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  1. Equation of Time, whatever that is. Most of all, those people that swap a diver bezel for a 24-hour bezel, on a watch without a 24-hour hand.
  2. Put on my SuperOcean this morning.
  3. It has just struck me that lots of Swiss watchmakers seem to date from the 1880s, an proclaim such on their devices. Looking at my own collection, My Breitling proclaims 1984, my Alpina 1883, and a Certina I had 1888. Any others??
  4. SuperOcean again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Chunky Alipna Seastrong GMT.
  6. Big new Alpina Seastrong GMT. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Don't forget the Germans... Muhle Glashutte, Union Glashutte, Nomos, Damasco, Sinn will all be in price range. And some secondhand offerings from the more exclusive (shall we say) Swiss makers such as AP, GP, JLC, Blancpain, Zenith, Chopard, And oddballs, such as Panerai, Parmigiani, Grand Seiko Vintage stuff like Heuer, Rolex...
  8. I am sad enough to keep a spreadsheet of all of the watches I've owned since I started on this madness in Feb 2013. 183!! Gone and missed are these: Breitling SuperOcean. Owned it twice, in fact. Little Bulova Accutron Blue-dialled Stargate Speedsonic Polar Explorer II X-33 gen 1 Orsa Sea Angler The one I miss most? Bizarrely this Kronos Diver.
  9. Speedmaster Reduced (the smaller, automatic version) have hardened recently, but cheaper ones are out there. eLady on eBay are a Japanese seller, I've heard they are reliable? You will have to pay import duty, but this one is only £1150. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Polished-OMEGA-Speedmaster-Automatic-Steel-Mens-Watch-3510-50-BF503653/264751921516?epid=27031182456&hash=item3da471b96c:g:k~0AAOSwow5e1xfR Be careful of the bracelet size on watches from Japan, they tend to be small. I am also turning 50 this year, and very lucky to have a Heuer waiting for me...
  10. SS sports Rolex have ballooned in value in the last few years. I owned a couple of 16570 Explorer IIs about 4-5 years ago. Bought and sold for about £2500. Now worth twice that. More popular models even more so. Massive waiting lists for popular new models mean that the grey market will set you back alot more than RRP. It's all a bit ridiculous, and it's hard to tell if it's a bit of a bubble, or increases will be sustainable. COVID-19 is adding to the lack of certainty. Buying any watch as an investment is likely to be a hit and miss affair. Even if your chosen watch does appreciate, you will need to factor servicing, which for a Rolex is going to be north of £500 for the AD route. As has been pointed out, best to buy what you like, and enjoy it! I am, however, kicking myself that I 1) sold my 16570, and 2) didn't buy the 16750 GMT-Master II for £3200 when I had the chance...
  11. Totally this. The Bond is a nice watch, but I much prefer the 2254.
  12. I've sold quite a few on ebay, including mid range (several hundred quid kind of value). My approach is to use loads of pics, give tons of detail, and sound like you know watches. That will reassure nervous buyers. I keep an eye on who is highest bidder, and look at their history. If it looks dodgy, I will contact them direct. If they still sound dodgy, I will cancel bids. So far, so good!
  13. I think Marcello C sounds like a hairdresser, or an Italian House DJ. The watches are good, apparently.
  14. Ugly yes, but kind of cool. Seiko Ripley reissue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I used to use an app, but bought a timegrapher earlier this year. Now I can worry about amplitude and beat error, too! I have found it invaluable for regulation (not really possible without, or very tricky at least).
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