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  1. Camden watches. Overpriced verging on fashion watches but I just like 'em. You can get them on eBay for more realistic prices too.
  2. Henry London for my trip down to England for a short break. Forza azzurri
  3. Way too many posh watches on here today. How about an Infantry with a 57mm lug to lug?
  4. The first picture is rather poor I must admit. Just shows how important lighting is especially with such a reflective dial.
  5. No, I have over 90 watches but I love RLTs and will always try to pick them up when available and funds permit.
  6. So it was my birthday last week and I acquired something rather special. It's a one off RLT that Roy raffled on here a while back and described as a prototype that didn't make it into production. I actually bought it a few months ago using my birthday money so have had an agonizing wait before I could get it on wrist. From the Concise Guide I would say it is a 61 but with a much more premium dial. My calipers have it at 40.7mm wide with a 49mm lug to lug. It wears big given the slim bezel. The finishing on the silver dial is exceptional as can be seen around the seconds subdial. The cathedral style hands are stunning. Not sure what the movement is but it is manual wind, nicely decorated and running at an amazing -7 secs in total after almost 5 days of wear. To say I'm chuffed is a gross understatement. That's 13 RLTs now so here's a quick SOTC. 77 or RLT "spork". Automatic and running around +7 secs per day. 40mm but wears much smaller 69 or "Smiths". Manual wind and a joy to wear. -6 secs per day 67 a cheeky wee quartz with a fully lumed dial. Just 35mm 53 quartz with a california dial. Could really do with a new crown. Might try to fit one myself. Looks like the dial has shifted a little too. It's a great looking watch though, very unusual 75 quartz with a ceramic bezel. New movement thanks to @simon2 20 automatic running at -3 secs per day after it's recent service from @simon2 10 a manual wind 24hr watch with a brushed silver dial that Roy very kindly cleaned for me. It's very shiny and very lovely 60 another big manual wind watch that won't go unnoticed. Gorgeous, with a display back and running nicely at +5 secs per day Another one off watch. Manual wind 35mm. Lovely font on the hour markers 11 automatic with a fantastic colour combination and steel bezel 65 another California dial but only 35mm with a manual wind movement and display back 62 a wee 35mm quartz 24hr watch to round things off
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