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  1. SS sports Rolex have ballooned in value in the last few years. I owned a couple of 16570 Explorer IIs about 4-5 years ago. Bought and sold for about £2500. Now worth twice that. More popular models even more so. Massive waiting lists for popular new models mean that the grey market will set you back alot more than RRP. It's all a bit ridiculous, and it's hard to tell if it's a bit of a bubble, or increases will be sustainable. COVID-19 is adding to the lack of certainty. Buying any watch as an investment is likely to be a hit and miss affair. Even if your chosen watch does appreciate, you will need to factor servicing, which for a Rolex is going to be north of £500 for the AD route. As has been pointed out, best to buy what you like, and enjoy it! I am, however, kicking myself that I 1) sold my 16570, and 2) didn't buy the 16750 GMT-Master II for £3200 when I had the chance...
  2. Totally this. The Bond is a nice watch, but I much prefer the 2254.
  3. I've sold quite a few on ebay, including mid range (several hundred quid kind of value). My approach is to use loads of pics, give tons of detail, and sound like you know watches. That will reassure nervous buyers. I keep an eye on who is highest bidder, and look at their history. If it looks dodgy, I will contact them direct. If they still sound dodgy, I will cancel bids. So far, so good!
  4. I think Marcello C sounds like a hairdresser, or an Italian House DJ. The watches are good, apparently.
  5. Ugly yes, but kind of cool. Seiko Ripley reissue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I used to use an app, but bought a timegrapher earlier this year. Now I can worry about amplitude and beat error, too! I have found it invaluable for regulation (not really possible without, or very tricky at least).
  7. Casio is a great option- analogue and digital available. Loads on Creation.. can search by price, too. I like these:
  8. My watch guy would charge £232 plus parts to service an auto chrono.
  9. It's crappy fake stuff. You can get good stuff, though- I picked up a bracelet for my fitness band for a couple of quid- nicely made and still going after 18 months.
  10. I bought a timegrapher, and really love it. Cost about £100 or so, I think. It's a Weishi 1000 model. I can now not only know how accurate my mechanical watches are, but also the health of the movement. Usefully showed up a movement fault with a new kickstarter I had, which would not have shown up just by accuracy. I've been able to regulate a couple of watches too- almost impossible to do without one. Besides, it's another gadget, and we love gadgets...
  11. I have owned about 180 watches in the last 7 years. I would say that 95% of them came with 20mm or 22mm lugs. Why do some makers insist on using 21mm? Now my 20mm straps are slightly too small, and only the 22mm leathers and NATOs will fit, and that's a squash. Looking at you, Oris. Hrumph.
  12. The Hack has some useful funtionality- timer and possible GMT, which is nice. They all look good, and the brand has some heritage, too.
  13. Just landed, Oris Artix moonpointer.
  14. The dark side is a good place for this.
  15. No, it came on a very nice light brown canvas. I tried the pvd as I do like a bracelet. It's back on the OEM now...
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