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  1. Great pick up, and a nice watch, that. I will watch (no pun intended) your battery experiment results with interest...
  2. This Kingsbury Dark Water now, and with car!
  3. Damn... I have also been hovering over this one for a while, and that is SO cheap... must RESIST!
  4. Early workshop on Teams, so grab and go this guy.
  5. I guess it depends if you would like a classic fleiger, or something a bit different. Classic-wise, Laco would be my go to brand, or possibly Zeno? Odd-wise, I do like that Startimer. There is also the Precista PRS45 Aerotimer, which is even more different...
  6. See this alot on FB. Real pics of Ressence, fake website. Thieves!
  7. JLC Polaris date 40mm. Blue dial on a bracelet. This is close...
  8. I know Malt Miller well-use them alot. Will mention that with our next order...
  9. These two today. Edifice traded with Davey P, and my GA-2110 (also from Davey P, via Secret Santa) with newly arrived steel case and bracelet from AliExpress.
  10. Thanks Davey! It is a nice one, that- glad you like it. I couldn't be happier with my new Edifice- superbly well put together and looks great- hint of TAG F1, I think. Put onto a Geckota bracelet I had kicking around. I used the countdown timer bezel AND the stopwatch yesterday whilst brewing, so already earning its keep. Big high five to @Davey P, and much thanks to @Roy for our wonderful forum.
  11. I would love a Smurf Sub, but it's alot of money.
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