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  2. Thanks to everyone who welcomed me to the forum, especially anyone helping me on my quest to discover anything about my watch! My name is Christian, by the way. I inspected the watch and saw that you were right, the dial code is different to the case, it reads 7009 3334 R. However, I've had no greater luck searching for this number than I did with the case number. Hopefully I'll be able to post an image of the watch-face in this forum soon. Apart from the face being white I've not managed to find an image of a seiko with the same design, such as its hour markings. An E-bay search is pret
  3. Hi and thanks for the help! Unfortunately I tried the website you suggested and it didn't seem to have any information on my watch's movement number. The serial no. is 493650, I was hoping to find out the age of the watch, it's value and it's availability. I'd appreciate any more advice you have! Thanks again.
  4. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone might be able to provide me with some infomation about a Seiko 5 Automatic 7009-4040 or perhaps steer me in the right direction for finding out more. Thanks.
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