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  1. Hand it in. If you lost such an item would you want to have it back?
  2. I have one copy of Revolution. Expensive but makes a great gift for a WIS.
  3. Nooooooo. Why would you devote wrist time to a black square that only shows a face when you contort your arm? Also you have to take the thing off to charge it up. Ye gads. My brother in law bought one recently and when he showed me it I said, "I could never have one of those as I like proper watches too much".
  4. That's a beaut. Well done. The INOX is definitely on my list. Would love to have the red dial and strap version.
  5. Love digitals. Here's some of mine
  6. I've changed the battery on my other Henry London and managed it OK using a screwdriver and a lever operated case back press. As these things go it was fairly straightforward.
  7. Last time I checked it was available on the TK Maxx website for 35 quid.
  8. So my wife surprised me on our anniversary a couple of weeks ago with this slinky little number..... She went into TK Maxx hoping she could find something that I'd like and this was on offer for 25 quid. She remembered that I already have a Henry London three-hander so she got it for me. It's noticeably heavier than my other one and has a nicer leather strap and cool domed crystal. It's nothing fancy but I like retro-styled watches so I'm very pleased with it. Criticisms: You've really got to give the chronograph buttons a good push. Lume is almost non-existent. It's not that easy to read at a glance (lots of reflection and a lot going on on the dial). Click on case back (I hate them) Bonus extra: Well presented box with a tab that when lifted reveals amongst other things a "crystal restoring cloth". Nice touch.
  9. Last one in over the summer....... I've always liked the Citizen Red Arrows and I was quite intrigue when they were available on the plane over to Spain for a mere £180. Wait a minute though, they then announced a further 20% off. So I was pondering that during my holiday when my wife said to me, "You can buy any watch while you're on holiday and you only have to pay half the cost out of your own money". WHAAAATTTT?!??! So that made this little beauty put a mere £72 dent in my watch fund. One of the all time great bargains. It's an Ecodrive with a one hour chronograph and 24hr indicator as well as an inner rotating bezel for calculating the time in various places which are marked on the dial. The way it works is you rotate the crown (at 10 o'clock) until the current hour is lined up with your current time zone and then you can read off the time in any of the other zones at a glance. Twas midday when I took the photo above. It's my first watch with one of these inner rotating contraptions and now I know why the LLD has its screwed down. My OCD is forever noticing that the bezel has moved, due to the crown being very loose and resting against my wrist. A minor quibble though. The bracelet is of reasonable quality and there's a Red Arrows insignia on the case back, although I would have much preferred this to be stamped into the steel but I guess they wanted it to be in colour. It's a bit different from the norm, so all good. One other nice feature is that the tip of the chronograph second hand is in the shape of a plane. It's very comfy to wear and measures around 42mm across the dial. .....and then my wife bought me a watch as an anniversary present last week!!!!! All will be revealed in next week's bonus episode.
  10. £59 £39 £16 (£4 for watch, £12 for new strap) £59 £36 £28 £26 - £47
  11. It's 37mm across the bezel and 43mm including the crown.
  12. Next in for me was one I had to have, despite not having sufficient funds in my watch allocation (wife was not amused)....... the absolute classic RLT 11. I bought this from the sales forum courtesy of the very fine @JoT. Fittingly it's my 11th RLT and John and are both agreed that it's one of the very best of Roy's creations. The dial is absolutely gorgeous. The case back has a cool "diver dude". The bracelet is very good quality with a generous number of micro adjustment positions on the clasp. The links are the fiddly 2 screw system which I hadn't come across before. Fortunately I had a pair of very small screwdrivers and once I got the hang of it, it was fairly easy to remove the required number of links. So there was no delay in getting it on my wrist. It's very comfortable to wear, quite a compact size (sorry, I forgot to measure it) and it's running about -10 seconds per day. Thanks very much John, I absolutely love it.
  13. Next in was my birthday/beach holiday watch - a Casio MDV 106 "Duro". This watch is famous for being fantastic value for money. You used to be able to get one for about £40 but since it has been discontinued the eBay price is generally £75-100. So when a brand new one came up on Amazon for £59, I immediately spent my birthday allowance (well in advance). I am very impressed by the look and feel of this watch. If it didn't have Casio on the dial I would have guessed that it cost a lot more. It's about 42mm wide excluding the unsigned crown. The strap is fine but the buckle isn't signed either. The dial and case back feature a marlin and it's rated to 200m. I wore it constantly for 10 days in hot and humid Spain and it was very comfortable. Highly recommended, if you can get hook one.
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