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  1. Good call. Sorry this is my first post in an age !
  2. The timekeeping is probably just about within those tolerances but I need to get that logo stuck back on first as it's obstructing the hands!
  3. The latter. Any idea what the replacement movement might cost?
  4. So my Vostok 1943 suffered a detached logo on the face and has been keeping poor time. To be fair, I only paid £40 for it so wasn't surprised when a local repair shop told me it would be hard to repair and not worth the cost. Anyone got a different view?
  5. Hi everyone, it's a very long time since I posted anything here. Sorry about that; I haven't lost interest, just been preoccupied with work etc. Now, last year I was on holiday in Sicily and came across a shop selling Philip Watches of which I hadn't previously heard. I was very taken with a Seahorse Automatic for €649 but didn't bite in then end. Inevitably, it's been nagging at me since. I'm interested to know what people think of Philip in general and the Seahorse in particular, if anyone has a moment to reply. Also, oddly, Philip's website seems quite short on information on the movements. I do like to know what's powering a watch, obviously. Thanks in advance Chris
  6. Thanks everyone, all v helpful. BTW, I meant Planet Ocean, not Seamaster, just a senior moment : )
  7. Hi all, sorry I don't post so much any more. So....my daughter has been wearing my Vostok 1943 and my Alpha Seamaster homage and in both instances one or more numerals have come loose from the face. Two questions - one, is it worth getting them repaired or do you all reckon that's uneconomic ? Second question - what would you recommend as an inexpensive replacement? She likes unusual, larger-sized automatic watches but funds are very tight hence an interest in Russian or Chinese. All advice gratefully received.
  8. Hi there - it's a long (very long) time since I was last on the Forum....interested to see the Longines question come up again. Just to cover the brand positioning thing - how high end etc. - Longines was indeed once pretty high-end. I inherited a 1960's vintage gold Longines Conquest auto 35 years ago (just like the modern reissue in the Heritage range to look at) and had it valued at £1,800. It would now be about £300 - £400, much like a similar Omega of the same sort of age. Swatch Group own Longines and the brand went v downmarket during the 1990's. For the past 10 years or so they have been repositioning Longines in the more up-market bracket, just behind Omega in the Swatch "stable". Hasn't done anything for vintage values yet, but I would never sell mine anyhow.
  9. The theory in Spitalfields market this afternoon was that he had nicked them from somewhere and was only pretending to find them. Still doesn't answer why they haven't been reported lost though.
  10. No, it wouldn't be worth doing that because then you would have an original Rolex bracelet attached to a strange thing with no provenance or authenticity.
  11. OK, my turn again... Can we come back to the so-called "genuine" diamonds and rubies? First off, just because they are genuine doesn't mean they are of any value. As I'm sure everyone else on this forum knows, diamonds' value depends on how they score for colour, clarity and weight (measured in carats). It is completely impossible to grade diamonds from a photograph, except that you can see they are tiny so they will score next to nothing for weight. As for colour and clarity they may well be genuine but be of very poor quality indeed, and therefore not valuable at all. As for the rubies, ditto, except they may quite likely be synthetic, or possibly not rubies at all but some tiny chips of some semi-precious stone. I thank you....
  12. It's not even a new thing - I remember 6 or 7 years ago I used to work with a girl whose bf had bought her a man's yachtmaster which she wore every day. Or so she said - since he was by then her ex-bf, I always wondered if she had lifted it from him before they split up... :dontgetit:
  13. Well the best way to prevent the watch being held up in customs is to obey the law and actually pay the import duty...I have no idea what the frequency is with which smuggling gets caught. Fortunately for you, as far as I know, HM Revenue and Customs don't apply a spelling test to importers.
  14. Congratulations, a very nice addition to the Kemmner range. I have his Marine and have been very happy with it though it is a tad big for my slim wrists it certainly has presence.
  15. So I'm late. Sorry. The watch would be the Rollie green glass Milgauss. At least while it is still possible to get one for under 4k. The car, well I did have a 3k windfall last year and went and got a W reg Jeep Cherokee because we were going on holiday to North Devon and then to Spain and well, I wanted it. It has a 4 litre engine left over from the 1970s when the American's didn't care about oil prices so I can't afford to drive it much and leaf spring rear suspension so it feels like a horse and cart but I am getting a lot of fun out of it. And for the what watch floats your boat thing, I got a Kemmner last year because it looks a lot like a Stowa which I decided I couldn't afford and has the same movement and the fact that that is so, and it is rarer and it has the same movement as some of the Panerai range does make me smile. I'll get my coat.
  16. I get around this problem of regret by never having sold a watch - ever. Means I have the alternative problem of not having enough money to buy any more new ones now so I am going to have to bite the bullet....
  17. No, I don't suppose he really really believes every word he writes but he does write well and it's a laugh if you don't take it too much to heart. Plenty of journos exaggerate for effect and for entertainment value - Giles Coren does it a lot in the Times and a lot of the points he is making are very seriously meant, but / and he often goes right over the top in the writing talking about plebs and oiks because he went to Westminster and Oxford. Gets your attention. Julie Burchill used to do it in NME but then look what happened to her...
  18. Well I couldn't possibly comment but my other half spotted this week that the glass on her daily wearer (a Lorus not a Rolex !) is completely smashed and she has no idea how it happened. Off to Liverpool St arcade with it for a replacement.
  19. Thank God ! A thoughtful and informative article which was really interesting and enjoyable and the reason I wanted to be on this forum in the first place. No doubt tomorrow we'll be back to people saying "I don't like Rolexes because I once saw someone in a suit wearing one" etc etc but for now - THANK YOU !
  20. According to their website,Universal Geneve made the first reversible weatch, the Cabriolet, 2 years before JLCs Reverso. Thanks - I didn't know that. In that case I withdraw my nomination of JLC, in favour of UG !
  21. How about Breuget's Tourbillon movement, which is still regarded as a desirable complexity as well as continuing to inspire innovation in movement technology, e.g. Omega's co-axial ? I would also vote for the JLC Reverso, as I think it was the first wristwatch to incorporate a reversible head, though I could be wrong.
  22. Shouldn't a dress watch be a pocket watch on a chain ? I'm sure none of you chaps would regard yourselves as "dressed" unless you were wearing a waistcoat ?
  23. yes I get the understated quality thing I just find it all a bit dull. nice to see they knock out some total shockers as well. If I were the richest man on earth I would not entertain that monstrosity :lol: yeah that looks really cheap imo (betting it's more than a regular sub) Your not wrong there, that number on the green tag isn't a stock code, it's the price, yikes It would be fun to walk into a pawn shop with it and see what they would offer. :D Later, William I think it would be more at home in a porn shop.
  24. Maybe it's mild OCD but I can't comfortably wear a watch knowing it is showing the wrong date. I'm not too happy if it is showing the wrong time either...Since I have no watch winder even the automatics need time to get ready to put on. And my one watch with no quick-set date tends to spend most of its time in the box waiting for the calendar to catch up with whatever it is showing. About half my watches have no date function, which is fine as far as the look goes, but I do use look at my watch to answer the "what's the date" question a lot, so when I am wearing one of the non-date ones (all of which I like very much) it is a bit of shame to find myself looking at it for the date only to be disappointed. Happens once or twice a day. So my favourite watch is my Nautica Quartz which is never wrong and only needs the date resetting at the ends of months - I actually forgot for a week after the end of February this year as I wasn't wearing it and put it on last week and wore it all day without looking at the date - made me feel very odd when I finally realised.
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