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kanab22's Feedback

  1. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    A trusted and reliable buyer, thank you Gordy.

    kanab22 was The Buyer

  2. Pete wilding left Positive feedback   

    Top man is Gordon,real pleasure to deal with,I could feel the pleasure he got when opening the box. A very good experience Top marks to Roy for providing this facility

    kanab22 was The Buyer

  3. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    Great gentleman to deal with a prompt payer and honest, the perfect sale.

    kanab22 was The Buyer

  4. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer fast payment and a pleasure to deal with.

    kanab22 was The Buyer

  5. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    No problem with this buyer instant payment and a pleasure to deal with, thank you Gordy I hope we can do it again.

    kanab22 was The Buyer

  6. Biker left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Bulova 262khz Chrono
    Met up with Kanab, had a right good natter, it was a great transaction, thanks for the prompt payment.

    kanab22 was The Buyer

  7. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    Pleasure dealing with Gordy as he made my sale so easy, fast payment and great to communicate with. Solid member of the forum.

    kanab22 was The Buyer

  8. Badger left Positive feedback for a topic   

    [SOLD] RLT 65
    A pleasant and friendly transaction.

    kanab22 was The Buyer

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