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  1. Then perhaps I can interest you in this.... Spotted during my stroll through the Argyll Arcade in Glasgow on Saturday. By far and away the most expensive watch I've ever seen and in a somewhat grubby shop window with secondhand Casios also for sale in the general mishmash of watches. Are they having a laugh? Surely if it was worth that much you'd send it to auction.
  2. G-Shock with moon phase and tide graph set for Greenock
  3. I have bought 5 Casio F91-Ws in various colours for my daughter and a black one for myself.
  4. Thanks. That was a very enjoyable review. I prefer the Spinnaker dial and hands but couldn't live with that bezel. So Ventus for me.
  5. If it had been a one hander I'd have been all over it but doesn't make a lot of sense to have a minute hand without a minute track.
  6. RLT20 for me. A mixture of glorious sunshine and hellish hail here in Glasgow
  7. I like a lot of Orient watches and I appreciate the fantastic value for money that they represent but I hate their stupid coat of arms logo. Completely ruins all of their watches for me. Makes them look like Scottish souvenir shop own brand watches.
  8. A lot fewer threads since Rodger got kicked out. For me it's been the journey from buying something every time I had some spare cash to collecting only specific makes and also buying more expensive but ultimately more satisfying watches. The guys on the forum have definitely taught me lots and have also sold me some cracking watches at mates rates on the sales section. Er, the other Rodger obviously.
  9. Timex Expedition. The vibrating alarm woke me up this morning. Watch alarms are generally not loud enough to do that. A cool feature.
  10. A reasonably sized G Shock for me
  11. Oris for me. Would round off my mini Oris collection nicely.
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