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  1. Love the Captain Cook. Near the top of my wish list. If Rados lose their value very quickly are there good discounts to be had from ADs?
  2. All of my watches get worn eventually but I wear my most expensive watches more often. Seems logical to me to give more wrist time to the watches I've paid the most for.
  3. Alpine Mountaineer in time for my weekend trip to Cumbria...
  4. An auto chronograph. Current fave is the Hamilton panda but Longines or second-hand Tag Heuer are also contenders.
  5. Don't know about the Omegas but the Hamilton PSR might be of interest to you. https://www.hamiltonwatch.com/en-gb/psr
  6. 40mm PRS 25 for the rest of the week
  7. Old Fossil getting an outing. Forgotten how good it looks.
  8. Some great watches being worn today. Phoibos quartz for me....
  9. Seiko solar but no sun to be seen
  10. Thanks. I am really enjoying wearing it this week. They come up on ebay regularly for well below the retail price.
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