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  1. HI I have a Seiko quartz and the stem has come out , Can this be repaired without too much Hassle by anyone on the forum please ??????? H
  2. To be honest I have no favourites I have delt with many on this forum and have never had a problem with anyone and long may it continue H
  3. Well thank you Davey P for your kind mention and yes I have a lot of respect for you as well and may it continue Ogi Ogi Ogi
  4. just to let you guys know that I am still with the forum I thaught it was time that I contibuted to the sunday thread
  5. Hi would you be able to service my Seiko Monster for me after xmas it stops in the night so I guess that it needs a service or similar thank you ? Taffyman
  6. Hi looking for help, this season Spanish foot ball is being shown by a firm Sports Eleven and not Sky has anyone signed up to this service and does it work Can anyone out there give me any tips on this subject many thanks Taffyman
  7. Forgot about this new arrival
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