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  1. [url=https://postimg.cc/zVb7b2Hs][img]https://i.postimg.cc/7YXWRpHZ/20200912-065458.jpg[/img][/url]
  2. A watch winder will keep a kinetic going, but it won't jump start it. My BFK (work watch) is over ten years old and still has it's original capacitor. If not worn for a couple of days it drops to 20 second power reserve reading. I leave it in a watch winder at the weekend and it stays at 30 second power reserve. There was a time when I didn't wear my kinetic for quite a while and it went to 2 second ticking. Yorkshire Watches got it up to full power on their Seiko charging plate. As for getting your kinetic going again, the above recommendation to wear it for a few days is a good shout imo.
  3. SKA369P1 Nicely battle scarred after daily work wear for over 8 years
  4. Thank you Roger. Now I'm logged in I'll soon be back down the rabbit hole !
  5. It's been some time since I was on the forum, with one thing or another - plus, logging out and not remembering my login details ! (I'm pleased to be logged in again !) It's good to see some old faces are still here
  6. The Seiko Sumo-A-Like Not been well at all but it's nice to be back! Paul
  7. Thats the one I prefer it over the wavy pattern one too
  8. I think the rubber strap you had no your kinetic would fit too Davey. It's the same lug width
  9. What Bruce said. The monster bracelet would be my choice.
  10. I'll go with the Sumo-A-Like Paul
  11. Cool colour G Shock, I really like it Regarding syncing the analogue and digital time I found this one not only helpful but quite funny at one point. (You'll see what I mean by funny if you watch the video) Paul
  12. I was in an Ernest Jones outlet in Doncaster last weekend. I saw the pre owned section and thought my luck could be in for a bargain. No such luck, all they had were LOTS of fashion brand watches and just a few Seiko and Citizen models that didn't float my boat at all. The prices they were asking didn't reflect pre owned value at all to my mind. The money is best kept in your pocket until a piece that interests you comes up in the sales section Paul
  13. This one has served me well as a work watch for over five years It's witnessed countless loft and basement clearances, been up in more cherry pickers , and on more roofs than I can remember. It's never let me down in all that time Paul
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