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  1. Casio with tide graph and moon phases. Haven't worn a digital for a while.
  2. Definitely a G shock. Been using this one as a running watch for the last few years. Nice size for a g shock, sets to the atomic clock overnight and solar powered. Old pic showing countdown timer which is useful for interval training.
  3. Took pic then forgot to post. Wearing my giveaway prize this week. On the wrist it's only + 1 min per day.
  4. A huge thank you to Phil aka @spinynorman for this gorgeous giveaway prize which arrived a couple of weeks ago. I've been waiting on a suitable strap so I could show it off in all its glory. I bought an 18mm but I'd measured the lugs wrongly and they are actually 17mm. You would think I'd be able to squeeze that it in (that's what she said) but I couldn't do it so had to get another strap. It was worth the wait though. I was gobsmacked by how great a condition the watch is in for it's age. It is a truly lovely piece and is running well at about +90 secs per day. No pesky second hand
  5. Aquis in time for the weekend. Got a cold so will be staying in and playing Runequest with my son (does anyone remember RQ?). HAGW
  6. Vostok Europe TU-144. If you like it, there's one for sale in the sales corner with a slightly different bezel. I can highly recommend these watches. Had mine for many years and running at +20 secs per day....
  7. Camden no 88 with more or less straight lugs for that Nomos look.....
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