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  1. Is there any particular problem getting a vintage Certina ds2 serviced? 



  2. Don't count your chickens.Never got away with anything from Japan yet
  3. Thanks for help,son seems to have sorted it ( I hope ) At last,my pic.
  4. Happy birthday Roy,hope you get the day off
  5. But this GS is nice And this one is really nice But this remains my favourite.
  6. I haven't the photo skills of some here but I liked this
  7. r Here a pic of my Explorer 1016
  8. Thank you.Still have rolex1016,it's for my son but the Tudor 7016 is (sadly) gone.But to recompense bought this
  9. This,recent buy but was after for 15months.
  10. Went about 25yrs ago with some friends mainly to play poker and tour about.Very impressive,coming out of clouds to land was like looking at a lunar landscape.Saw Geyser,slept on a glacier and swam in blue lagoon.Great fun.
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