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  1. I just love that watch but it’s a bit pricey
  2. I need some help. Please can anybody recommend wher to get my Accutron repaired. It makes a humming noise but the hands do not move
  3. Hi Lee

    your messages may be full

  4. Nice looking watch Roy Please add me to the draw Thanks Alan
  5. Great watch Roy please put my name down for one Cheers Alan Nice watch Roy please put my name down for one Cheers Alan
  6. Hi Roy Could you reserve a 40mm for me please Cheers Alan
  7. Hi Andy Just noticed that you have joined the forum. Welcome and thank you once again for the watch Cheers Alan
  8. That is a fine looking watch Paul congrats Alan
  9. : Great watches . Good idea, design your own watch. I like the 2nd one the most
  10. that is a great looking watch
  11. Hi PG I thought I was good at revamping watches, but surely you must be the king
  12. Just point me to the site where I can find and I will buy it Cheers
  13. Good one Jason You are very sharp
  14. I don,t make many contributions to the forums but support Roys unique watches as much as I can. I enjoy immensely the contributions and knowledge and subsequent debate that in particular Neil and the other forum members evoke. Most of all I enjoy the new watch finds that Foggy and Neil make at the boot sales as I would never be able to get up earlier enough to do that.
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