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  1. More likes the Big M?? Surely not?? lol x
  2. Haha that's awful, But definitely different! I'm a fan of D&G but this one is horrible!!
  3. With the right commitment its going to be an amaze opportunity, I for one am totes commited, all the roles will be designated and agreed in advance, moderators, IT, finance, PR etc
  4. If it went to a private section no-one apart from those already interested would know that other people where needed
  5. I agree, just a rough idea would help!!
  6. Does that mean we can have a Bling page ??? :lol: :lol: Deffo!! and a fashion section too hehehe
  7. I'm in property sales and rentals, been doing it for 15 years!!
  8. The easiest way is to cut out potatoes and white bread, replace the bread with wholemeal and the potatoes with pasta etc, that along with more fruit and dreen veg, especially brocoli, will have you both looking fab in a few weeks time!!
  9. I think the current layout is sweet, no-one needs to enter the buy/sell section if they dont want to, it needs to be visible or there wouldnt be much point having it, plus forum rules are quite clear, you cant just post items for sale, you have to participate in the rest of the forum too. Its also good to be able to see what other members have for sale even if you arent looking to buy :)
  10. Go with what you feel good with, whatever you finally decide on, enjoy it!! It's all down to personal choice :)
  11. ian1


    Welcome to the forum!! :)
  12. As you may know I've decided to sell some watches, following watches on E-Bay I have a good idea what the standard 9ct ones are worth, but I don't have a clue where to start with the more unique one!! If I describe it can you help me out? It's a JW Benson 18ct in its original box, with a JWB compliments slip, it comes with a snakeskin/leather affect nightstand (to make it into a bedside clock) it's in working order, has 2 keys and the outer and iner flaps are both hallmarked, it weighs 60 grams. Thanks!!
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