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  1. Yobokies custom job today.
  2. Just got this custom build. 40mm Sub case, ceramic PO-type bezel, sapphire crystal, NH35 inside. I love the Yobokies Le Mans dial!
  3. Sorry if this is massively obvious, but only just occurred to me...I am a happy owner of a King Samurai. I like everything about the watch, except the awful pressed-steel clasp. The bracelet is not the best, but totally let down by that horrible clasp.Why Seiko persist on putting pressed steel clasps onto watches in this (pretty expensive) price range, I do not know.Anyway while perusing replacement bracelets, it occurred to me to just change the clasp.Found a nice steel Zuludiver item form Geckota, now fitted. Feels and looks great. £20 delivered.Completes the watch for me.I did have to bring
  4. I bought what was purporting to be an Oris early into my watch journey. Not nice. They tend to be a cheap hand-wind movement, in a probably vintage case, with a (usually not well) repainted dial. Almost certainly not from the factory of the maker named on hte front.
  5. Arrived this morning, Steeldive 1975, basically a Tuna with the Kanagawa wave dial. I was a bit scornful of Steeldive watches, thinking they are just another cheap Chinese knock-off company. I did wonder if a Tuna would work for me, but worried about spending a load of cash on one. Hence this. And I am SO impressed. The quality is amazing for the price. Sapphire crystal, NH35 Seiko movement (hack & handwind), signed crown and clasp, ceramic bezel. The wave on the dial is lumed, as are the indices and the bezel. The strap is ok, solid if a bit sharp-edged, with a brush
  6. Just realised this may not have been the best colour dial for today... So have switched to its more neutral black brother (don't have anything green...).
  7. Sadly I believe that the FOIS in question has been withdrawn by the seller.
  8. I've owned this very SuperOcean twice now: If it came up again, I would consider it, although I do have it's big brother now, albeit in grey: I am an absolute sucker for these older Breitling divers. Also had a Colt GMT: And a yellow Chrono Avenger:
  9. Cheap but actually quite nice Wenger Avenue.
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