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  1. After 27 years of playing the National Lottery the most I've ever won was £143. If I were to add up all the stake money I've spent, it would probably have paid for the Zenith! See, if only I'd just saved the cash in a piggy bank instead...doh!
  2. Indeed. Very nice and doing its best to match the original, including the date window at 4:30. Unfortunately, I really don't like date windows at 4:30 no matter how authentic they may be. Thankfully for me it's not going to be a problem since the ouchy high price puts the prospect of purchase very safely out of the question.
  3. I'm a bit of a fan too. They're that bit less usual, which I like more and more these days.
  4. I've seen them in ADs on the continent, but does Edox sell into the UK? They've got some nice designs.
  5. That slate blue Oris pointer date is very nice. I promise I'll still like it in the morning
  6. Yes, I can add those two to my list of 4 for starters. Totally uninteresting to me. I can see the quality of finishing on GS dials though the macro photography of Watchfinder videos, but at normal viewing distances they are just another round-cased job with polished case, silver dial, polished batons, polished hands, and a date window, like any number of other......... And yet I should like GS for all the attention to detail, right? But somehow I just don't care. As for CW - the very embodiment of an uninteresting brand name with too many syllables in it. May as well put 'Fred
  7. I started with Timex (50 years ago), then Casio, then Seiko. I knew I should like Seikos, but they never really did it for me and nowadays it really is "whatever" as far as their current offerings are concerned. I actually worry that I will completely lose interest You might be on to something insofar as your tastes change with age. I find I'm much more interested in the more unusual and offbeat designs these days, which tends to lead away from mainstream brands. That might have something to do with it.
  8. This topic has been discussed before, but I've noticed it seems to be a bigger and bigger issue for me. I try to like them. I really do. I really, really do. I see their merits, the history, the quality. I've even forced myself to buy some of them to prove myself wrong. I don't dislike them (let alone hate them), but there are some brands that leave me totally cold. Yup, may as well say Smeghead on the dial. And I really cannot explain why. What's more, it's getting worse. I'll look at some nice new release one evening and think "Mmm...nice" By the morning, the wat
  9. Got my Startimer on today Alpina was indeed part of FredCon and the whole group was acquired by Citizen in 2016, although as far as I can see they haven't done nothing much to or with it. I don't know what they plan to do strategically, if anything, but the brand needs some wellie IMHO.
  10. There seems to be rather more to this than just a disgruntled employee. According to Watchpro, two other former employees have made the same allegations. There's some interesting stuff in this article, worth a read; https://www.watchpro.com/rolex-authorised-dealer-accused-of-racketeering/
  11. That's disappointing, verging on taking the... And hardly a sustainable business plan if you annoy buyers. Apple has over half the smartwatch market and sold over 30 million watches in 2019. To my mind the Apple watch is to real watch brands what smartphones (with their built-in cameras) have been to the camera industry; slowly eating away at the bottom end of the market pushing ever higher up the price segment until there is no bottom end left and the middle part is falling away fast. Just look at what's happened to camera sales in the last decade. That smartwatches are sem
  12. I've always associated Seikos with solid VFM, but it's clear that Seiko is both re-profiling its product ranges and movements and pushing up RRPs. I assume this must, at least in part, reflect a fall in total sales volumes due to a combination of declining watch wearing amongst the young and the rise and rise of smartwatches. Seiko needs to push prices up to remain profitable, so I don't think it's cashing specifically on nostalgia, but perhaps more that it sees reviving designs gives it a means to generate higher profits from each watch because they are 'new' and 'old', even if they don
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