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  1. @ZenArcade Longines' UK website states that the calibre is an L895.5 (I can't find that on the watchbase list?) and says it's "a self-winding chronograph movement developed exclusively for the brand". What that actually means of course... I do like the look of it, I must say.
  2. Actually, thinking about it, given the sums of money these Seamasters are going for, it must be tempting for counterfeiters to make very good copies of them (there are plenty of detailed photos on t'internet) and deliberately distress the fakes to make them appear genuine (as is common in the antiques trade). Certainly a CoO from Omega might be an issue, but then again that could be faked too, or simply sell without one and take a chance... Like you said, the buyer must be hoping Omega will confirm its authenticity. The auction house will have worded the description very carefully to ensure no come back. Clearly you'd need to be very knowledgeable, very brave and have very deep pockets. Luckily I'm limited on the first and have none of the last two
  3. Had me on the edge of my seat reading that @scottswatches, but saying that what you picked up needed work to make presentable, it struck me that the Omega was in a pretty rough state to pay £31k for. Yeah, I get the military side of it, it being virtually untouched, etc., but still I guess the rarity is the key thing - so few were issued. Then I came across this auction listing of a sale in New York just over a year ago with a similar watch (although with two Omega CoO); https://www.phillips.com/detail/OMEGA/NY080118/20 It sold for $68,750 + fees + taxes, which would have been around £70,000 all-in equivalent . Starts to make the one you missed out on look cheap! Is the Ministry of Defence entitled to any of this money, I wonder? And then I found another one; In a Geneva sale sold for CHF87,500 + fees + taxes (£68,000 + fees + taxes) https://www.phillips.com/detail/omega/CH080117/103 I'll get my coat...
  4. Just throwing these out there - some that have taken my interest; https://www.meccanicheveneziane.it/ New Arsenale out soon... https://pinionwatches.com/ I like the Pure model. https://www.marloewatchcompany.com/ The Haskell Sand looks nice to me
  5. My mother used to go around quoting Hylda Baker, most appropriately for TWF; "It's quarter past ... I must get a little hand put on this watch." The list is of quality and conservatism, although the BB should be a BB58. For me the El Primero is the only one I'd save up for...
  6. I've had a few Orises (is that the plural of Oris? ) over the years and each has been a beaut. Never any issues with any of them, except one thing; they all seem to be especially susceptible to magnetic fields. Easy to test for and demag of course... Just one now; It's within a second or two a day. I've only ever had one Rado - a Centrix - that I moved on quite a few years ago. The only watch I genuinely wish I still had. The Captain Cook is a lovely watch - the green one stands out more for some reason, but Rado is quite shiny-shiny these days and I suppose will remain so as long as bling is fashionable, but you do see every speck of dirt on them. I think you can't go wrong with either Oris or Rado.
  7. My daily wearer these days...when my beater is not necessary
  8. In the end any watch, like anything else, is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. Pushing up SRPs is undoubtedly cashing in and the restrictive practices by some manufacturers is leaving a sour taste for many, but the only way to dissuade them from behaving like this is simply not to buy from retailers and/or manufacturers who treat their customers as cash cows. Like it or not, for many people (obviously I'm taking about TWF members) wearing a Rolex, or increasingly a Tudor, is a fashion statement. What it says about the wearer is more important to them than the qualities people like us look for in watches, as an expression of what marketeers call 'desirability'. This enables Tudor, Rolex, Omega and others, to push up SRPs because there is an imbalance between supply and demand. This imbalance can be and is manipulated by retailers and manufacturers to suit their own ends. Alot of what I like the look of is increasingly out of reach financially and becoming so ever more rapidly. I do not have a well-paid job or access to cheap credit, so that's that. I've not made any purchase this year and don't see that changing in the foreseeable future, so it's easy for me to vote with my closed wallet. PP used to advertise it's watches stressing the longevity of 'ownership' insofar as the owner was really just keeping the watch to hand on to the next generation. That implied a long-term relationship between PP and its customers. Rolex would do well to remember that what is 'in' today, could become very passe and it's the relationship between the retailer and manufacturer and the customer that ultimately keeps people in the fold. Break that bond and the consequences will bite you on the **** in the end. This is true of many things in life eg politics, as demonstrated last week.
  9. Sternglas advertises quite a bit on social media, but other than that...I know nothing... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/entertainment-arts-38174747/andrew-sachs-fawlty-towers-i-know-nothing-scene
  10. Watchshop and The Watch Hut are both part of Watches of Switzerland Group plc that also includes Mappin & Webb and Goldsmiths. Watchshop is the largest online watch retailer in the UK.
  11. Obviously I hadn't . Crank is a word that seems to have fallen out of use a bit - I think we should use it more +1 and maybe someone else will find some of the replies useful...
  12. Most young adults And their friends that I know don’t wear a watch at all. One or two have an Apple Watch, but aren’t that enthused by them. One or two have nice watches that were gifted to them on their 21st, but only wear them on special occasions, more as jewellery than anything else. To what extent my small sample is representative and whether or how this will impact on the watch market in the future I won’t forecast, but it will change because these things have in the past and will again.
  13. RTM Boy

    Please help

    @tracey001 what @richy176 said. You will not go to jail, but you must get specific advice ASAP. Contact the Money Advice Service (free, impartial advice) on 0800 138 1677, or debt charity Stepchange 0800 138 1111. They will be able to help you. Whatever you do, do not pay anyone to 'solve' your debt problems or get into more debt trying to keep up your IVA payments. I hope you find a new job soon. Good luck.
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