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  1. Ah, where do we start??? How about these three Trio - Da Da Da ("Ich liebe dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht - a-ha") The Archies - Sugar Sugar (the original garage band ) Bluebells - Young at Heart (ft Clair Grogan moonlighting in the video)
  2. Nice combination, they compliment eachother and go together perfectly ...except for one tiny thing ; it show the lugs on the Longines are longer than they need to be. Even allowing for different straps and bracelets, they could have been a millimeter or two shorter and I think it would have looked better for it. Still, very nice and a lovely combo
  3. I'm confused. If VAR corrects something that is incorrect, surely that is a good thing and you should like it , but seeing something that looks tempting shipping from Argentina, Iran, Russia, North Korea or Islington thereby raising doubts about it is obviously something not to like, so is a bad thing . So, do you want a bad thing to be a good thing, or that a good thing that could be a bad thing is, in fact a good thing ? Or, do you mean we should have VAR to verify the bone fides of a watch shipping from a well dodge country/place? In which case...er...what was I saying...er...? So, don't know if this fits the bill, but for me seeing a really nice design of a perhaps lesser-known brand, checking the spec , liking what I see ...until...I see the price .
  4. There are many sorts of leather softening creams and sprays you can find online. If you search for 'dubbin' on Amazon (other retailers are available) take you pick
  5. Me too! I sometimes remark "Ah, that's where I left it!" I gets confusing when you look at your watch and there's nothing there at all because you forgot to put it on. I have actually done this many times
  6. Nearly similar-looking Pulsar PAR087X1 for me today
  7. I have the same problem with whatever it was was I was just thinking. Nope, forgotten. But if you recall the two disposal so clearly, they must have been traumatic. Have you considered counseling? Exactly. All these millennials banging on about wanting experiences, not things. Yeah, well when they're old and can't remember whether they washed that morning, let alone where they went on holiday 40 years ago, I'll still have my watch
  8. I can't remember what I had for breakfast and now I'm being tested on what I first flipped Nope, no idea. Far too long ago. Probably a Casio or Seiko . There's only one watch I wish I'd kept; a Rado Centrix they don't make anymore, but tbh it doesn't bother me enough to say I regret it. So, no, I don't.
  9. I do quite like that I must say. Not sure it shouts £2,595 worth of watch though. Well out of my reach anyway. Might save up for a Citizen Promaster Tough Super Titanium BN0118-12L at £299 RRP instead (neither my watch, nor my wrist, but shows it off nicely);
  10. There is such a thing (a big thing) as drifting from the OP, but when I haven't got the foggiest what anyone is on about I either need another drink , or need to go to bed , or both...
  11. Going with the usual suspects also means for many people (I'm not talking about here on TWF) don't have to consider the purchase quite so much, if at all, all other things being equal. It's a bit like buying a silver Golf. Absolutely no thought required whatsoever. From what I've seen, many people can't be bothered to think about anything, let alone do any research - they just post inane, fatuous and grammatically incorrect questions to facebook groups because they're too lazy to shift their over-sized rears from the sofa. Ending the post with "please remove if not aloud" [sic] just about sums it up. But back to the OP, a couple of ones I like; GP RRP £5,800 This EC for £1,200 RRP;
  12. Oh, but that's the fun of it - judging people by the car they drive - and it's so often accurate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUAzKgowx3Q So managers shouldn't wear this kind of thing either???
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