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  1. Both very nice. I would say, buy on the bracelet if you can- you can add a NATO or leather strap easily, but if you wanted to add the bracelet later, these cost a fortune if bought seperately. I've owned a BB and a Bremont (not that model, but I've tried the Supermarine several times), both excellent quality. I'd probably go for the British watch by a nose. I really like the caseback!! I think it's this one for the S300? In fact, I'd go with the S300 (blue dial), on the bracelet.
  2. Father's day gift. Swatch Extravehicular. BIG!
  3. Seiko make great watches, but the bracelets are consistently below par for the price point. I recently had a King Samurai, and actually bought a Geckota clasp to replace the woeful OEM article.
  4. I'd assume used at that price. Where are you buying from?
  5. GP Jackpot Tourbillon 1945. I'd never get bored of playing with it! 18k white gold, about half a million quid. Little video:
  6. Gen 1 OM for the day, switching to the JLC when I go out later on.
  7. Shame that it's compromised by things that would be easy to sort out. Sounds like they skimped in their user testing. Can we see some pics, or have a reference number, so we can see what you told us about? Ta!
  8. One I've had for a while, don't wear very often. Swatch YAS100G. Skeletonised modified ETA 2824, running slow at 21,600. Cheap and only a Swatch, but one of my favourites.
  9. 1) Rolex Yachtmaster 116622, blue dial. I just love the look of these. More interesting than a Sub or SD. For daily wear, possibly dress. I have a vague plan to flog a few this year and get the previous version (16622). 2) My current JLC Heraion Chrono. Quartz, but so lovely. Chrono duties and definitely dress 3) Multiband G-shock as a beater and to keep time. Maybe a big silver one!
  10. Custom Yobokies Gulf Porsche 917 tribute today. Sub case, PO bezel, running a Seiko NH-35.
  11. My son is 12 , in year 8, wears a blue/ yellow square baby G. He's quite slender, anything bigger would just look silly. 33mm would be fine, especially as it's a very masculine watch.
  12. I love these! My next watch will be a 16622, when I get around to selling most of my collection. If I had more funds, I would definitely go for the blue dial, as it is stunning. To me the Sub is ubiquitous and overpriced, and GMT watches leave me a bit cold. The Yachtmaster is sporty enough, and much more interesting!
  13. My preference is for the Yema. Tsao is out for me, due to the name mostly. It's also the least nice looking to me. The Detroit for me is too much of the SMP with that bezel. The dial is also very busy, although I do like the use of a diving bezel as opposed to the traditional GMT. Yema is a nice looking watch, and I like that it is different- French with an in-house movement.
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