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  1. About 4 years ago, could have snaffled a 16750 GMT Master II for £3k, from a local jeweller...
  2. Yes, in a heartbeat. I'd love one! Even if you didn't like it, you could sell it instantly for close to a £1k profit, if you were careful.
  3. All fine on my home Mac. Must be how my work PC is configured... Some nice watches on there! Be lovely to see something new with RLT on the dial....
  4. Still not working- must be something at my end.
  5. Hi Roy, that URL is still routing to a Linux test page...
  6. If you like Breitling, plenty of choice in budget. I like the older (vintage nearly) SuperOceans, ie A17040, A17360.
  7. Especially not if you want to go to Dubai... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47847740
  8. Yes, pretty certain whoever buys that 'watch' will never see it.
  9. The true test of its Monster credentials is if @mach 0.0013137 hates it...
  10. It's old and not working, but taking a hammer to it seems unfair...
  11. CW C3 malvern Chrono Mk1 on a mesh.
  12. Just landed yesterday SARB035. Very happy with the quality, and the size is bang on.
  13. Also heard it called the 'bruise', on account of being black and blue. Possibly rename the 'Stella drinker's wife'?
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