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  1. This, its a lovely watch and I just don't wear it (In fact I have never worn it since trying it on and taking a few pics the day it arrived!!) Also my Ocean 44 which I have worn less than 10 times in about 5 years Its time to start wearing these I think and move on the ones that I usually just 'grab and go', especially after the last 12 months were I just seem to pick up the same 2 or 3 beaters to knock about the shed/garden and fishing in.
  2. Plenty of them have enough problems with metric, even though its all based on 10's & 100's, I last used a 'chain' as a task for my HNC in Building Studies, back in the early 2000's (which was stupid as for years prior to that all construction was/is measured in mm or metres for larger jobs!)
  3. relaying slabs in a bit so it'll be this warhorse.
  4. It would be madness if he did!!
  5. See a couple of Jack Higgins, Sean Dillon series there Mr B, I've read the whole lot. Quite strange really because I had to empty the bookcase at the bottom of the stairs today (decorating!!) and have bagged the lot up ready to go. Recently I have been reading the Alex Cross series (James Patterson) on number 10 now 'London Bridges'. Wasn't sure I'd carry on with the set after books 2&3, the writer must be a bit warped imo
  6. Great watches I've had this approx 18 years or so and it is always correct.
  7. I rarely look at the sales section now due to seeing the same ads over and over again Its boring. Why can't the sellers just pull their items if not sold as mentioned above. Another idea may be that when an item has reached a lets say 14/21 day expiry date then it is automatically removed, just a thought.
  8. Can't believe I've not worn this for well over 2 years, new battery, reset it and away we go, love this watch
  9. Managed to put this back on again today for the first time in 2 weeks, due to the puncture wound, swell and bruising caused by stabbing myself in the middle of the inside wrist with a swiss army knife (don't ask! ) anyway luckily somehow missed veins and tendons etc and the watch escaped scratch free but needed a good wash to get the red stuff off
  10. Oh sorry I missed 1st half of oz game too
  11. Well its up and running, with results going the way I expected Japan and the aussies both winning though admittedly after stuttering starts. The French ahead at half time and the big game of the day to come in a while, NZ v SA that should be a special game to watch for the neutrals I can see it being a bruising affair! but think SA will have to be at their very best to come away winners even though they are 2nd favourites with the bookies.
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