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  1. I have started checking my quartz watches every three months and removing the batteries from any that have stopped. I keep track of the batteries they need on a spreadsheet and also take a note of the date when I put a new battery in.
  2. My Cocktail Time keeps perfect time over the course of a week and dial is stunning. Strap is good too. Can't fault it.
  3. Casio solar powered and about to come with me for a run in the park
  4. Great looking watch Davey. Thank goodness it has a display back so you can clearly see it doesn't need a battery as you are bound to forget and grab for it every time you do a dead battery sweep of your watch boxes
  5. Back to the original topic. That's a beauty Davey. Well done. I bought the other Steeldive that John was selling, a Captain Willard. I'm blown away by the quality for the money. Tried it on the rubber briefly but it's now packed away until Christmas.
  6. Yeah. My wife has a Vostok Zissou
  7. This has fair cheered me up. Thanks Mr Postie.
  8. Momentum Atlas to brighten up a rather dull day working from home
  9. My beloved and somewhat dinged Vostok on it's new genuine Vostok mesh strap
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