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  1. Up: I’m well at the moment. Down: I’m concerned about catching you know what. Up: I did have a nasty cough and slight fever, feeling very, very tired and unwell for over three weeks from mid-January, so maybe, just maybe, I’ve had it already? Down: I don’t know if I did catch it and there’s no antibody test yet, and even if there was, I wouldn’t be tested... Up: Today’s beautiful weather made me forget about all the above for all the time I was in the garden. Down: I came in and listen to the news Up: I can log onto TWF
  2. It's all in the wrist action you know And afterwards you know you've washed your hands for the right length of time by listening to this song; # "Here we go, 2, 3, 4...";
  3. I've found a job lot of a politician's autobiography for less than the cost of a single bog roll ; It's printed on paper that soft, strong and thoroughly absorbent. It's quite a long book, so should last a while.
  4. With lockdowns all over the place and many more to come, I doubt there will be much opportunity to import any watches for the duration. I'm presuming that even ebay stuff from outside the UK is going to get problematic. I think we will have to enjoy what we have already...
  5. That's probably true Rob, although if the OP is buying for his 40th b'day, I'm surmising that flipping is less likely to be a requirement. A new factor is that depreciation on any watch is now probably a complete unknown - for the foreseeable future. At a time when some 'people' (I put that in inverted commas because I'm not sure they belong to the human race) are panic buying 20 years worth of bog roll, and whole countries are on lock-down, you have to wonder who will be interested in buying any watch atm? Unless it's 24 ct gold perhaps...in which case I'll trade you one for two bog rolls... Flippancy aside (get it?), so far Rolex and Hublot have announced a halt to production and Selfridges in London, which we know is a major watch sales outlet, has closed its doors. If every there was a time when the advice of 'buy what you like and wear in good health' applied, it's now.
  6. Ball watches are excellent quality. Never owned a Tudor, so can't give a first hand view...
  7. The TV and radio is so full of doom, gloom, misery, that I'm resorting to listening to music on Youtube (and watching videos). I'm reacquainting myself with some of the choice stuff from the Old Grey Whistle Test back in the day. Stuff like this from 1978; Or this from 1976; As for sport - I used to be the most avid consumer of everything from F1 to golf, to Rugby League to ski-ing, you name it. For those of you of a certain age, who will instantly be transported back to a guaranteed afternoon of sporting delight topped off by Final Score and the wonderful, dulcet tones of the late, truly great Len Martin ,by listening to this and if you use your imagination you could almost believe everything was normal ;
  8. This really can only be a mechanical, not a lubrication, problem. There is some kind mismatch between the torque applied to the date wheel and the mechanism allowing one day stop at a time only. The fault is either in design, specification or manufacturing of parts. It may be related to a particular batch of movements, or present in all. If they are swapping out whole movements, it might be concluded that modifications have been made that should mean multiple date jumps will not longer be a problem, although if stories of multiple 'fixes' have failed to work, it could be that this is not the case...yet... Of course only Rolex knows the exactly cause and extent of the problem and it's hardly going to broadcast this to the world. Having said that, perhaps Tudor operates at greater arms length than we realise and Rolex is not totally on top of the problem. It's worth knowing that the Consumer Rights Act 2015 says that any product you buy must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described. Clearly a watch whose date jumps in this way is not fit for purpose. Such a breach is a problem for the retailer where you bought it. Quite apart from the warranty, your rights against the retailer can last for up to six years.
  9. I don't know about two weeks. 72 hours seems to be the maximum - far less if there is strong sunlight (UV) and dry air (viruses prefer damp conditions). Soap and neat alcohol (at least 60% by volume) both break down the fatty lipid coat of the virus that effectively breaks down the viral particles rendering it harmless. So nothing fancy needed - carbolic will do the job very well. Neat Listerine Original and cotton buds would be perfect, but they don't make Listerine Original anymore, only the flavoured mouthwashes which leave a residue (the Original formulation didn't). I suppose it applies to anything touched by someone else, whether new, secondhand or whatever, but whenever I've sold anything online like @PC-Magician I have cleaned it carefully before dispatch.
  10. The green one really does pop - looks much, much more impressive in reality than in the photo that simply doesn't do it justice. I've seen a grey dial version with brushed case finish that IMHO looks better (the brushed case finish I mean). Yeah, it spins freely, like on all Rados. Must be hard to make it do this given the size of 'anchor'. It really is a nice touch.
  11. Actual photo of last 'purchaser' leaving the store Who said I was joking? https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  12. @Steve D UK Maybe the WoS thing is just a cover story and they've stashed them to use as currency when the shops run out of food? I'm guessing an exchange rate of one Sea Dweller = a loaf of bread?
  13. This reminds me of a line by Lady Jane Ponsonby (Angela Douglas) in [Carry On] Follow That Camel (1967) which I'll amend slightly to; "what an odd way to check my hublot"
  14. Excellent example of why so often vintage is sooooo much better I hope that a greater number younger people do take an interest in watches - especially mechanical ones that are after all as 'green' as it can get - no batteries, no recharging, not disposable, unlike Apple watches that so many younger buyers are choosing. Sounds like Rolex is simply a classic Velben Good (demand rises as the price rises) combined with a Snob Effect positive demand curve (the less the availability, the greater the snob value). So by keeping buyers away from ADs COVID-19is actually pushing Rolex prices up. It is indeed an ill wind that blows no good.
  15. Feeling controversial today, so here goes; TAGs may well be available and they may sell well to used Audi drivers, but to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, it's extraordinary how potent a 'cheap' watch is. Also, not sure it's looking quite so rosy for LVMH now, or going forward, though; https://www.ft.com/content/85ce58be-534b-11ea-8841-482eed0038b1 I'm going a bit off topic, but thinking about Maslow's hierarchy of needs, buying a TAG isn't going to be as high on your list of things to do if you live in China, South Korea, northern Italy or any other current or future hotspots for COVID-19. Even if it doesn't get worse, sales are going to take a hit. But whatever, a vintage Heuer is always better than a TAG! I'm off to my bunker to await incoming...
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