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  1. Buy well secondhand, and if you don't bond, you can resell for minimal loss.
  2. You have a Diver and a sports/ dressy watch in the AT, then I would look at a chrono. I'd be looking straight at one of the new Omega Speedy Pros. Fratello do a comparison with the ceramic Daytona here: https://www.fratellowatches.com/two-for-tuesday-new-omega-speedmaster-battles-rolex-daytona/#gref You'd have a load of cash left, too.
  3. Cracking, that. Those Captain Cooks are really nice!
  4. The DJ again. Sorry other watches, you may not get a look in for a bit..
  5. Sorry to do that to you, @mrzee! If I decide to move mine on, I will give you a yell. There's some useful info about the model here: https://www.calibre1040.com/cal-1040-collectors-guide-case-references/005-2/ This model actually isn't the Jedi, that is the 145.024: The 176.005 has been called the Jedi since one was listed under that name in auction in 2007. More here: https://www.fratellowatches.com/story-original-omega-seamaster-jedi-chronograph/#gref The 176.005 actually has a different movement (the Calibre 1040), which is, I think, more
  6. Newly acquired 1978 DJ 16014.
  7. Mr Jones Vingt Mille, or as I call it 'The Kraken'.
  8. Superb loot, that! Not seen that G before, it's fab.
  9. It is a bit of a chonk, solid and heavy, but not overly so. Very wearable, in fact. It's the calibre 1040, which means that the minute register is on the main dial (the hand looks like it has an aircraft at the end), and the lower subdial is for hours. The left subdial is the running seconds, and 24-hour indicator. Seven hands in total! Here's a better pic: Chrono seconds is the all blue hand at 25, minutes is the silver/ blue at 22. Does mean that you don't get the hands over the minutes subdial, which is an ever present problem for the chrono user!! It is a bit banged up, not
  10. Possibly a bit late, but any good watch-related loot received on Xmas day? I was very lucky this year: 1 x Casio A168W in black* 1 x 1973 Omega Seamaster Chrono 176.005* 1 x Yema LED 1 x Mr Jones The Asendent 1 x Lidl 6-space watch box 1 x Jura winder (SS pressie from Antjrice) * these were watches that I bought in December which my wife snaffled to go under the tree (a rule in this house...)
  11. Looks like they've replaced the crown with the Mk 2 version which is a welcome mod!
  12. Oh, that is lovely. What a super shade of blue/grey on the sub-dials and bezel.
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