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  1. Similar Yema, rather more sensible prices- $250. https://en.yema.com/collections/digital-watches
  2. This hobby is all about what YOU like, and how you work that is up to you! Since Feb 2013 when this affliction took me, I have owned 226 watches. I buy anything from a £20 Timex a multi-thousand pound Rolex, and I've enjoyed them all. Pretty much everything gets flipped eventually, but that's how I am. Can't see that changing any time soon! There is a definite increase in satisfaction with value, but for me it's not linear. I can't really predict until I have the watch in my hand!
  3. Newly landed Geckota manual wind chrono.
  4. I am very temtped by another Geckota, either in red or blue:
  5. Little Geckota arrived yesterday.
  6. Geckota are a UK company, making some lovely retro-type pieces. Here's a jump hour And a chrono Both 37mm, and in the sale at the moment. I just bought the second one, actually.
  7. I just checked into the Geckota sale, and there's some decent gear at good prices. https://www.geckota.com/collections/sale I just picked up a Seagull chrono for £160:
  8. I tend to accumulate cheaper items as I have enough cash, then sell them to acquire something more expensive. It's been my pattern until the purchase of my Sub. That took me 8 years to get to... Can't see it changing. I suspect I will accumulate again, doing minor consolidations until I can afford a Speedy, one of the co-axial ones with date. Be a few years, mind!
  9. I don't have a travel watch, just wear/ take what I feel like. Do have beaters- just happen to be watches of low value that are already quite beaten up. For brewing, garden etc. Most used beater is a big Swatch Irony chrono. Cost me £20 on FB market, plus a battery.
  10. Welcome! Sad that you have to sell your collection. Sales section on here is good, but you need to stick around and contribute for a while first. Dealing on here is not accepted (ie making a regular profit). eBay can be fruitful, but care is needed. I'd be reluctant to sell anything of high value. More expensive watches can go via chrono24 (a marketplace for watches), or Watchfinder might make you an offer, depending on what it is.
  11. It's a brave move, to be sure. Really high spec if you look at it- 5 day reserve, twin barrel, use of new materials and 300m WR on a seleton. Looks great too- very Ming. Worth bearing in mind that the movement specialist they are working with (Chronode) supply the likes of MB&F and Cyrus (pretty high end watches, some at £100k plus). I'd seriously consider a used one...
  12. My most worn pieces are my Sub and JLC. Both have the odd small mark, but I'd rather that than not wear them. There is, of course, a risk that either could be damaged, broken, or thieved, but both are insured and neither would be terribly hard to replace. I have beaters, but they are for gardening, brewing, DIY (Swatch Irony chrono and knackered G-shock).
  13. My mother-in-law wears a rather nice automatic Longines Flagship, which she really likes.
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