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  1. What @scottswatches said. VAT is 25% in Denmark. See here also; https://www.royalmail.com/sending/international/country-guides/denmark and here; https://www.postoffice.co.uk/mail/customs-forms You'll need to complete a CN23 customs declaration for whichever courier you use. I've no experience sending anything to that value, but I would just use parcel2go.com specifying what you're sending, value, etc. making sure they cover high value watches.
  2. I was wrong @BondandBigM. Someone has thought of it already. Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc. has registered the domain name 'rolexcoin.com' as long ago as 2013, either for their own use or to stop anyone else from using it - there is no active website. Says alot about the perceived relative importance of the brand name versus the actual products. Perhaps the wider folklore impression amongst the general public of 'a Rolex' as THE 'gold watch' based on historic image - it's only in recent years that SS versions have taken the sales lead. Gold itself is 'flashy', yellow go
  3. I'm surprised there isn't a Rolexcoin already; the perfect amalgam. Then Rolex could just dispense with the inconvenience of making enough watches to meet demand and simply stop production altogether and then sit back and watch (no pun intended) both the value of used Rolexes and of Rolexcoin shoot for the stars in a never-ending upward trajectory. It's the future I tell you! And if Rolex is reading this, I'll accept 0.1% of Rolexcoin profits as a royalty for using my idea. You can't say fairer than that!
  4. I'm mentally incontinent and have to carry a bag around containing a piece of paper with the day of the week on it but even I hate the separate day window at 12 o'clock Quite a few Tudors so very nearly fit the bill for me (but each just misses nonetheless for one reason or another eg as @AVO observed about the BB58 hands). However, as I see it, the Royal is a ball bowled so wide of the crease that the fielder at square-leg could intercept the wayward delivery without moving... But we all like different things and what I think really, really doesn't matter...
  5. This Ball Roadmaster Pilot GMT-02 might fit the bill. 1,000 limited edition, £2,481, in various colour combos. Or this Ball Engineer III Hurricane Hunter 40mm GMT currently on pre-order for £1,800 (ceramic bezel version) - about £600 off available in various colour and spec combos.
  6. The Longines Avigation is a very, very nice looking watch, but, personally if I was in the market for something like that at £3k , I'd save myself £500 and go for the Spirit Chrono L3.820.4.93.0 - COSC certified (which the Avigation isn't) and 10 Bar (rather than 3) WR in stainless steel......... .......Then I'd take my £500 and buy a super-titanium Citizen BL5558-58L and still have £100 left over.
  7. Very, very nice (watch and wife) . Congratulations! And many happy returns.
  8. Cuppa with a biscuit as the rain lashes down. Good for the garden at least.
  9. RTM Boy


  10. He 'said' it was 4 or 5 years old (so probably older, probably quite a bit older), don't think it's ever had the back off since he didn't know it needed servicing regularly. Makes you wonder how many people just don't bother. If it was just a service I wouldn't have expected the change in accuracy though, so still a bit puzzled.
  11. I asked that - should have said - in a cupboard under the stairs apparently, although he did say he'd had to move things about last year and was rather evasive
  12. A friend of mind has had a strange experience with the timekeeping of a Glycine. I've established it's got an ETA 2893-2 calibre and sat in a box, not running, for 9 months. Prior to this it ran about +5 seconds pd fast, apparently. On wearing the watch again he found it running about -27 seconds a day slow at first (he was a bit miffed, said he hadn't dropped it or played golf with it or anything like that and I said I'd have a look at it and told it to keep wearing it in the meantime). After 3 or 4 days it 'improved' to about -17 seconds pd (depending on how he left it sitting overni
  13. Ah, not quite so impressive. Not keen on the hour pips tbh, but it's academic for me anyway. I'm sure there will be more than enough people who will want it and can afford it.
  14. That's interesting - impressively slim for a chrono.
  15. Someone who values function over hype? Was that as a result of a prick from the Tudor rose? How thick is it? Is it over 15mm do you know?
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