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  1. I thought that was an Ankle Tag special edition?
  2. Jody posted a video on his JOMW channel (see below if you haven't seen it) criticizing Seiko's QC as being unacceptable. He suggested it's seemed to have got worse over the last couple of years, whilst prices are been climbing and that it's unacceptable and that the watch community is giving Seiko too easy a time over it. I'm had my fair share of Seikos over a long period of time and found them to be OK (I never bonded with any of them - sorry folks), although time keeping and beat errors could be a bit out to say the least (depending on the movement, of course), but then again I never spent much on one, so that wasn't really an issue for me. All that was few years back now, so I've no experience of recent models. So... Has Seiko QC got worse, or not, and at what price point is a misaligned bezel or hands or date window, or dial 'acceptable' to you? Are we too forgiving of Seiko in a way we would not be with other brands, especially now its RRPs are getting rather high? It's not limited to any one brand of course, I've heard anecdotal stories of issues with TAGs, Tudors, Junghans, etc., (but whether they are really any better or worse than other I couldn't say). Any personal examples? And, most importantly IMHO, are there brands that you think have rock solid QC and reliability? Thoughts?
  3. That looks great! If only they made it in a large size The tritium gas tubes make perfect senses at night, but an alarm clock you can't see seems a bit...now what's the word...ah, yes, nongermane. Yes, nongermane, I can't link of a simpler way to put it Must be quite uncomfortable having your ball on a winder most days though
  4. We're seeing a whole new side to you Roy I never sleep with my watch on - nightime is what bedside alarm clocks are for... Yes, yes, I know, I need to get with the kids, or whatever you're supposed to say these days, and use my phone. Not for me. Bedside clock every time. Having said that, those new-fangled 'dumbwatches' (at least I think that's what they're called) that tell you if you're about to have a pulmonary embolism and how much oxygen you have left, kind of need to be worn at night to work properly. Can't see the point myself; your Garbage...Garminge...or, whatever, waking you up to tell you you've just died in your sleep doesn't seem like a useful complication to me.
  5. I can't get past the Flash Gordon reference... I know Ming the Merciless went on to lead the LibDems, but somehow that makes it even worse. And then you have RTE's infamous Dustin the Turkey with his hit album 'Bling When You're Minging' No, sorry, my wrist will forever remain Ming-free Very nice indeed. Can't say I know much about Laventure, other than the production numbers are very, very small and the designs are very good.
  6. Formex... https://gbp.formexwatch.com/ The Reef is their diver, but they do other rather nice models...
  7. It's not one of the 'hot' Rolex model and design-wise it's a bit meh IMHO...and...er...that's all I've got, sorry. As ever, for me it has to be about what you like. As for selling on, I've no idea. That spiel at the end of investment company literature is always worth recalling; the value of investments can go up or down and you may not get back the amount you originally 'invested'.
  8. To paraphrase Clarkson; it's as disappointing as buying a Rolls-Royce Ghost because you can't afford a Rolls-Royce Phantom. All well outside my price range so a moot point, or as Joey in Friends put it; "...a moo point; a cow's opinion..." Back to chewing the cud for me! AKA a 'Leonard & Penny' relationship
  9. You can buy a pair of handmade Barker Valiant brogues with 7mm Goodyear welted leather soles for that kind of money (at list) and if you have to order them they're 6-8 weeks made-to-order from scratch. Even the most expensive Toshi straps are £120/£130. I think you're being kind about the mark-up and the 'you can just wait until we feel like supplying you with the strap' attitude. I'd wager that LVMH prioritises other markets ie China, the Emirates and the US. Hope you get the strap sooner than 'promised'! That IS nice Is that a smartphone photo? If it is, they're getting so good, hardly anyone is going to need a dedicated camera anymore!
  10. You may not be able to see it, but I'm sure he has it on...somewhere... My guess is he saw the Accurist ad and thought, "Yes, Accurist, IWC, same thing, that's me!"
  11. What's interesting are the rumours about who was behind the spurious counterfeit claim termination of JOMW (spurious hence Jody's very rapid reinstatement). What colossal watch brand was behind that shenanigans, I hear you ask??? I couldn't possibly comment... When he posted a YT vid in which he described the very boring and utterly pointless TPG debacle as "genius" marketing, he didn't need to add that he wasn't an expert. I saw there was something of a backlash in the comments for saying what he did (no, I didn't comment ). That vid has since been removed, probably because he forgot to promote his NATO straps, watch rolls and Nicaraguan coffee and chant the YT strapline for all time; "press subscribe and hit the bell icon"...
  12. Best thing TAG Heuer could do is to drop the 'TAG' (it's been controlled by LVMH for over 20 years after all) and focus on designing-in QC where it matters. It might upset some estate agents, but that can only be a good thing, surely? Never been a fan of ambassadors, but it could be worse, at least they're not IWC... (see below) Now that's what a call a stonkingly good idea! It's the stylishness of IWC's brand ambassadors* that really make we want to rush out and buy an IWC so that I too can associate myself with a look this good... *Apparently the idea behind a brand ambassador is to make products more desirable by association. Not entirely sure that IWC has read the memo on that.
  13. Some sort of coffee machine? Only not quite as expensive...
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