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  1. Mudman for me. Appropriate given the weather. Not that there's any mud in my house....
  2. Citizen Ecodrive "stealth". Looks like a smart watch under most lighting conditions...
  3. I like to pretend I'm wearing a speedmaster moon watch when I'm wearing mine. Sad but true. Maybe you can source a Decker rubber strap. I had the chance to try one on and they are really comfy and look great. Well done on another great looking watch.
  4. My old pal Tag Heuer S/El. 25+ years and still going strong
  5. Yes, I noticed that too. Roy got there first. It's a 35mm mechanical with a display back. Keeps good time, about +10 secs per day.
  6. Parnis Daytona. The white dial is nice but it's not so good for actually telling the time, especially in low light.
  7. I agree. Black dial versions look great on rubber and blue dials look cool on a bracelet.
  8. I love my Aquis but I have to agree you should never sell a watch you really like. Save up and get an Aquis too or buy via interest free credit.
  9. Parnis Daytona. A very comfortable wear.
  10. Yeah, 38 or 39mm seems about right. They have Mecha-quartz movements.
  11. These 2 have just arrived courtesy of Jon @PC-Magician. I know they won't be to everyone's taste being copies but it's the only way I'll get close to the experience of wearing a Daytona so I'm very happy with them. They are decently speced pieces with Seiko movements, sapphire crystals, screw in pushers and ceramic bezels. The bracelets are pretty good too with screw in links and 3 micro adjustments on the clasp. I haven't measured them but they are a lovely small size for a chronograph. I have a slight preference for the white one. Overall, I'm very happy with th
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