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  1. Interesting point. Perhaps these watches aren't about horology at all anymore. Perhaps they really are just about showing off; I have something you can't have. Where's the enjoyment in that? Watches are there to be worn, surely? As far as I can see, if I were fortunate enough to become a billionaire (I don't know what effect that would have on my mindset, but let's go with it), I'm not the kind of person who would feel the need to smugly stash away a watch that only I (and a handful of others) could afford. In other words, as @AVO asked, could I strap it to my wrist? In the case o
  2. TBH I'm a bit demotivated ATM and it seems to have got worse as this week has gone on. Work is dead and I've pretty much (although not entirely) run out of things to fix, repair, do-up, etc., which maybe makes me watch more videos and podcasts and I think the more you watch/listen the less interesting they can become if the style and content is similar each time. I think you're right about the price; perhaps that in itself makes it irrelevant subconsciously. But going on and on and on about how every micro-millimeter of the Lange was carved and polished by hand by saintly pixies over man
  3. I've just watched Watchfinder's latest video on the Lange 1815 Tourbillon Handwerkkunst. I'm a fan of their videos...or at least I have been. This video is full of detail, great photography and narration, gushing appreciation and acclaim for the watch, of which only 30 have been made (so actually a limited edition). Actually too gushing. And this is the thing; the longer I listened, the less interested I became - the more overflowing the torrent of praise, the less I cared - until by the end, I felt I wouldn't want one if it were simply given to me. It was almost as if in
  4. According to Scottish Watches, those on a waiting list for discontinued models may or may not get their watches. Specifically they mentioned a WoS AD saying that anyone on a waiting list for a Hulk has been moved to a waiting list for the new Cermit (Ceramic Kermit). One Rolex boutique has promised the waiting list they have will be fulfilled. So, it appears to be a bit of a lottery, presumably depending on how many discontinued models have been made, yet to be delivered, and the AD relationship with Rolex?
  5. You don't need to set the transmitter - it picks one automatically - it's the time zone that you may need to change.
  6. Yeah, they sync with the strongest signal. Citizen A-Ts let you choose the time zone you want (the manual tells you how to do it) which is handy for holidays, etc. UK-spec ones are pre-set to the UK time. They can always be set to another time zone if you wish. They're excellent.
  7. As Swiss Toni once said, putting your name down on a Rolex waiting list is very much like making love to a beautiful woman; you go somewhere nice and beg and plead for one, buy all sorts of gifts with you wages for the month, and let them walk all over you, just to get the chance to get your pen out, sign up for it and hope you'll finally get to pull it off. Some nice Doxa Sub 200s there.
  8. It'll go to the people still on the waiting list , unless it runs out, in which case they've been on the waiting list for something that they quite literally cannot buy . As for the new releases, it's just more stuff I will never buy. Interesting in a new watch release kind-of-way, but whatever. Couldn't afford any of it anyway, even if it was actually for sale in a shop. You know, like when you go into a shop to buy something and you are treated courteously with good customer service as you would expect to be treated and to treat others, where the staff are actually half interested in se
  9. The Imp was actually a good design ruined by building a new factory in Scotland hundreds of miles from the rest of Rootes' factories, where no-one had any experience of making cars...or any concept of quality control...nor continuous improvement... So, what you're saying is you broke your watch and didn't notice for two hours Call yourself a watch enthusiast?! There was a make of toy cars called Husky too, made by Mettoy. Perhaps that's the best way to avoid being too OCD
  10. A collector carefully chooses what to buy that matches their criteria for adding to the collection. A hoarder cannot bring themselves to part with anything at all, not even a Timex Well, since the French navy likes to stay in port, they wouldn't need even 30 ATM water resistance. Someone was probably lying in their bunk idly rubbing their watch for quite some time
  11. They lack subtlety completely - yes, I know, it's a Brightbling, but even so they have somehow managed to make them look as cheap as a Pulsar, but a similar Pulsar is actually more tasteful and you can buy 32 of these for the same price*; * on sale at HS Johnson atm.
  12. Doxa Sub 200 - RRP £950 https://doxawatches.com/collections/sub-200 Certina DS PH 200M - RRP £785 https://www.certina.com/gb/watch/ds-ph200m/c0364071804000 MIDO Ocean Star Tribute - RRP £810 https://www.midowatches.com/uk/swiss-watches-collections/sport-watch-ocean-star/ocean-star-tribute-m0268301105100
  13. I'm sorry you're having difficulty understanding my point, and clearly you're not familiar with the details of the Tulip mania and the perceived rarity factors that helped create the first well documented asset bubble and crash, so let me clarify my point. £140,000 + buyer's premium is a "really offensive" amount of money to spend on a stainless steel watch that was in the 1970s merely MOD standard issue equipment. This is an example of speculative asset bubble for something with virtually no intrinsic value (qv a tulip bulb). Price rises are based entirely on sentiment. Reading on socia
  14. Welcome! Apart form the excellent Seikos and Orients already mentioned, in no particular order of preference, some not entirely random ideas; Tissot Heritage Visodate Automatic https://www.tissotwatches.com/en-gb/shop/tissot-heritage-visodate-automatic-1.html Certina DS-1 Big Date Automatic https://www.certina.com/gb/watch/ds-1-big-date/c0294261104100 Bulova surfboard quartz https://uk.bulova.com/98a252.html Wenger Urban Metropolitan Automatic https://www.wenger.ch/global/en/Products/Watches/Mens-Watches/Urban-Metropolitan-Automatic/p/01.1746.101
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