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  1. Yes, they are low quality but they look great IMO. Just be aware what you are buying and don't pay anything like full price. I have 2. One was full price when I didn't know as much about watches as I do now and the £25 one is a chrono which my wife bought me from TK Maxx. It actually has a really nice leather strap.
  2. My daughter wants one of those as she likes Back To The Future. Only number on the back is 4375 but if you google that and look at images you'll see a couple with different colour schemes. They all look pretty cool. Well worth collecting. OK cancel that. They are MTR-200s. I thought that was the WR but it says 50m on the dial. Silly me.
  3. You will love your purchase Davey. It is the ultimate beater and is reasonably sized for a G-Shock too. (Although you like them big so I've heard)
  4. I managed to source this classic Casio Royale for my Father's Day present this year for just £25. My kids were more than happy with that as it saved them the bother of thinking of something. It's an attractive little thing. 100m of WR, 10 year battery life, funky world map with a highlighted section indicating the displayed time zone, decent enough backlight and all the usual other functions. Bracelet is rubbish but enjoyed sizing it up and it is comfortable on wrist. Got me thinking I should do a state of the Casio collection. Turns out I've got another 15 of the beauties so here goes ..... This is a close relative of the Royale with home time always displayed in analogue format no matter what function is being used. Not that I can read that without my glasses. This compact little G-Shock has been to Disneyland Paris. This bad boy has a tide graph and was once owned by @Davey P This is an unusual design. Black face but blue bezel. Retrograde second time zone and one o'clock date window. Bought from an antique store above a tea shop in Bridlington. The lad who sold me it didn't know the price as they were his Dad's watches. Hmmm. I wonder...... Cheap as chips with unusual countdown timer in the top right which can only be set to 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 minutes. Not much use for those 18 min oven chips. A first generation Mudman. One of the nicest looking digital watches IMO. The famous Casio Duro. Hope to pick up the blue dial version at some point too. Another cheapy with a built in tide graph. My least favourite of the bunch. Behold an Edifice. Was going to collect these at one point because there are so many different designs and they are great value but then I noticed that a lot of them have clip on case backs. Noooooo A classic G-Shock with purpley bits and a strange mirrored display which can't be read head on in direct sunlight. Ah the classic F-91W. My daughter has another 5 of these. A black with gold trim, a gold head black strap, a light blue, a pink and a yellow. Another Edifice, this one has a 1/1000th of a second chronograph. Also the minute hand only moves every 20 secs. I quite like that. A cheaper alternative to the above but also solar powered and with the same jumping minute hand every 20 secs. This one will go to sleep if stored in a dark place and we're all really quiet. It's cheap and it's a pleasing shade of blue. Another classic and my beater for running, tennis, gardening and setting other watches due to it's atomic clock synchronising feature. It's also solar powered and was bought right here on the forum. That's all for now.
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