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  1. I got this instead of an engagement ring and still enjoy it although hardly ever wear it. Currently going through a devorce so I would say get something you like and has longevity in it so if it does all go sour then you won't resent the gift.
  2. nobody wants it so il quite happily wear it.
  3. Thanks was recently in a really high end watch shop and the guy in there was hustling me to sell it as it looks like a grail rado he was after.
  4. off on a messy weekend to Brighton with girlfriend .
  5. 4th time I've owned one of these, everytime I've sold one I regret and buy another this time it's staying.
  6. lots of spoons love the funky ones.
  7. my gloomy day watch. Miserable day happy watch.
  8. ecozilla for a change today.
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