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  1. Some great watches being worn today. Phoibos quartz for me....
  2. Thanks. I am really enjoying wearing it this week. They come up on ebay regularly for well below the retail price.
  3. I am pleased to report the acquisition of three watches for my birthday a couple of days ago. They all came from ebay and had all been worn once and put back in the box. They are as new so seems like an accurate description. First up is a Camden Watch Company no 29. The design is based on a Victorian pocket watch. The dial has a recessed middle section which really enhances its look. The silver hands are nice but a bit tricky to spot in low light with not a drop of lume to be seen. The strap is signed, as is the buckle and crown. Wears big at 43mm with a very thin bezel. No WR rating on the caseback but stamped with company motto and logo. I've changed the battery in one of my other Camdens and they use a disappointingly cheap as chips tiny Moyota movement. Overall I'm very happy with the look and feel of this watch though. The next two were a job lot. I was going to buy the Phoibos for my beach holiday this summer but that got cancelled of course. So was keeping an eye on them on ebay and a two for not much more than the price of one deal came up. Naturally I grabbed it and they make for an interesting comparison. Seiko Solar v Phoibos Both quartz. Phoibos 300m WR, Seiko 100m. Seiko fixed bezel, Phoibos rotating. Size is identical but Seiko looks bigger due to the smaller bezel. Phoibos significantly heavier with a thicker bracelet and case but Seiko clasp is more secure. Seiko has much better lume, not sure if the Phoibos even has any but the Seiko is noticeably glowing in a dark corner of the room. Seiko is solar powered and has a day feature but has a very boring caseback whereas the Phoibos logo is brilliant and displayed in all its glory on the back of the case. Seiko has a lovely textured dial but the Phobos dial is very shiny. Phoibis has a raised lume pip on the bezel which is bound to get knocked off. Both watches cost about the same so which is better......I can't decide. Isn't that what being a WIS is all about.
  4. Camden Watch Company no 29. Part of my 3 watch birthday haul. I feel an incoming thread coming on....
  5. RLT60 until my birthday on monday
  6. Watches of Switzerland have a lot on sale with at least 20% off on their website.
  7. Momentum Torpedo to brighten up a rather dull day spent working from home
  8. Surely these should be customisable so you can say, " I did it my way".
  9. RLT 20. Recently serviced by @simon2 and running beautifully.
  10. Unfortunately it's not that type of bracelet. Each section has solid bars through the middle which I think would mean prising the retaining bits up with a screwdriver. I am reluctant to do this as I would end up damaging the bracelet which is in good condition. Would it be of use to you? Happy to pop it in the post tomorrow.
  11. That's very interesting. You know your vintage Seikos. I won it on here in a competition. From the serial number I figured it was either made in 1990 or 1980. So 1980 it is. It also came with a bracelet but no arrows to show which way to push so haven't been able to resize. Would you be able to advise if I PM you a couple of photos? Your watches are great btw.
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