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  1. That’s really helpful, thank you. Looks like it’s time to invest in a nice new leather strap for my Dad’s. He wore it at work in the merchant navy maybe he switched to a bracelet for more durable wear.
  2. Apologies for my long absence from the forum...now, I have a 1960 or thereabouts steel Cyma Navystar which I inherited from my Dad. My childhood memory is of him wearing it with a mesh bracelet but it’s now on a modern steel link bracelet which is frankly horrible and scratchy. And it’s 19mm width is apparently not very usual. My question is - would it really have been on a 19mm mesh bracelet originally and where might I find something half-way authentic but also comfortable?
  3. Good call. Sorry this is my first post in an age !
  4. The timekeeping is probably just about within those tolerances but I need to get that logo stuck back on first as it's obstructing the hands!
  5. The latter. Any idea what the replacement movement might cost?
  6. So my Vostok 1943 suffered a detached logo on the face and has been keeping poor time. To be fair, I only paid £40 for it so wasn't surprised when a local repair shop told me it would be hard to repair and not worth the cost. Anyone got a different view?
  7. Hi everyone, it's a very long time since I posted anything here. Sorry about that; I haven't lost interest, just been preoccupied with work etc. Now, last year I was on holiday in Sicily and came across a shop selling Philip Watches of which I hadn't previously heard. I was very taken with a Seahorse Automatic for €649 but didn't bite in then end. Inevitably, it's been nagging at me since. I'm interested to know what people think of Philip in general and the Seahorse in particular, if anyone has a moment to reply. Also, oddly, Philip's website seems quite short on information on the m
  8. Thanks everyone, all v helpful. BTW, I meant Planet Ocean, not Seamaster, just a senior moment : )
  9. Hi all, sorry I don't post so much any more. So....my daughter has been wearing my Vostok 1943 and my Alpha Seamaster homage and in both instances one or more numerals have come loose from the face. Two questions - one, is it worth getting them repaired or do you all reckon that's uneconomic ? Second question - what would you recommend as an inexpensive replacement? She likes unusual, larger-sized automatic watches but funds are very tight hence an interest in Russian or Chinese. All advice gratefully received.
  10. Hi there - it's a long (very long) time since I was last on the Forum....interested to see the Longines question come up again. Just to cover the brand positioning thing - how high end etc. - Longines was indeed once pretty high-end. I inherited a 1960's vintage gold Longines Conquest auto 35 years ago (just like the modern reissue in the Heritage range to look at) and had it valued at £1,800. It would now be about £300 - £400, much like a similar Omega of the same sort of age. Swatch Group own Longines and the brand went v downmarket during the 1990's. For the past 10 years or so
  11. The theory in Spitalfields market this afternoon was that he had nicked them from somewhere and was only pretending to find them. Still doesn't answer why they haven't been reported lost though.
  12. No, it wouldn't be worth doing that because then you would have an original Rolex bracelet attached to a strange thing with no provenance or authenticity.
  13. OK, my turn again... Can we come back to the so-called "genuine" diamonds and rubies? First off, just because they are genuine doesn't mean they are of any value. As I'm sure everyone else on this forum knows, diamonds' value depends on how they score for colour, clarity and weight (measured in carats). It is completely impossible to grade diamonds from a photograph, except that you can see they are tiny so they will score next to nothing for weight. As for colour and clarity they may well be genuine but be of very poor quality indeed, and therefore not valuable at all. As for the r
  14. It's not even a new thing - I remember 6 or 7 years ago I used to work with a girl whose bf had bought her a man's yachtmaster which she wore every day. Or so she said - since he was by then her ex-bf, I always wondered if she had lifted it from him before they split up... :dontgetit:
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