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  1. Glad it got there mate. Get a nice rubber on it and it's a belter.
  2. I knew it looked a bit tasty any chance of a few more shots (not of the dashboard )
  3. Nice watch, but what are you driving?
  4. And this new one for the rest of the day
  5. This is my new work combo.....trying it out today....
  6. I think that the older watches look shabby on the older bracelets. That strap perks it up a bit and doesn't draw your eye to any stretch or wear that may be on a bracelet and defer from the watch itself. Looks belter.
  7. This today...I have had ,and flipped , a number of these but always seem to come back to them.
  8. I have had a word with Roy an he said you don't have to pay your membership fees this year. Congrats
  9. It was this watch, should have been a mud master!
  10. It's not, but funnily enough the local turkish AD had hundreds of the current AP models in for less than £100!!!
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