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  1. 4 x 2 oz silver Spartan 'coins'.
  2. I have 2 titanium divers, very nice. Oris bracelets are very nice too.
  3. Thanks. I've bought several small, low value items. No problems, other than a very cheap compass which arrived damaged. A claim made with a photo uploaded and got a refund. I will be more careful now, maybe ordering via ebay instead, definitely using paypal instead of Visa.
  4. I thought the money went to Aliexpress, who then paid the seller? You've got me worried now, as I use it quite a bit.
  5. There you have it. I love the colour of titanium, which is why I now have 11 Ti watches.
  6. I don't see why not. I have an old Alba and Pulsar and the bracelets are titanium, although parts of the clasp are stainless. Also a Boccia, which aren't expensive and is all titanium.
  7. Omega, as in the video. Not Omeega, which makes me cringe. I'm Greek, so should know.
  8. Nice, I have both of these. Civi versions though and the Seiko's dead.
  9. That's an S4, mid-engine turbo and supercharged. I had passenger ride in a friend's road version, amazing thing, even with only 250bhp. I'm sure the drivers said, although very quick, they would try and kill you.
  10. Lots of fantastic cars on this thread. Bond especially had some interesting stuff, proper petrolhead. I also had some tuned Capri V6s, regularly raced at Santa Pod and possibly other places Regular low 14 second 1/4 miles, with a best of 13.99 on road tyres. Anyway, surprised no one has mentioned the Lancia integrale. I think the 16v was the best, but needed a few extra horses, mine had about 250bhp and serious front brakes. I should still have it, but **** happens. Sorry, no photos, still not sorted hosting out.
  11. Yes, they were hard to get in the UK. I got a new one on ebay from either Europe or Asia. I think it's one I'll never sell.
  12. I also have both and thought the 007 was too big when I got it, but the 0040 wore OK. My 0040 is the full lume dial, lovely. It's worth getting the Citizen bracelet, which although folded link, is well made and has a clasp that adjusts with a click. Silly me can't remember what the correct term is.
  13. Easy, the one on the right. Also, I'd rather have a nice looking, well made folded link bracelet, than an ugly solid one.
  14. Yep, I hate the term Sub no-date. Idiotic.
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