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  1. Nice pics Rog' glad you had a good day out. Based on Bedford HA van , I had 2 of them when I was in my 20's great little trucks especially in the snow, narrow tyres, short base, load it up and away to go we actually had a JCB clearing snow get out of they way and let us by when working up at Chick Castle. Wish I had kept one of them stored away somewhere, sold the last one to my uncle for 50 quid to help him out, and I'm bloody sure I never actually got the cash from him
  2. Had this on a couple of day this week, just back from a birthday meal with family.
  3. @Roger the Dodger Check the clip on Youtube, titled Pigeon prank call. PMSL when I first saw it a few years back, anyone else who is put off by a little bad language please watch with the sound down!
  4. knocking about today so a knock about watch
  5. Foxdog

    Afternoon Scrabble

    Tits (knew we'd get there eventually)
  6. Foxdog

    Afternoon Scrabble

    Jute (as in hessian)
  7. ?? hmmm I love the look of chrono's and have a few but to be honest I never use them for that which they were designed. Does anyone regularly use the chrono' functions on their watch other than just fiddling about and watching them for no particular reason other than because it there! just asking?
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