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  1. I've owned alot of nice watches (including Rolex, Omega, Heuer), and currently I have a Wenger Avenue. Bought on a whim from TKMaxx, and I wasn't expecting alot for the £40 I paid. I was, however, really impressed- decent amount of metal in it (often cheap watches are very light, even big ones), with signed crown and screw on caseback. Even has 100m WR, and sapphire coated crystal. I put it on a decent mesh (probably worth more than the watch...), and it looks great!
  2. I wear an apple watch on my other wrist, keep something proper on the main one.
  3. Fiftieth birthday Heuer today.
  4. Using a cheap spring bar tool on a stubborn bar, slipped and the prong end went about 1.5mm into my hand. Doesn't sound alot, but hurt like hell! Shortly after invested in a Bergeon, no repeats.
  5. Squale 1521 50 atm Onda with blue dial. The dial is really stunning on this one!!
  6. Longines would be my choice from your selection. If you're happy to consider secondhand, then alot of amazing watches come into budget... Chrono24 will give you an overview of what is out there. Personally, I'd be looking at something like a Breitling A17040 SuperOcean:
  7. It was my 50th on monday, and I received this rather lovely item:
  8. Just landed, a TKMaxx special. Wenger Avenue quartz. 100m WR, sapphire crystal and a bit of lume.
  9. On the Dark Side, Steeldive seem to be simultaneously talked up as a great new brand (delivering near-Seiko quality homage watches for a fraction of the price), and relentlessy flipped by anyone who's bought one. Personally, I've flipped alot of Steinharts very quickly. Never quite felt the love.
  10. Equation of Time, whatever that is. Most of all, those people that swap a diver bezel for a 24-hour bezel, on a watch without a 24-hour hand.
  11. It has just struck me that lots of Swiss watchmakers seem to date from the 1880s, an proclaim such on their devices. Looking at my own collection, My Breitling proclaims 1984, my Alpina 1883, and a Certina I had 1888. Any others??
  12. SuperOcean again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Chunky Alipna Seastrong GMT.
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