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  1. A bezel is handy when cooking but I wouldn't advise cooking in the dark so the lume pip is merely decorative for me.
  2. What exactly are they trying to do with those tweezers?
  3. I change my watch on Friday when I get home from work and that gets worn through to Tuesday morning when I run to work and wear whatever I've got locked in my drawer. Same thing happens on Thursday. I swap my work watch once a month on pay day. I also have a light weight g shock that I wear when I'm running or playing tennis.
  4. Both absolute belters but we all know you won't stop buying those Fat Faces ones. They are much too tempting. How do you read tenths of a second on the Bulova chrono? Aaaaaaaaaaah, never mind, I see it now.
  5. That looks really, really good. A winner all the way.
  6. I decide which watch I'm wearing first and then coordinate my clothes accordingly.
  7. Nice one Dave. I spotted that one too. I'll get a FF eventually.
  8. I reckon you would be all over this one....
  9. I am so envious. Well done. Enjoy.
  10. Well I am very happy with mine. Quirky design, domed crystal and nice strap.
  11. I'll guess Sekonda because of the bracelet links.
  12. Often on digital watches you need to hold the set/reset button for a few seconds until one of the digits starts flashing. The other buttons can then be used to set whatever is flashing and to cycle through the various options. Press set when finished. Hope that works for you.
  13. Great looking watch. I must get me some more divers.
  14. 40mm excluding the crown
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