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  1. Doxa Sub 200 yellow version on the bracelet. It's one of the original diver brands so has cool heritage. I don't have a yellow dial watch and the matching yellow numerals on the bezel look great.
  2. The last one I got at Christmas was absolutely riddled with errors and almost every article mentioned the "incredible Auro Montanari aka John Goldberger". Really put me off getting any more.
  3. With that kind of money I wouldn't care. I think I would pick a brand every 3 months or so. Go to their nearest AD and then buy everything I liked.
  4. Orange Monster for me. I'd forgotten how much I like this one.
  5. A Speedmaster and if enough left a Black Bay or perhaps an Oris Divers 65 Heritage.
  6. Accurist chronograph. It's almost the weekend and Glasgow is almost out of lockdown
  7. Longines Conquest VHP blue dial is on my wanted list already so I'll go for that.
  8. I'm starting to plan for a Speedmaster moon watch as a retirement present to myself.
  9. Well done. Cocktail Times are fantastic watches.
  10. Now that's a proper moon phase. I don't normally like them but that's superb.
  11. Yes, I forgot to mention the hand set is similar to that found on Grand Seikos too and I really like the counter balance on the second hand.
  12. I was looking at Grand Seikos weekend before last as I had enough saved up for a deposit on a quartz one. They seemed a bit underwhelming but this watch caught my eye and actually made me say, " Wow", out loud because of its stunning dial. It's a Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Negroni. Terrible name but fabulous watch. It was love at first sight and I couldn't get it out of my mind. So of course, when I got home I googled it and found it at 10% off plus a further 10% off first purchases from Watcho. Free delivery within 4 days, arrived after 2. Highly recommend them. The dial sometimes appears red, sometimes purple, sometimes brown. It has an extraordinary swirl pattern engraved on it. It has a lovely box hardlex crystal although there doesn't seem to be any anti reflective coating. The date window is white on black and looks like it is colour matched to the dial until you view it close up. It's about 38mm in diameter with a slimmish case that is highly polished throughout. Crown is signed. The strap features a signed deployant clasp and is a dark brown with a purplish hue. It's my first watch with that style of clasp. Takes a bit of getting used to the keepers being on the wrong side. And then there's the movement. A Seiko 4R35 automatic with hand winding and hacking and about a 40 hour power reserve. I've been wearing it for a week and..... It is still bang on the correct time. That'll be my Grand Seiko itch scratched then.
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