliding clasp for perfect sizing. It is very narrow though at just 14.5mm at its thinnest point. Biggest niggle is the watch head is resin and doesn't match the bracelet. What can you expect for 20 quid though. Also the top left pusher is quite stiff. Overall, I am enjoying wearing it. It has a lovely retro vibe which is the whole point isn't it?
  11. I have started checking my quartz watches every three months and removing the batteries from any that have stopped. I keep track of the batteries they need on a spreadsheet and also take a note of the date when I put a new battery in.
  12. My Cocktail Time keeps perfect time over the course of a week and dial is stunning. Strap is good too. Can't fault it.
  13. Casio solar powered and about to come with me for a run in the park
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