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  1. Obviously I hadn't . Crank is a word that seems to have fallen out of use a bit - I think we should use it more +1 and maybe someone else will find some of the replies useful...
  2. Most young adults And their friends that I know don’t wear a watch at all. One or two have an Apple Watch, but aren’t that enthused by them. One or two have nice watches that were gifted to them on their 21st, but only wear them on special occasions, more as jewellery than anything else. To what extent my small sample is representative and whether or how this will impact on the watch market in the future I won’t forecast, but it will change because these things have in the past and will again.
  3. RTM Boy

    Please help

    @tracey001 what @richy176 said. You will not go to jail, but you must get specific advice ASAP. Contact the Money Advice Service (free, impartial advice) on 0800 138 1677, or debt charity Stepchange 0800 138 1111. They will be able to help you. Whatever you do, do not pay anyone to 'solve' your debt problems or get into more debt trying to keep up your IVA payments. I hope you find a new job soon. Good luck.
  4. I presume you mean your brother received a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) for breaching the terms of contract for parking on private land? Private parking enforcement firms can apply to the DVLA for the registered keeper's details of a vehicle parked in breach of contract terms on private land - those terms being displayed on notices on that land. If someone gets a PCN, never ignore it. It's important to respond and appeal if you think you have strong grounds so to do - if necessary get advice from the CAB. What @richy176 said is correct. The last thing your brother needs is CCJ against his name. And yes, in the end bailiffs will come and take goods to the value of the judgement. If you try to stop them the police will turn up. There is 'The Parking (Code of Practice) Act 2019' which formalises an appeal process for PCNs issued in England, Scotland and Wales, which was due to come into effect last summer if I recall correctly, but it's a process and you must follow it. I would recommend you get advice if you can.
  5. Softlex is a laxative...isn't it? +1 on that. In fact most bracelets or straps on anything below about £2k leave something to be desired. At least you can always buy something better if you want. I'm not surprised. Steinhart quality surpasses its price point. But I'm a little surprised by the harshness of responses to @Mrs Wiggles OP. Surely everything is an opinion? Facts are neither pure nor simple. They are complex and need alot of context for relevance insofar as virtually every 'fact' can be challenged in the detail. Opinions on the other had are like @r$eh0le$; everyone has one. One's belief in something as a 'fact' when it is really just one's opinion pervades today's society, in business, politics, and social media, but just because you believe something to be true, or untrue, does not make it so. As such we should all be free to express our opinions on TWF, within reasonable boundaries, so that reasonable people may disagree. Honestly, I have owned a few Seikos over the years, clocks as well as watches, although nothing very high end, and did not get on with any Seiko watch I've owned. There was always something about it I didn't like and in the end flipped it because I wasn't going to wear it. I have found some to be less accurate and less well made than I would have expected for the price point, but it wasn't as if it was a GS or anything (I'm not going to go into details). Price points themselves are subjective, as is VFM. I know very well off people who consider spending >£100 on a watch to be a waste of money. I also know people who think Hublots are the best and can afford alot better. There are plenty of brands that we may feel a certain way about for one reason or another and we all like and dislike (or not care about) whatever the watch is for all sorts of reasons. There's no right or wrong. You pays your money and takes your choice.
  6. Really, really nice JLC Davey Are you sure the old sub was just £43k and they didn't miss a '0' off the end? Prices are rising faster than at a bread stall in a Caracas market. It's crazy
  7. That's still £1,760 RRP, which seems alot for a watch with a low-beat calibre, just 3 bar WR, no lume and no date
  8. RTM Boy

    Song Titles Game

    New Order - True Faith (1987)
  9. For anything mechanical, timekeeping must surely be the deciding factor. When it starts to drift, perhaps it's time...
  10. RTM Boy

    Song Titles Game

    Jimmy Nail & Mark Knopfler - 'Big River' (1995)
  11. RTM Boy

    Song Titles Game

    My favourite Beach Boys tune; "Disney Girls 1957" (released 1971) Bruce Johnston live version on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1975;
  12. RTM Boy

    Song Titles Game

    K-Klass - Rhythm is a Mystery (1991)
  13. All 'paid for' on the never-never; rented (PCP) or leased car(s) with deposit paid for with PPI claim refund, 95% mortgage, credit cards max'd out, personal loans galore, etc., no savings (all money incoming goes to pay for everything they don't actually own, plus three holidays a year and enough booze to sink the Titanic). A TAG on finance is just another outgoing... The majority of people buying watches ATM are buying Apple smartwatches. We're already on Series 5 at £400 a pop. You can draw your own conclusions Exactly, they make more money from selling the finance deals than the products themselves (certainly in the motor trade - I know the figures). You end up paying for it one way or another.
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