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  1. £59 £39 £16 (£4 for watch, £12 for new strap) £59 £36 £28 £26 - £47
  2. It's 37mm across the bezel and 43mm including the crown.
  3. Next in for me was one I had to have, despite not having sufficient funds in my watch allocation (wife was not amused)....... the absolute classic RLT 11. I bought this from the sales forum courtesy of the very fine @JoT. Fittingly it's my 11th RLT and John and are both agreed that it's one of the very best of Roy's creations. The dial is absolutely gorgeous. The case back has a cool "diver dude". The bracelet is very good quality with a generous number of micro adjustment positions on the clasp. The links are the fiddly 2 screw system which I hadn't come across before. Fortunately I had a pair of very small screwdrivers and once I got the hang of it, it was fairly easy to remove the required number of links. So there was no delay in getting it on my wrist. It's very comfortable to wear, quite a compact size (sorry, I forgot to measure it) and it's running about -10 seconds per day. Thanks very much John, I absolutely love it.
  4. Next in was my birthday/beach holiday watch - a Casio MDV 106 "Duro". This watch is famous for being fantastic value for money. You used to be able to get one for about £40 but since it has been discontinued the eBay price is generally £75-100. So when a brand new one came up on Amazon for £59, I immediately spent my birthday allowance (well in advance). I am very impressed by the look and feel of this watch. If it didn't have Casio on the dial I would have guessed that it cost a lot more. It's about 42mm wide excluding the unsigned crown. The strap is fine but the buckle isn't signed either. The dial and case back feature a marlin and it's rated to 200m. I wore it constantly for 10 days in hot and humid Spain and it was very comfortable. Highly recommended, if you can get hook one.
  5. Next in after my Oris Pro Pilot was the gorgeous Smiths Everest PRS-25 by Timefactors. This story behind this one was that a capital gains tax bill that I was due to pay turned out to be a lot less than I had estimated, so my wife said I could get myself any watch (within reason). So I picked the 40mm version of the Smiths Everest. I have been after an Explorer style watch for a while and had an Alpha Explorer on my list but obviously this beauty is of a much higher quality than that. In fact, having got it not long after the Oris I was struck by how comparable they are. The Smiths actually has a better bracelet and keeps slightly better time (-2 secs per day whether on the wrist or shelf). Given that it was a third of the price, it has to be considered exceptional value for money. Lovely thick and weighty bracelet with screw in links and a nice clasp with micro adjustment. Raised sapphire crystal and chunky crown. No display back though. Some folks reckon the correct size for this style of watch is 36mm and indeed Timefactors do make the PRS-25 in that size. However, 40mm seems to be just right for me.
  6. That's what I figured. No discounts for me then.
  7. Does it always have to be a cash deal to get a discount? Can you negotiate a price and then say I'll take the 0% interest deal?
  8. I had to use Polywatch recently and it worked a treat.
  9. As I said in another thread, 6 watches have come to me in the last few months but I've only shown 1 on here. I aim to put that right at the rate of one per week. First up is my Oris Big Crown Pro Pilot Big Date. This is my first 4 figure watch and it's entirely my wife's fault. She came back from a spot of Christmas shopping with a watch catalogue from one of the high street chains. Up until that point I had been blissfully unaware that all the high street stores offer interest free credit over 3-5 years. Suddenly some very nice watches were within my modest budget. So I set off determined to buy either a Hydroconquest or a Tag Heuer. I didn't realise that the Longines bracelet has polished middle links which I didn't especially appreciate. I was perusing the Tags and thinking should I really pay that for quartz when I noticed some Oris' in one of the other shop windows. I have always wanted an Oris and was pleasantly surprised by the prices. End of story. Why this particular one? It's a lovely size at 40mm - probably my sweet spot - and has a stunning dark grey dial which I preferred to the matt black versions because it changes colour depending on how the light hits it. I had to have one with a crystal case back as I love the famous red rotor (that ruled out the 65 Diver but it is on my list for another time) I've always had a soft spot for the big crown variety of Oris. I also really like the pure steeliness of this watch. It's a wonderful big lump of metal. Only slight disappointment is the lack of safety clasp with only one button to press to unlock the bracelet. This seems a bit unsafe but I've had no issues with it. Time keeping is fabulous when fully wound and worn: losing about 2 or 3 secs per day. However, when resting on a shelf for the day while I'm at work (about 12 hours) it will lose up to 10 seconds. Not sure if this is because it is not being kept fully wound or if it is regulated for constantly changing positions and objects to the sedentary life. It's very comfortable to wear and all in all I'm very happy with it. Another Oris is definitely on the cards a few years down the line.
  10. That's absolutely brilliant. Is it an RLT11 dial? Very nice indeed.
  11. I generally buy watches that I like the look of but have been collecting RLTs for a number of years and I also have a soft spot for the Camden Watch Company but their watches are overpriced so I've taken to picking them up from eBay whenever one comes up that I like and don't have. I also decided to buy one very good watch (to me, at least) on 0% credit once every 3 to 4 years and on my list at the moment are Tudor Black Bay; Hamilton; Oris 65 Divers; Tag Heuer F1 (maybe); Longines Hydroconquest. That's just at the moment, mind. That reminds me, I have bought 5 watches this year that I haven't created an "incoming" thread for. I really must get my finger out.
  12. I used to love reading Car mag. LJK Setwright and the funny comments in the mini reviews at the back - Volvo 340 described as a "lemon". Those were the days.
  13. If you are in London and it's 10 o'clock you turn the bezel until London is at 10. You can then see at a glance the time in any of the other cities IF you imagine a 24hr dial.
  14. I bought this watch from eBay a couple of months ago. Unfortunately it had a few scratches on its mineral glass crystal including one right in the centre..... @Roy very kindly offered to replace the crystal for me and it duly arrived just before I went on my hols. Thank you so much Roy . I've been wearing it all this week and it is an absolute belter and is especially suited to the sunshine we've been getting.
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