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  1. Talking of people called Herbert, read on. As reported last week in several national newspapers, Romanian businesswoman Anda Gabur stood trial for walking off with another passenger's Longines left in a security tray at Luton Airport, before flying back to Romania on holiday last August. Airport CCTV was used to establish who had taken the watch and on her return she was met by Police. She claimed it had been left in a tray and that she had meant to hand it in but had forgotten to do so. The jury at Luton Crown Court found her not guilty of theft. Circuit Judge Rebecca Herbert told her: “Mrs Gabur you leave this court without a stain on your character.” Naturally, I pass no comment on this, other than to say how gratifying it is to see the legal system in action. Her Honour Judge Herbert was appointed this April on the advice of Tory justice secretary David Gauke, who is currently facing a vote of no confidence by his constituency association. You might be able to guess why - it is of course nothing to do with appointing judges or anything to do with this; https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/justice-secretary-david-gauke-treated-employment-tribunal-with-contempt-vmhrs9b7h But I digress. Twenty five years ago New Scientist magazine coined the phrase 'nominative determinism' to describe the phenomenon of people seemingly more likely to do jobs/activities related to the meaning of their name eg Ms Baker bakes cakes for a living (in this example, someone I actually know). So, are you more likes to take 'long' size jeans if your name in Longines? The best advice I can think of is; when going through airport security keep a close eye on your Longines.
  2. I can think of two who would be Personally, I rather like a Casio
  3. Perhaps there's something wrong with me, but I'm more interested in the motors in the background; no experts in American stuff, but do I spy a Mk3 Cortina (yellow), perhaps a Nissan 300Z (white)?, and a Beetle (blue)? Where've you been Deano? Actually, there's no 'perhaps' about it, I know I'm ill
  4. I prefer the brown (tan) one - more versatile too, I think.
  5. A dangerous thing looking at Watchgecko . They entice you with their wares, you become hypnotised by the images and a dark, unseen force makes you click on 'Add to Basket'. The next thing you know you're bankrupt and living in a skip on a bed of hundreds of plastic Watchgecko strap sleeves.
  6. The watch is actually 19mm, but I've put an 18mm strap on it (also makes it a little easier to change). It comes in 20mm and 22mm too.
  7. What I find is good for getting greasy prints and gunk off watches is Listerine (the Original type only mind, the other types leave a residue). I dip a cotton bud in it to ensure I use only the minimum amount I need to (never pour it directly on to anything, you absolutely don't want to dunk your watch in the stuff ) and set to work in those hard-to-reach corners. The active ingredients break down greasy, sticky stuff. Wipe it down with a soft tissue/cloth before it dries, Bob's your uncle. . Since it's a disinfectant too, it'll deal with bacteria and viruses.
  8. It's just a generic 'Italian black / orange rally watch strap' I bought from the big river. Easy enough to find
  9. Following another thread...this...
  10. Ah, to go back... Or just for the rock music, very 1971...
  11. I think it's a fabulous watch. Mine keeps perfect time - I mean +/- less than one second - amazingly even over several days. No idea why I got so lucky with this one. It's comfortable and has a great early 1970s vibe and does not look like anything else that's 'new'. I like the grey dial (they do an all-black dial too) and it's very legible in all conditions (a key requirement for being a keeper IMHO). I put mine on an Italian black and orange racing strap that sets off the orange markers and second hand very nicely. Works best with a plain (non patterned) shirt or top. It's more Le Mans than Juan Les Pins, so the lack of a screw down is fine by me, and it's an auto with a solid caseback.
  12. ACME were always inventive, if only they made watches That's All Folks!!!
  13. I don't know of any manufacturer that services quartz movements (yes, that's a challenge to prove me wrong) - they're not designed to be dismantled and it'll be cheaper to just put a new one in. It was probably just dry the first time and wouldn't be surprised if wherever it was sent didn't even bother to take the back off to have a look before saying it needed a new movement.
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