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  1. Likewise have mailed Roy but no reply - want some hands re-lumed - any suggestion of anyone who could help?
  2. Thanks - have dropped them a message to get a quote.
  3. I have a military style citizen watch with a strong lume on the hour number markers, but the hands don't hold lume over a night, hence I can't read the time during the night. Is there a forum member that coul re-lume the second, minute and hour hands? If so, what is the going rate? Thanks, Paul
  4. There appear to be some dark lines on the image, is there where the joins are or is it just due to the rescaled image? Thanks, Paul Do you mean the two lines running down to the left from the sun in the upper right corner? If so, those are power lines. :) Got the power lines now :) Think the issue is how it resizes when it displays on the forum - am on a netbook too so screen res is limited 1024x600 so perhaps compounds the issue. As they load, full scale, the dark patches disappear. Later, William
  5. There appear to be some dark lines on the image, is there where the joins are or is it just due to the rescaled image? Thanks, Paul
  6. Have you tried avforums.com, I have found it a useful source of info over the past few years. Tends to cover all AV kit although there is and Audio Electronics section which should cover most needs. Regards Paul
  7. Thanks Mel - as well as watches, some great advise on showers! Regards Paul
  8. He was on Radio 5 this morning (09:00 show, not sure of the presenter, but babbled a lot). Ade Edmundson was on too talking about many things including his show The Dales
  9. Now, that seems like a plausable cause - there is a black block that appears to make contact with the pump motor - it may be that, equally there may be something that triggers on/off on from the control **** that slides over the on/off & temp shaft. Perhaps my best plan of attack is shower before my wife....!?!
  10. Mike - thanks for the pointers - the RCD hasnt tripped - this was the first thing I checked - butt naked before diverting to the other ensuite. Any suggestion as to how I would identify the pressure sensor? Assume it wouldnt self reset too? Do you think that water ingress could be an issue....just that had left it for most of the day and it started working....really strange. Paul
  11. I have a TAG link Chrono Ayrton Senna limited edition. I bought it back in 2000 from new and had loads of problems with the regulation of the watch. In the first year it spent a couple of months back with TAG and was never reliable. One day, probably after about 2 years of ownership, the upper chrono stop/start button just "popped" off. It went back to TAG and came back working perfectly. I think they must have replaced the movement as it has been very good in terms of time keeping since (loses about 5 mins over 3 months). I also think they changed the clasp as it was much stronger and not scratched (so could have been polished). Very impressed with what they did on this occasion. Hope this helps
  12. Any thoughts on the problem here - this morning my wife showered, all ok. I went in and no pump power..... Took off the front, looked at the connections, everything looked fine. checked the fuse, all OK. Rang a plumber and left a message as nothing was obvious but assumed the pump had gone. Put it back together tonight (just the cover really) and it works.....????? Any experts that could suggest what the problem may be (or do I just need a new pump or shower..?) Thanks Paul
  13. Crikey - this sounds a bit like 127 hours.....did you get medical help thereafter? Left or Right hand - just imaging how difficult it would be to "fix" it. As jasonm says, you need to give us more info.... :)
  14. As you have all pointed out Super Glue is great for wounds and is often carried by bushcrafters and outdoor types for that very reason. I have never used it myself, but it comes well recommended.
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